Detectives Play Clue

Detectives Play Clue

– My name is Bradley A. Fanner, I’m a private investigator
from Modesto, California. – I’m Investigator Maki Kudaka, I specialize in criminal
defense and surveillance. – I’m Investigator Tim Helton from Tim Helton Investigations. I never played Clue as a kid and this is gonna be a unique opportunity. (door creaking) (woman screams) (old fashioned mystery music) (footsteps) – I say what better way to show who the world’s greatest investigator is than a friendly game of Clue. (suspenseful sound effects) (dice rolling) I want to suggest that this
crime was committed in the study by Mrs. White, with the lead pipe. (Maki laughs) – I suggest it was in the
kitchen by Mrs. Peacock with the candlestick. – I’m gonna make a suggestion that it is Miss Scarlet, in the kitchen with a wrench. – You should be taking good notes, Maki. – I always take good notes, Bradley. – It’s an investigator’s
most important tool. – Clue should have DNA these days, some fingerprints and–
(Bradley laughs) – Weren’t there any surveillance cameras in any of these rooms? – The crime was committed
by Colonel Mustard. – In the hall. – With the lead pipe. – Damn it. I think you’re ready to– – Make an accusation?
– [Maki] Do it. – An accusation? – Don’t pressure me. – I think it was done in the ballroom by Colonel Mustard with a wrench. Sounds like you’re MO to me. I just did some great
process of elimination that you guys didn’t see. – I think this crime was committed by Colonel Mustard – With a knife. This is getting tense. Can’t we ping everybody’s cellphone?
(Maki laughs) – Like real ready?
– See where they were at? Why are you looking at my– – Trying to get some clues here.
(Bradley laughs) – He’s trying to intimidate
you with his looks. – You need to obtain
that information legally. – Is there a limit to how many suggestions you can make before you have to– – That’s the key to
solving a murder though, is asking a lot of questions, right? – When I was a much younger guy, I got set up. They pretended my training
officer got killed with a pipe. – How many murders have you seen committed with a candlestick, in your career? – None. – None? – None. – I wonder why there isn’t
a character in this game that’s trying to feed us false information and throw us off.
(All laughing) Investigators, I’m ready
to make an accusation. (thunder) I believe this murder was
committed by Colonel Mustard with the lead pipe, in the library. – [Maki] Are you out? – I’m out. – Alright, investigators. I think I’m ready to make an accusation. (thunder) I believe it was Colonel Mustard, in the ballroom, with a lead pipe. Ballroom. Mustard. Lead pipe. (thunder and screaming) (laughs) And I win. – I’m really upset because
I know Tim cheated. – My excellent investigative skills had no bearing on this game, whatsoever. – There’s a mirror right behind me, and I know he’s looking
through the reflection. And go figure, he murdered me, too. – I mean, if this was real life, my reputation just went out the window. – I feel pretty good about it. I’m gonna miss Brad. I’m sorry, I just met Maki today, but that’s the way things go. (old fashioned mystery music) (elevator music) – It’s just so sad what’s
happening over there. – Oh, yeah. Mm-hmm. Hmm. You don’t know the half of it. (elevator music)

About the Author: Garret Beatty


  1. Older detectives will always go back to old school techniques when solving a case, young pups need to learn from old tricks.

  2. I'm creating a new version of clue for my moms birthday. Its her favorite game and I have created other board games in the past. I'm kinda in the dark though since I've never made a game based off another game before.

  3. Ok but how would the guy see the cards from a mirror. You were holding the cards in front of you and the mirror wasn't directly behind you so it would be been hard to see.

  4. The key trick is to narrow down one specific card when you make a suggestion meaning sometimes you can say it was one of your suspect cards you have in your hand and one of the rooms you have in your hand and pic a weapon that you don’t have marked off, if neither of the players show you any cards then you have your murder weapon. But you can’t make an accusation but you have good information

  5. "Its this, or Cluedo."

    "Ah, NO. We are never playing that again."

    "Why not?"

    "Because its not actually possible for the victim to have done it, Sherlock. That's why."

    "Its the only possible solution."

    "It's not in the rules."

    "Well then the rules are WRONG!"
    -Sherlock BBC

    Is it just me? Literally every time I play it's Mustard. At least 4/5 times, without fail.

  7. Imagine being a PI and being hired for a job and you get to the site and it's just a bunch of 20 something weirdos taping you play a board game

  8. The best way to win this is by guessing 2 of your cards and one card you don’t have. If someone has it, then you can cross it out, if not then it is one of the cards in the middle.

  9. You know, I think I may have the mind of a rookie detective. You wouldn’t tell that from my videos, but if I train, I may be good.

  10. Cluedo or clue is one of the best family games ever. Anyone ever been on one of those murder mystery weekends? They look fun.

  11. Did anyone else notice that the guys both showed her a card at the same time at around 1:20? I’m confused as to why they did. That’s not how you play…

  12. I think the premise for these videos are clever, you put the professionals up to bat with their game's portrayals of their profession, and they bicker about how this is totally not what the reality of an investigation is. What I don't care for is the lack of insight we as an audience are getting out of this. Of course there's no fingerprints or security footage in the house, that is a feature of the game. The game is about simple deduction, so talk about that; how is this similar to your line of work? Without that, this is just three people dressed in suits, playing a classic game of Clue.

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