Death toll continues to rise in China as countries scramble to tackle coronavirus outbreak

Death toll continues to rise in China as countries scramble to tackle coronavirus outbreak

and alarming new numbers coming out of
China and other countries in China the coronaviruses claimed the total of 361
lives in the latest official numbers a renowned Chinese respiratory expert says
the epidemic will reach its climax in 10 to 14 days kim daehee has the latest the death toll in China from the corona
virus has exceeded the 349 mainland fatalities seen during the SARS outbreak
in 2003 according to the latest figures from Chinese health officials on Monday
the total number of coronavirus deaths has reached 361 in China and the
confirmed cases stand at more than 17,000 that’s more than 2,800 new
confirmed cases and 57 new deaths in China compared to 24 hours earlier this
is the first time the number of daily deaths surpassed 50 since Chinese health
officials began officially releasing statistics most of the deaths and
confirmed cases in China were in Hubei Province where the city of ohan the
epicenter of the outbreak is located at least 350 deaths and a total of over
11,000 infections were in Hubei Province and more than 220 debts were in ohan
alongside the confirmed cases Chinese health authorities revealed that as of
Monday there are 21,000 suspected cases in the
country they also said 475 people have been
discharged from the hospital after making a full recovery meanwhile a
renowned Chinese experts on respiratory diseases June nan Shan has predicted
that the outbreak will reach its peak in 10 to 14 days he also stressed that the
simplest and most effective way of stopping it is early detection and early
containment the virus is also spreading fast outside of mainland China as of
Monday morning Hong Kong had at least 15 confirmed cases Mikawa eight and Taiwan
at least 10 with the Philippines reporting its first death from the virus
on Sunday the first fatality outside of China experts warned the death toll is
almost certain to continue rising kim daehee
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  1. I guess its anyway to depopulate the world no way it just came out of now were otherwise this shit would have happened long ago I swear the government are just monsters I hope everyone stays safe and healthy and sending love to china I can only imagine what the people in wuhan are going through

  2. The self isolation virus is best option , 14 days period daily keeps checks identity patients
    Free toll ,hot line and first hands inquiries, local government laboratory
    Means the census of virus in the hospitalized to quarantine

  3. Influenza may kill more in US.

  4. China's numbers don't make sense!! Lies, lies and more lies and more cover ups and continued arrogance. Chinese robots still continued to blind themselves about their government…
    WAKE UP!!!

  5. The virus will NOT peak in 10 to 14 days. In that time there will only be over official 200,000 cases and 4600 fatalities. That is not the peak. Not even close for a population that dense and large.

  6. Traditional Chinese Medicine for Infections:

    Antiviral plants:

    Only stupid people think this is a big problem.

  7. What makes him think it's gonna reach its climax in 10 to 14 days does he mean like the peak of the spread or does he just mean the numbers are gonna go up massively lol

  8. Chinese doctor says this virus will hit its peak in 10-14 days. That is bull shit this virus is going to spread like a wildfire

  9. The gov can't count every person that has the virus cause the virus is spreading so fast from person to person they come in contact with and effecting the whole world. They need to stop all flights to China and out of China cause these people are going to get everyone sick.

    ⚡coronavirus counter ⚡

  11. This is because all the nasty shit the Chinese eat for god sake stop eating dogs cats snakes bats and every other thing that moves

  12. China's biggest problem is they can't put Americans in prison for warning people around the world about the virus. China has already put dozens of doctors and others in prison for warning people. China's pathological liars hate telling people the true facts. That's why they impriosn people that do. World beware. Many more people are infected and many more have died that is being reported.

  13. What about the people that were sent home because they run out of medical things to diagnose so if they’ve gone home and they’ve died are they counted or are they just left out of Count Why would they build the hospital if they the numbers are what they say they are I feel so sorry for the people

  14. its all to with climate change there trying to kill off the population plain and simple man made virus greta you have alot to answer for and the first murder

  15. The Law Of Karma never spares any1: not even the "high" & "mighty".As u sow , so shalt u reap …. if u sow the wind , u shalt reap the whirlwind.May God forgive all 🙏AUM AMEN AMEEN 🙏

  16. The Facts

    An individual experiencing the symptoms of the Ebola
    Syndrome and Coronavirus] exhibit a protein designated VP-35 containing damaged
    amino acids that are the building blocks of proteins. The degraded proteins are
    most often a result of enzymes called cysteine proteases and other external
    influences such as poisoning and long term dehydration by the individual.

    From Wikipedia: "Cysteine proteases are enzymes that
    degrade proteins."

    A January 2012 abstract published by the Journal of
    Virology and titled Filoviruses Require Endosomal Cysteine Proteases for
    Entry but Exhibit Distinct Protease Preferences revealed: "endosomal
    cysteine proteases [negative enzymes] are host factors for Ebola


    – The use of the word "Entry" in the title and the
    use of the word "host" in the text of the abstract indicates an
    inciting event of the Ebola Syndrome and Coronavirus are the degrading of the
    amino acids to create and/or support the VP-35 protein.

    – The words "Entry" and 'host" exclude the
    Ebola and Corona Viruses as the etiology or source of the amino acid breakdown
    which forms the VP-35 protein.

    – The words "Entry" and '"host"
    indicates a suitable and supportive environment has to exist before the viruses
    are created and travel throughout the individual.

    – The words "Entry" and 'host" concludes that
    the amino acids in the proteins of the individual had to have been damaged
    before the viruses appeared in the body.

    The above facts declare that an organism called a virus is
    not the primary cause for the Ebola Syndrome or the Coronavirus.

