Elephants playing football in Nepal for special festival

Elephants playing football in Nepal for special festival

Elephants and their riders took to the football
pitch during the Chitwan National Park Elephant Festival, hosted annually in Nepal. Bred in
the local Elephant Breeding Centre, a gateway town to the renowned national park south of
Katmandu, adult and baby elephants faced-off, kicking balls and scoring goals. The event,
which used to be known as the International Elephant Race, has become increasingly popular
with locals and tourists. Oh it was incredible, it was absolutely incredible.
They were running around, they were pooping on the field, they scored goals, the small
elephant was really cute. Oh it was really nice. I like the big elephant
who scored the goal. Did you see it? It was really good. We don’t have that in Holland. Nepal has about 300 elephants, including more
than 100 domesticated ones which are used by hotels and national parks to take tourists
on jungle rides to watch wild animals like one-horned Asian rhinos and Royal Bengal Tigers.
Elephants are protected by law and anyone convicted for killing one faces up to 15 years
in jail.

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  1. lol and then an elephant goes rampage and kills one or two and they ask wy? wy is that? maybe elephants are not soccer players! they are not humans and as animals they need other cares…ones that not involve a ball…stupid fucking people this video is fcking stupid.

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