yo guys we are back with a new football challenge ! today with another football challenge with a ball , a skateboard , there is everthing now we show you the challenge run at the end we have also a GIVEAWAY for you! so watch until the end , have fun! here starts the parkour here we must jump over it ! here the water bootle flip challenge here we must kick the ball to the water bootles 1 bootle=2sek lets see who starts! 1 min and 2 sek so 1 bottle , -2sek so 1 min ! here is the winner my time was : 1min 7sec my time : 1min 1 sec so I lost again … LEAVE A LIKE !! NOW WE COME TO THE GIVEAWAY We are giving away the new balance furon! RULES : 1 . Like the Video 2. Comment why you should win these boots! DONT FORGET ALSO TO SUBSCRIBE 600 likes for a new challenge ? see you !

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