Field Hockey Trick Shots – Field Hockey Game | HockeyheroesTV

Field Hockey Trick Shots – Field Hockey Game | HockeyheroesTV

Lawrence Charlotte, Tomas, Leiah, Dennis and Paul. And today we’re gonna do a trick shot video It’s introduced by FHP Steiner, so thank you for sending us business trips. I’m gonna flavor Are pretty simple I will start I will make up a trick I get three times to try it yeah And then each of you guys gets One try if you don’t make it so if you Phil making a trick yeah You get a letter and the first letter of the word hockey so that’s in H. H. Okay Ready, yes, yes, okay, so the first trick will be Throw your stick put it in your loop and from here. We’re gonna make an helicopter That’s five three People down what how many rounds just wait two rounds to two rounds, okay Dennis you can start Okay, then we get the fun parts already have the boiler who can see Goldie never did it Never did this can I use my hands? If you copy the copy oh Yes Okay Otherwise I got a letter, and I’m the only one who gets either right yeah Myself hey Charlie that’s one Really little my trick No, and then you have to Know what I mean, yeah? Yeah, Oh We did good just saying see house Yeah walk Again sure try three times Oh Fish would like to get you through the next day. I’m going in what charge Oh Uh Hoc K right now and this is nevertheless one with the tree. Yeah, of course I’m a-goin each I can do anything with two hands on my steak So I do it with one hand so that’s more difficult for you I’ll just have it here This one After tries to trap ah One time Still Yeah watch out because North’s to again Okay Okay Okay, I’m the loser. Sorry sorry Thank You H IC ke ke key, okay, just hockey hockey Give it a like and subscribe and Thank you for watching

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  1. What didnt I suggest this game if so thx for playing it😄😄😄love from South Africa 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦

  2. Hi guys you’ve inspired me playin hockey and nice shots love u guys you’ve teached me for 3 years keep up the good work

  3. Cool shots! Btw I just released my first trick shot video so I anyone would wanna see more trick shots you could go over to my channel! Thanks a lot in advance!

  4. 3 weeks ago i didn't know anything about hockey and started playing in school, i made c side hockey, played my 1st game yesterday and i scored, the next day (today) i am playing for b side and i got 2 man of matches, all because of watching you guys, thank you❤❤

  5. Hockey hockey and only hockey
    Please give ideas when and where use this tricks. New penalty shoot out trick when we enter in circle . This tricks makes players confident and creative.
    Your tutorials are educative and learning dose.

  6. Where is your video where somoene else is goalie… I cant find it which means its pretty old and i feel like a lot of people want to see that… And i feel like you guys will enjoy hitting them aswell lol

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