Emmanuel Sanders Fantasy Football Outlook After Trade to San Francisco 49ers

Emmanuel Sanders Fantasy Football Outlook After Trade to San Francisco 49ers

hey guys
Brad from RotoHeat I wanted to talk a little bit more about some of the other
news that we got coming out today the 49ers have traded for Emanuel
Sanders actually the quite a brilliant move on Shanahan spark you know
obviously we’ve had issues with the receiver core you know Dante Pettis
hasn’t quite lived up to to the billing and a guy like Emmanuel Sanders really
brings a lot to the table he brings a guy you can move all over
the field he can play from the outside they can move around put them on the
inside as they sought receiver you know it’s perfect move for him this is one of
those times where I think this is a buy opportunity if you’re somebody who’s
competing he would be a very nice piece to add to that to your fantasy roster I
probably wouldn’t spend much more than a second though you know he’s not a guy
that’s gonna last forever and and really quite honestly who knows you know how
much longer he’s really got left and League anyway you know on that roster
that he’s got that is Goodwin debo Samuel guys that are underperforming but
are very talented so good luck guys don’t forget make sure you hit the
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  1. How many ppl that play fantasy be trading draft pics for players? Very small amount of leagues do that. You should focus on regular leagues

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