Easiest Way to Astral Project

Easiest Way to Astral Project

You know, I know you are interested in the
cosmos. I am at that. I live for meditation as as
true ethereal beings do. Oh yes, you are ethereal. Do you talk to God
too? Oh, have you you been eavesdropping? Well, sometimes… I do. Well what I am really interested in is astral
projection. Do you know what that is? Not really, can you explain it to me…sounds
spooky. Well, the easiest way to explain astral projection
is an out of body experience. You mean like being one with the universe?
Like an angel? Well sort of like that. You just project yourself
into the universe. And how do you do that? It sounds hard. Well you have to have the ability to meditate,
first and foremost. When you have a deep state of relaxation and
I mean really deep, you imagine a rope pulling you up to the heavens. What you are doing is actually creating a
state of self hypnosis. Now, it really sounds spooky! It is perfect
for Halloween. There is nothing spooky at all, Don’t make
fun of me OK? Another way is, when you reach a state of
hypnosis you focus on a a part of your body like your hand, foot or something and visualize
it clearly. OK, swami hear you… Lisa! Ok, ok sorry, Go on. Once you have visualized it you imagine it
moving, but don’t really move it. You will have a state of vibration as your
soul leaves your body. Another thing you can do is once you are in
a trancelike state, focus on a point in the room and will your body there. Your soul leaves your body, when you feel
vibrations..try to leave you body for longer and longer periods each time and go to the
heavens. Wow, the mad spiritualist!

About the Author: Garret Beatty


  1. Funny. I inherited astral and ethereal (etheric) and did this all the time as a kid from ages 6-12 I am trying to get back into my old lucidology ways. In fact here are some cool facts: when your foot falls asleep those are vibrations and when they are done that is when you can project when you can't move. Also astral (ascension or dream plane) and ethereal ({etheric} real time zone.) can both be used to create something in those planes and bring them down. (Aka self manifestations); these are just few out of many many many aspects and secrets of lucidology. Also ethereal (etheric) projection even though it is dangerous (during an etheric projection you are in the real time zone and whatever affect happens to your energy body affects your physical body. Such as the ethereal body getting weaker so do you. Or if you manage to scratch your ethereal body it'll appear on your physical. It's harder. More dangerous. But more effective) is best for self manifestations even though its more dangerous. Anything you are capable of in the real world you can do in the ethereal (etheric) plane. Just some facts. If you want more then subscribe to me and I will start making videos on projection and psychic abilities. I am a good teacher, I have taught many people on several sites. I've taught even the hardest arts such as hydrokinesis and telekinesis.

  2. Do know I also do not fluff. I will inform you that psi energy cannot do anywhere near the miracles you wish to achieve. However no fears. I teach aura manipulation (you can't manipulate it directly as a beginner and maybe not even intermediate.) and jing manipulation (my methods are way different from what people teach you) as for the last one I teach a secret that was passed down to me. Unlimitless power. And very dense and powerful.

  3. For those who wish to learn from me I will soon start making videos. All psychic abilities from constructs, kinesis, self manifestations, astral & ethereal (etheric) projection, and all abilities A-Z. Not telepathy (this is because my mind is not able to. Everytime someone tries to read my mind they just get a loud ringing and when I try to push my mind into someone else's mind they still hear loud ringing.)

  4. I forgot to mention I teach at the moment mainly projection. Mental projection, Bilocative awareness, astral projection, and ethereal (etheric) projection. In order you will learn MP (mental projection) BA (Bilocative awareness) AP (astral projection) then (if i think you are ready for it from maturity to physically ready) EP (ethereal or etheric projection)

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