Crossover Tutorial | Freestyle Football Tutorial

Crossover Tutorial | Freestyle Football Tutorial

hello fellow tubers this is Kieran and
welcome to this week’s tutorial so a crossover is basically as you doing kick
ups you keep the ball up and it comes to about knee height you bring your other
leg over the ball and you hop up and meet the ball with the leg that did the
kick up and the other like that’s going over the ball comes around and controls
it and you carry on doing pretty ups the basic way I learnt it first was from a
bounce so bounce the ball as the ball comes up
in the air and practice the motion of bringing the leg over from there cut it
a couple of times but the ball bounce again as it comes up bring the leg over
and then this time how to hop into it so as the ball cup leg comes over the ball
up up and meet the ball and kick it back up straight up bring the leg back round
and see if you can control it if you can’t just keep practicing the motion
until you get it so then take it into kick ups and it’s the same thing kicking
it up kick it about knee height bring your leg over and around and then
perform your little hop up to meet the ball kick it back up as your leg comes
back round control it that is basically a crossover guys thank you for watching this week’s
tutorial sorry I’ve been away be back very soon with another tutorial so
please leave like comment share and subscribe and I’ll see you in the next

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