    At the very least the viruses are merely a symptomatic
    continuation of the cell degradation process and at the very most the
    viruses are peripheral secondary contributing factors to cellular and DNA
    dysfunction regardless if the viruses are natural or has been manipulated by
    humans. Since the Ebola and Corona Viruses do not cause the amino acid
    breakdown, what influences and factors create the VP-35 protein – an RNA

    For full paper go to

  17. The death toll in China is way hire then China is reporting… China started this…and craped out on stopping it…china brings us there drugs… Now the bring the world it's virus..

  18. Mayo is stating that the criteria needs to be re-evaluated because people can have mild to no symptoms but still be contagious 😷! His statement is that we need to consider this a pandemic! Again let’s all pray for EVERYONE because NO ONE IS IMMUNE! Anyone of us here, our relatives, friends, neighbors, ANYONE! We wouldn’t wish it on ourselves or anyone else and need to remember that these are HUMAN BEINGS! Someone has lost a loved one significant to them and their grief should be shared by us all not vilified aa THEY deserved this! THEY ARE US! Every country is now a family based on a very simple fact! Trains, planes, automobiles, boats, buses, walking are all opportunities for transmission! Every daily task is an opportunity because you don’t have to have symptoms and be contagious both before, during and after being sick! Who here can GUARANTEE that they haven’t been exposed? Would you wish this for yourselves? Yes Pray for China 🇨🇳 and pray for for our world ! This could be closer to you than you’re assuming!

  19. The China made the Uighur suffer and now they are been suffer. The China need to free the Uighur if they want the cure for the virus. Want to find out type Uighur or Uyghur.

  20. Available Solutions: Oregano, Garlic, Turmeric, Chaga mushroom, Ginger, Oregon Grape root, Golden Seal Root, Aloe Vera, Thyme, Basil, …
    At 2% Deaths out of 17,000 Confirmed infectious we will see more Deaths covered up

  21. Chinese health officials are lying their ass off to make themselves look like they have a handle on this outbreak. Let's multiply their number by a factor of 10. Then you will have the real truth.

  22. prime example of a rich country that ignores the poor to eat rats bats etc.. and now their economy is fukd .it could be up to summer time when they can even ship anything abroad ….. this reminds me of the film outbreak …it only takes 1 person infected to kill 1000s and could spread worlwide .something that didnt have to happen.."or was it man made virus " its not like their government is going to own up to it anyway

  23. Dont believe China Gov!! They're covering up the actual number of deaths and arresting their people for speaking the truth!✔

  24. Americans brought the Corona virus to Asia just like the Spanish brought mumps, meases and smallpoxs to South America. Japan and South Korea aint independent nations. But China and North Korea should force the Americans to leave immediatly from Asia or face the wrath of the people who aint intended to end like the Maya's , Aztec and Inca's..

    By AbdAllah

  25. This is all China fault. They hide the existence of the virus during December 2019, and now they are hiding more facts about it.

  26. China how many deaths china tell the truth China we see video here in the US China if we come out of this your tariffs will be off the wall you will not be able to sell in the United States of America and believe me United States citizens will not buy from China

  27. 475 left the hospital because they are healthy again 361 deaths and what 15 to 20000 infected these numbers don't Jive where's the rest of these people they're all dead we saw a pile of them in the back of a van heading to the Crematory this was just in a half hour

  28. Chinese communist government never give truth , dishonest ,always lie , dead may be more, they always keep chinese people in drak, misleading and control , watch dog
    AND Give Tibet Back To Tibetan People
    God may forgive your sin

  29. This sounds really fishy like it came from a laboratory, it is spreading like wildfire. Somebody f****Ed up.

  30. This is what happens when you eat dogs, birds rats snakes, boiled or
    skinned alive then your feeling is 0 for human and you turn to animal
    and now they are killing like rats their own ones.

  31. instruction on how to understand china gov report .
    1. infection reported should be multiply by 10.
    2. dead reported should be multiply by 5.
    thank you …

  32. Its all happening because of meat, today it comes by snake, bat. tomorrow it even may comes from chicken, fish, beef,etc.. If we dont protect nature it wont let us live happily.. Be Vegan and be strong.. Show love and compassion on all beings..

  33. America would not have closed the gates becauze of 300 dead as result of virus…..the numbers are much higher than that !!!

  34. Government needs to be more truthful about the number of deaths. So corrupt . I hate to say but I believe some of the comments that they’re more deaths than they are telling us.

  35. There has been like 26,000 intercontinental air flights out of China, carrying 200 or more passengers since early December, long before any check points or quarantines were put in place around the world, including China. The whole world needs Hazmat suits. China will not let the CDC in to investigate. This is going to get BAD. No one really knows how long the incubation period is 14 days, 20 days, 30 days? The virus could mutate again, as it spreads person to persons and learns to defeat our immune systems, becoming more deadly as time goes on. Keep away from large gatherings, especially if you live in the city, wash hands often, do not touch eyes, nose or mouth. Get food, water and other necessities. Prepare to be without power for unknown period of time, and may God be with the World.

  36. U know why this happening because the chines didnt like muslims then god decided he is gonna do somthing back to them and u guys should be happy god said this long time ago

  37. This backfired on China, this is a military bioterrorism attack that was intended for Taiwan. Deaths are being vastly underrepresented.

  38. This message is for the Chinese Government..

    Please chant “”RUDRAM””” or play it in the hospital’s 🏥 where the virus 🦠 patients were treated..

    RUDRAM is from VEDAS…

    You can see a lot of change and improvement in defeating this monster virus while and after chanting this RUDRAM regularly…

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