Eric Ebron Plans for Amazing | The Players’ Tribune

Eric Ebron Plans for Amazing | The Players’ Tribune

– I’ve always wanted to be a firefighter. I’ve always thought they had a rush and an exhilaration about ’em, something that they mean to someone else, the community, the people,
the lives they save. – Just basic tools that
we’ve got called a hook, or a New York hook. We use this if you’re
pulling down a ceiling. And this is your hydrant wrench, so this is what we use
to open up the hydrant. – Having a backup plan is very smart. So being a firefighter
is just a doorway for me to enter retirement. I think there’s a huge
similarity between being a player on a football field or
a person in a firehouse. You depend on that one guy,
and those 10 other guys believe in that one guy to do his job. It’s the same thing on a fire truck – those guys depend on each other. When we win, we win as a team. – All right, let’s do it. So you gotta put the headset on now. – All right. Headset. My grandfather served in three wars, my father was a military person. Heroes have played a big
role, or a pivotal role, of my childhood. I’ve got a couple family
members that are firemen, police officers. Want to say I’m like
16, maybe 17 years old, and a basement started to a flame. And it was right across
the street from us, and my uncle was just like,
“All right, I got this.” And he’s a fireman, and
he kicks out the window so that the flame, the smoke, goes out. He tried to knock on the
front door, called the cops. That was the coolest thing
to see, and when I saw that it was kind of like,
“That’s what I want to do.” Seemed pretty cool. He
was like a superhero at that point in time. How strong is it? – You’ll feel it. You’ll feel it hit. It’ll
kick once the water starts coming at you. Pull it open. – Yeah! When I’m done with football I want to be able to
view life differently. The fact that you just don’t know when football is at its end,
you don’t know when it’s gonna be time to hang it up…. What’s this? The “why” the past couple
of years has been my kids. That’s been my “why” behind
99.8% of the things that I do. When you’re in my line of
work your kids see this. So it’s kind of like, “Hey, how do you want to be remembered?” I want them to be like,
“Hey, my dad was cool, my dad was great at what he did.” My grandfather was a
hero, my dad was a hero, and I feel like a great way for
me to be a hero with my kids is to help secure their future. The three words that I think
resonates with me the most, postcareer, is courage,
curiosity and legacy. It’s a great day to be a fireman, boys.

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