Daniel Radcliffe Is in Two Fantasy Football Leagues

Daniel Radcliffe Is in Two Fantasy Football Leagues

-I missed you. I haven’t seen
you. Haven’t been on in awhile. -I know. It’s been ages.
-It’s been ages. But now you’re back,
you’re on Broadway, I want to talk about that.
-Yeah. -But first,
let’s get into this because I know we talked
about this before, you love American football.
-Yes. I do. -I love that because normally
with someone with your accent, you don’t really enjoy.
-I know. I know. I’ve been fully, uh, like fully
inducted into the football obsession over here, now. And it’s just, it’s a great
sport and I’m obsessed with it. Despite being re– like I play
fantasy as well. And I’m just —
Yes, yeah. -You play fantasy football?
-Yes. -So you’re in
the league right now? -I’m in two leagues.
One of which — -You have two leagues?
-Yeah. So. -You have a problem. [ Laughs ]
-No, I think two’s manageable. Anything past that and it’s
just, it’s diminishing returns. But the — but the —
-What are your names? -I’m fully aware these are not
good puns. Just so you know.
I don’t think these are good. -No, no, that’s the whole fun
of fantasy football names! -So I have Jared Goff on one
team, and so I went with Goff With Their Heads. Okay.
-Oh, yes! -You are very generous.
Thank you. Um, the other one,
is I’ve got both Jordan Howard and O.J. Howard and so I went
with Howard’s End Zone. Which is, yeah. The football —
-Howard’s and Reverend’s? -Yeah, yeah. The football/
E. M. Forster crossover is huge. -Wow!
-So, uh, yeah. -Howard’s End that’s a good —
you don’t hear that one enough. -Yeah, I’ve done some really
crappy Photoshop and put both of their faces on
the photos of Anthony Hopkins
and Emma Thompson from the BBC production.
Yeah. -Oh, that’s fantastic. Have you
had any time off this summer? You been working or…?
-I’ve been work– I’ve made a film this summer,
which is like this crazy action movie.
-You always do these cool, crazy movies.
-Yeah. Okay. This is defintely one of those. It’s, it’s about a guy —
It’s called “Guns Akimbo” and it’s about a guy who just,
he’s kind of an absolutely non-violent,
has no interest in it. And through a series of stupid
and horrendous mistakes, ends up being forced into a
fight to the death with Samara Weaving,
plays my — the person who is
much more skilled than me and trying to kill me,
for the entire film. But it’s like —
yeah it’s a mad, like… -Wow.
-…action comedy. And I got to do loads of stunts. And I also had what is
unquestionably the best costume I will ever
have. because I got to spend half of
the film just in a bathrobe and boxer shorts
and, and, and, a T-shirt. Which was great.
I — Yeah. I mean. Yes. Whoo indeed.
-That’s pretty fun, right? -It was great.
And it wa– -Well, uh…
-There you go. -I have a picture here.
-Yeah. -This is a sneak preview of
Daniel Radcliffe as Guns Akimbo.
-Yeah. -Not bad.
-Oh, yeah. [ Cheers and applause ] Yeah. So it was like…
-Dude, that’s fantastic. -Yeah, so it was like incredibly
fun just walking around the streets in Auckland with
looking like that. And people think,
“Wow, he’s really lost it.”

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  1. My mother couldn't even recognize that that's Daniel Radcliffe AKA Harry Potter and y'all still see him as only Harry Potter actor?

  2. I couldnt help but notice his hands are shaking. After all these years of being a star, and even going through being a child star, he still gets nervous on talk shows? Thats adorable. What a humble guy.

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