Fantasy Football 2018 Rap – Players to Target

Fantasy Football 2018 Rap – Players to Target

♪ Alright let’s get into it
Here’s what I would do When you’re in the 1st round you need a RB that’s elite Gurley, Johnson Le’veon or Zeke And yes you should include AK and Barkley If you don’t get one of those, I think you outta go AB or Hop, cause Julio flops And OBJ will have him some big games But I don’t trust Eli anymore than LeBron
James When it comes to changing teams, but back to the topic The rest of my receiver list goes like this
Give me Tae, Evans, and Michael Thomas Next I like TY and Keenan Allen Maybe not that order this is just my next tier Adam Thielen deserves to be there this year And Stefon Diggs if he just doesn’t get hit I forgot about Green, he’s somewhere in-between The first two tiers if he play a whole year There will be no debate like the Browns are on their way To be the most intriguing team in fantasy Either them or the Bears With all those new players Tyrod is a guy who can go undrafted, but if he’s under center he will play fantastic And Njoku, I expect him to produce Of course I can’t forget Duke and Juice They will both outplay their ADP The Bears with Nagy some names get interesting But Allen Robinson, I’m not convinced he’s worth a high pick But now Trey Burton He will be the Kelce in this potent offense And I love both Howard and Tarik Cohen Two other teams I like The Raiders and the Vikes Cause Cook might turn out to be one of those guys If he stays healthy, that can call himself elite Same with Fournette, this year there’s lots of depth At the running back position, but receiver there is less So I’m not so sure I call Anderson a sleeper But if he gets suspended he might go a little cheaper I usually don’t like players over 30 But here’s an exception, the Raiders Jordy
Nelson I like Coop too, but he’s a little more expensive Unlike Carr, who’s a late round present Him and Kirk Cousins are so underrated
They will have career years in both of their
systems Especially now, just look at those weapons When it comes to tight ends, there’s not much to say But Reed, Eifert
Please just stay away I also have concerns with Rudolph and Ertz
Cause somehow they always manage to get hurt My sleeper here is George Kittle, yeah
With the 9ers skill positions Jimmy, Marquise, and McKinnon
They’ll all do damage, another sleeper is Clement Ekeler and Hines What else can I find? There’s plenty of gems after Round 10
DJ Moore and Cameron Meredith An added bonus is my only defense
The Dallas Cowboys will finish top 10 ♪

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