Fabion Foote – Football (CFL) Training Success Story

I’m Fabion Foote, defensive tackle, Montreal
Alouettes. The main reason I want to do something different
than what other athletes are doing is because LPS is very specific in training for your
sport. For example, I play football, and instead
of doing a basic workout for basic results, I choose to train here because I get the maximum
results that I want to help me get better on the football field. I’ve been training at LPS since 2015, specifically
in the off season, but now, since I’m in the league, I could train here for four to five
months straight before I go back to Montreal. Before I was training at LPS, I wasn’t really
doing anything. I would just go into the gym without a real
plan and what I’m doing for my workout, but ever since I came here, I have structure in
my workout, and I know exactly what I’m doing and what I need to do to excel on the football
field. Since being at LPS, I’ve noticed that I’ve
been faster, definitely stronger, and my endurance level has gone up, and my overall physique
changed. It’s definitely made me stronger physically,
but specifically mentally, because the long volume days really keeps me going late in
the fourth quarter football games. For people that are getting into football,
it’s very important to set your goals and meet your goals. You gotta work hard every day, whether it’s
in the classroom or the weight room. Your eating habits, everything, you have to
be strict and focus on what you want to do. Specifically, you just gotta work hard. I think that’s the most important thing. Even if you don’t know the direction you’re
going into, you just gotta push yourself in the weight room and it’ll help you get to
where you want to go.

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