Dybala Free Kick Masterclass with the Captain in COPA feat. Pjanić and Juventus | Tango Squad FC

This year you’ll be the captain
of Tango Squad F.C. Here’s the armband. Finished.
It’s perfect. Here we are at the new Juventus
training centre. We’ve got everything here now. Great pitches. – Looks amazing.
– Right? Yes. So, we met last year. Yes, exactly. Then we went to Old Trafford, where we had our final against F2. So you played at Old Trafford
before I did, huh? Yes, exactly. It was phenomenal to play there. But unfortunately, we lost 2-0. And the reason we are here is
that we simply want to learn from that, and make sure we perform better
and beat F2 this time. Yes, I think so. Something I would like to learn from you, I really like how calmly you go
about everything. In football, I always try to pass the ball well
and find good openings, as quickly as possible. That’s what they say,
the simplest things are the hardest. It’s great here, for sure. You could spend the entire day here, right? I don’t think I would ever leave. No, all of us are very happy too. The other thing I can tell you is to just keep working. Keep believing. Try to continue working
on your weakest points. I do the same. You can always get better. And all the best to you, OK? Thank you. All the best. Welcome to Italy, Ehsan. My name is Diego Bertoni. I’m a defender. I live in Milan with my family. I have a daughter who’s 18 months old. What matters is family and football. I’m pumped, super pumped. It’s a unique feeling to be here today
at the training ground. Really, really beautiful. Close your eyes,
close, close. Voilà! These are the new Copa boots! You’re going to try them out today in the new
Juventus training ground. Imagine how crazy this sounds, that Pjanić drives us to training. That’s sick! I want to play like him,
he has control, a perfect touch. I want it too,
maybe the boots can help me. We’re going to go through a Juventus training session,
let’s begin with the warm up. OK guys, stretch fully. Well done, let’s go! Intensity. I wanted to thank you for the training, I hope you had fun,
always at this level, keep it up. Thank you for welcoming us here. We’ve seen the
training ground here and it’s really beautiful. And good luck for the season. Thanks! Good morning, hi Ehsan,
welcome back to Juve. You’ve played as a leader. You should know my captain
needs to have tenacity, determination and
responsibility for the team. I choose my captain based on
these attributes. This year you’ll be the captain
of Tango Squad F.C. Here’s the armband. It’s hard, because you must
show great responsibility. You have to test yourself every day. You train a lot of players, but what’s the most important thing
that you tell your players? That they have to win! Every time we get on the pitch, the only
goal is to win every game. Bye and thank you. Good luck! Good, good! Perfect! Hi, how are you? I’m Paulo, all good? Are we ready to begin? Let’s see what you’ve got. Perfect! Finished. Perfect! Go home, go home now. You need to make it go over the third or the fourth, because if you go over the second, it’s already out. Nice! What’s the secret for free kicks? I think if you want to kick it there you need
to shoot further so that the keeper won’t see it. You need to hit the camera. Perfect! Before, I was the face of Copa, I was with Pogba, Messi, and Jesus. And now you will be
how they feel with the boot. I used to wear X. These boots are tighter. It’s like not wearing a boot,
it’s as if you had a sock on. And then for touches and stops, to shoot … It’s better. What was it like to score a hat-trick
in the Champions League? It’s quite moving because here at Juve
there weren’t many to have done it. It’s nice, and bringing home the Champions League ball
signed by your teammates is amazing. That’s a beautiful thing. Should he be the one to take free kicks? From what he’s done today, for me it’s a yes. But he doesn’t have to stick to this level,
he has to keep training. Thanks, Paulo. You’re welcome, it was a pleasure. – Thanks a lot!
– Nice to meet you. It was amazing. An amazing place where we can train
like a pro player. And also, to be here
with Pjanić, Dybala and Mr Allegri was fantastic. How do you feel now
to be captain of Tango Squad? It feels amazing because it’s a real pleasure
to get it from Allegri. And now, for you, and the whole team,
it means to work harder. We’ll play 11-a-side games
and we will win. We will win together as a team. Come on bro. DOWNLOAD THE TANGO APP CREATE YOUR FAME WATCH NEXT

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