Double Wing Jet Sweep – Coach Sanders

Critical aspect of running the jet offense
now you’ll see a lot of double wing team that will hang their head on the rocket play
we just happen to hang ours on the et you gotta be good at one and this is where we
chose to go when we put the offence in everything we do guys revolves around running or being
able to run the jet swing our 238 338 it’s an outside running play designed to stretch
the defense horizontally trying to create vertical running lanes and if we’re having
success on the outside if we’re having success getting the edge its gonna create some really
good running lanes back inside we probably run the trap as much as anybody in the state
of Mississippi and have success with it because we’re able to have success running the edge.
Some mistakes of this the wing back receives the hand off at full speed his legs possible
play side guard pulls and leaves and blocks for the wing back now the good thing for offensive
line man is we don’t attempt to block any first level defender and a playside three
tech and back and Ill show you this on the diagram of the play once we get to that some
positional points on the quarterback and guys I’m gonna run through this pretty quick
so we can actually get to the play there quearterbacks gonna take and take the snap of the ball and
reverse pivot all the way to the back of the line of scrimmage the ball is s gonna be actually
snapped at the outside leg of the backside guard if the half backs receiving the hand
off okay. And again he’s running full speed he’s gonna read the playside guard his landmark
once he receives the footballs hash number sideline and don’t fumble the football,
The fullback is always on the midline track and the right wing back as we go through this
I’ll show you again on the diagram in just a second as he’s gonna point at number two
know false steps and get his face mask across with his hands good wide base beating to the
punch and seal him off now I’m gonna go ahead and jump to the diagram and I can tell
you these things as you’re looking at the play. For us this is a red formation tight
in is to the right we got a wing and a one by one set actually he’s the wing and he
the half back our wing goes to the tied in and our half back is away from the tied in
but he’s in a one by one set right here and we’re running 338 vs. odd front here
so it’s the jet motion to the left now the snap of the football is actually gonna be
on the outside leg we gonna take the football here on the outside leg and let me get the
pen here we’re gonna take the football and we want to snap it on the outside leg of the
guard right here now if he’s running full speed the hand off should be made somewhere
in this neighborhood right here if this gentlemen is full speed and the ball is snapped here
by the time the quarterback receive s the snap the hand off should be made right here.
Now we’re not blocking anybody from a three tech back okay they can’t make the play
if your running this thing like you’re supposed to run it and the timing is down right and
we’re snapping at the outside leg these guys from here can’t make the play so were
telling our guys on the backside we want a scoop release on the inside for second and
third levels if nobody is on your track on second level get down field and what we do
at practice is put cones downs here we have a cone drill with our backside offensive linemen
trying to get downfield and block and give us some help down there now for diagram purposes
this gentleman right here is actually supposed to be in a three look likes he’s in a four
we’re gonna say he’s in a three right now so we’re not gonna block him in a speed
sweep. When we come to the line of scrimmage every single time you’ll see our guys block
out or pulling out number one or number two so the tackle to the weak side is gonna come
to the line of scrimmage and he’s gonna point to number one, and number one to him
is the first man the first man on his immediate left on the line of scrimmage that’s number
one number two would be the second man and this half-back would point him out. If we’re
running play to the other side the tied in would call out number one which would be him
and the wing back would call out number two which would be the second defender outside
so if we’re running 338 and we look at this play here with the ball being snapped we snap
this gentleman in three tech he’s not gonna make the play so we’re gonna reach one we’re
gonna reach two now how do we get there we’re asking our half-back here to take a six inch
read step with his left foot make a cross over step with his right foot his aiming point
is the outside number of the number two defender now once he gets there he takes his left hand
and tries to put it in the armpit and in a perfect world we’re gonna get this guy to
turn back to the inside and we’re able to hit the sideline from that point now what
we get a lot of times is an imperfect world and we get the safety or the force defender
running hard and forcing this up field and we can’t get him turned back inside that’s
okay the technique is exactly the same I still want my face on the outside number my hand
still goes under that arm pit but if I can’t get him turned I’m just simply gonna drive
him here now this pulling guard his job is to find the cheeks the butt cheeks of that
half back anytime he can pull at if he sees both cheeks pointing at him he’s gonna turn
up in the whole and find somebody if he doesn’t see the cheeks or this guy’s hips are here
or he’s got him turned back in the inside then he’s trying to get outside and that’s
where we’re running there okay that’s what we’re trying to get out of this. So
what we’re looking at here is we block one with him we block two with hum if the guard
sees both cheeks of the half-back he gets back in the whole. If he sees the half-back
forcing to the sideline excuse me change it if he sees both cheeks blocking at him he
gets in the whole if he can see this guy on the reach he continues on the outside track
now we’re asking this guy to get his hands on the back of this guard and this kind of
