Flag Football – Wat is dat?

Flag Football – Wat is dat?

Flag football is a mixed team sport, where the main game principles are derived from American football. Tackling is not allowed. Flag football is an evasion sport. Pulling a flag, which is attached to the belt of the players, simulates the tackle and stops the attack! Every team consists of two groups of five players. One group makes up the offense, the other the defense. They take turns in the field Advancing the ball is key. The aim of the game is to score points by bringing the ball into the goal area – the endzone – of the opponent! A match is divided in two halves of 20 minutes playing time. The playing field is 70 yards long and 25 yards wide. The offense has 4 attempts to reach at least midfield to keep possession of the ball. If they manage to do so they get 4 new attempts to advance the ball into the endzone and score a touchdown. A touchdown is worth 6 points, and after each score the offense gets the opportunity to score 1 or 2 extra points In this tactical sport, where the attack combinations are infinite, gains can be made in two ways. On the ground. The quarterback hands the ball to a teammate who tries to gain ground by rushing the ball. Through the air. The quarterback throws the ball in the direction of a teammate who has to catch the ball to advance the ball The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

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