Detroit Lions vs. Oakland Raiders final score predictions

Detroit Lions vs. Oakland Raiders final score predictions

welcome back everyone for the first time
in a month we’re doing one of these videos fresh off of a Lions victory.
Detroit beat the Giants at home last week 31 to 26. Matthew Stafford keeps on
slinging that ball without much of a running game. 342 yards, three touchdowns
in Detroit’s 31-26 win over the New York Giants. Expect the Lions and Stafford to
keep on slinging that ball on third down and just about every down because the
Raiders are pretty weak against the pass this season and have the ninth best rush
defense in terms of yards per game in the league. The Lions are still without
Kerryon Johnson. He’ll be out until at least week 15. We don’t really know much
after that point, the Lions are expected to lean on Trey Carson, JD Mckissick, Ty
Johnson out of the backfield. They let go of Paul Perkins this week, so those are
the three men to keep an eye on in the Lions backfield but with that said,
expect to see Stanford’s name a lot, Kenny Golladay, Marvin Jones, TJ Hawkinson
and big-play Marvin Hall. The Raiders are in the second year of John Gruden’s
tenure after taking a ten-year absence from coaching on the sidelines. And
quarterback Derek Carr is having a career year. An extremely quiet efficient
year he’s completing a career-high 72 percent of his passes. He’s got an
impressive athletic tight end Darren Waller; with an insane catch radius. This
guy will get balls that you do not expect him to get. On the outside they
got Tyrell Williams who’s a consistent deep threat and recent additions Zay Jones.
Keep an eye out for Zay Jones. I’m very high on Zay Jones. Extremely physical,
extremely athletic. He’s been in Oakland long enough to get adjusted that
playbook and keep an eye out on him because the Lions could be without
Darius Slay, they could be without Tracy Walker,
they’re going to be without Quandrae Diggs. So keep an eye on that Oakland
passing attack and we haven’t even touched on the rookie running back Josh
Jacobs, who is the sixth leading rusher in the league. He’s second in the league
with 35 broken tackles. 3.8 yards after contact. The first-round rookies’ having
an impressive year. And the Lions have struggled stopping the run. Let’s roll
into some predictions, Kyle Meinke has the Lions winning on the road 27-24. Lauren
Williams has them winning 28 -21 and I’ve got the Lions winning 35 to 24. I expect
Stafford to have a big day I don’t think it’s gonna be “hey let’s play around with
the run game a little bit.” I think Stanford’s gonna come out slingin’.
I know he’s sick. I know his voice is gone but I have full confidence in
Stafford, Galade, Jones and TJ Hawkinson. Expecting a big day out of the air for
the Lions. Once again just want to thank you guys for watching these videos every
week. Glad to be back. Drop a score prediction in the comments section below
and stay up-to-date with everything you need to know about the Lions at

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  1. Saquon Barkley could only muster up 67 maybe yards against Detroit I have no doubt in my mind Josh Jacobs is going to get his ass handed to him

  2. Raiders 35 ~ Lions 24. Gruden is simply too clever, kids…has showed maybe 33% of what he's got tactically. Watch out.

  3. I dont see the raiders being able to matchup verses our skill players on offence…as for defence we got hand and snacks (finally)back togather…gonna be a good indicator for us for the 1st time all season…last week Hand was limited and we owned NY's run game…this should be a fun 1 to watch now that we can actually start to run a D-LINE rotation๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  4. Raiders walk away with this one. 1st game in years they will just outright beat the other team with out us clenching our ass till the final seconds. 24 – 13.

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