got him on and when we’re having the most success that’s that’s exactly what happens
there so red 338 vs a 5-2 that’s how we would block that play another formation we
would look at over here is a red over and all we’ve done in a red over is take our
X and bring him strong and split him to the strong side red over plus 238 now let me let
me throw a plus and minus in on you real quick something I’ve picked up in West Elrod a
few years ago. In trying to get an extra blocker on the edge if we’re trying to get an extra
blocker and trying to move our full back we will plus him we’ll plus him to the tied
in side and minus him away from the tied in and his line men is not quite as wide as what
you see here we’re telling him to take his cross and split the inside leg of the tackle
if he’s in a strong set if he’s in a weak set a minus set we do the same thing as a
weak side tackle right there that’s what we’re trying to do and he gives us an extra
blocker on the edge now as far as what we’re trying to accomplish upfront nothing changes
we block it exactly like we block a 5-2 but what we’re seeing here against a 4-3 just
a straight 4-3 look is that the in man on the line of scrimmage he’s gonna find one
our tied one is gonna find number one our wingback is gonna find two and there it is
right there so when they come to the line of scrimmage he’s gonna point at one he’s
gonna point at two their gonna do the same thing on the back side it’s not gonna be
a giveaway he’s gonna point at one he’s gonna point at two we have the second defender
out is now as we start to play once again with our cadence at six ready to go the balls
gonna be snapped at the outside leg of the backside guard perfect world everything snap
time is good nothing is gonna happen he will not make the play if everything is running
full speed and your times down the way it needs to be he won’t make the play we gonna
outrun him there so everybody from our tackle back we’re gonna scoop release and try to
work it to second or third level. Remember we’re not blocking anybody form a three
back they can’t get in there and if you catch somebody that wants to get to your back
pocket and make the play there some things you can do there set him up and create some
huge wholes back inside when we’re running red over plus 238 again we got our tied in
block reach in one we got our wing back here that’s reaching number two our guards read
is exactly the same its exactly the same he’s reading the cheeks of the wing back he sees
both cheeks facing him he gets in the whole if he sees the guy making the turn he could
team on an outside track now the beauty of the plus is we have an extra blocker with
our full back right here he’s gonna help us out by getting on the edge what we see
so much of we’re seeing a lot of this where these guys running the ally we got a guy unaccounted
for there we got another blocker on the edge with the full back and that helps us out tremendously
right there this is one of our better plays if you have trouble with a corner defender
in there and your outside flat defender in there you can get him out of there if you
go over there with your extra saver this is another way we run our et weep and awe call
this simply red duck versus even front this should be 338 All we’ve done is take our
full back we’ve taken our full back and moved him right there . We leave our half-back
here and we move our full back on the outside and we do this because we don’t want the
blocking assignments to change the only thing different in this and the mono set is we just
simply started him here he still got his same blocking assignments got this guy comes up
here and he’s pointing at one and he’s pointing at two he’s got the next guy, your
full backs got the next guy off the edge even if he’s lined up here or he’s lined up
here he’s got the next guy off the edge. Pretty easy way to get another blocker out
there okay perfect world we make the snap off the back side leg of the back side guard
the ball should be handed somewhere in this neighborhood we’re not blocking anybody
from a three back nobody gets blocked from there we’re asking these guys once again
scoop release inside second third level and we can’t know guys, we like to watch the
fan to see how many guys can get down field engages before the ball is carried down there
that’s what we’re looking at there’s our full back there’s our half back we block
one we block two again his reads the same he’s looking for cheeks in this guy which
way does he have him turned ok now this is an empty set out of our tight bunch formation
again learning 238 which is our jet sweep to the right now one of the things we’ve
been able to do this is a great two point play are somewhere inside the five yard line
you know we’ve gotta have it this is a play we’re gonna run we’ve had a lot of success
inside the 5 particularly on a two point play running our space weak out of the empty set
with a tight bunch now what we do here is flex we’re actually gonna flex our tight
in four yards he’s gotta four yard split between him and the tackle the play side tackle
there’s a four yard split we’re taking our full-back again this will be our full
back right here and there’s our wing back there now the blocking rules are exactly the
same guys he has one he has two we got him all set he’s gonna be on edge for three
our next defenders out and then we’ve got our lay side guard pulling once again he’s
trying to read the cheek of the wing back blocker there our play side tackle is going
to scoop release if he don’t have cover its second third level center back center
back to back side tackle there gonna scoop release inside and get second third level
once again he’s in a three we don’t block him perfect world he’s not making play so
this has been a really really good play for us again inside the five yard line it gives
you an extra blocker on the edge with your full back and it hits really quick up and
there’s a lot of bodies flying around an sometimes he gets lost in the crowd so this
has been a good play for us or has been a good play for us inside the fly.

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