Detroit Lions vs. Chicago Bears final score predictions

Detroit Lions vs. Chicago Bears final score predictions

Welcome back everybody we’re heading
into a pivotal week ten matchup between the Bears and the Lions in Chicago. This
could be somewhat of an elimination game in the NFC North if it isn’t already. The
Lions playoff hopes are down to 4% right now. The Lions come in
3-4-1 fresh off a heartbreaking loss in Oakland to the
Raiders 31-24. The Lions had a chance at the one-yard line on fourth down with
less than ten seconds to go but Matthew Stanford’s play-action pass
to Logan Thomas to no avail and the Lions lost that one by seven to Oakland.
Now looking at the Bears the offense is rough, the offense is rough. But that
defense is still real even without defensive interior lineman Akiem Hicks,
Khalil Mack is still one of the biggest game-changing players in the entire NFL.
He’s got six sacks. Pro Football Focus has him graded as one
of the best pass rushers in the league as he should be and hey, they know how
good Khalil Mack is. Last year they reportedly offered a first and third
round pick to get him in Detroit before the Bears swooped in with two first of
their own. Khalil Mack is a game-changer. If
Chicago’s offense can’t get it going, Chicago’s defense can get it going. Last
year they had something like 36 takeaways. Way down this year but this is
still a game-changing defense with guys like Kyle Wilson, Ha Ha Clint Dix,
Khalil Mack, they’ve got fill in places at every role. Quinn Smith at the linebacker
position this is a very real defense and if anybody’s gonna slow down that Lions
offense and Matthew Stafford the way he’s rolling right now it could be this
defense in Chicago. Let’s get into some predictions.
Now Kyle Meinke has the Bears winning a close one 22-21 at Soldier Field. Lauren
Williams is also going with the Bears 24-21. And guess what? I’m gonna be that guy.
I’m sticking with Matthew Stafford in the Lions this weekend I have more faith
in the Lions defense than I do in Chicago’s offense after watching last
week’s performance. I’m taking the Lions 20 to 14. The linebacker unit has to step
up and stop Terry Cohen and Trey Burton the tight end in Chicago. Jerry Davis the
worst want linebacker in the league per PFF, look for him to make an improvement,
he has to there’s nowhere to go but up. Once again thank you guys for watching.
Drop a score prediction in the comments section below and once again if you need
anything Lions news come to We’ve got you covered.

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  1. This will be a beat down of epic proportions. " genous" defensive coach patricias team will make tribisky look like tom brady. Book it.

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