#FM20 | Announce Trailer | Football Manager 2020

#FM20 | Announce Trailer | Football Manager 2020

I’m not really even in the mood to speak
if I’m being honest because that was just absolutely s*** I can’t! I can’t! I can’t… I’m absolutely gobsmacked at him I’m fed up with this! It’s a scandal! I don’t think I can take much more… He’s a coward! We just can’t keep playing like this way… What kind of sh*t, again and again!! Titanic FC… They’re going down, bruv! We’ve got nothing… That’s his Plan B…wasting time! We are so bad. Play the youngsters already! When he gets sold to someone sh*t in the summer I’m going to make sure I like it lots on Instagram! Do we have a right back? NO!!!! Because we didn’t f****** sign one did we?

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  1. I swear to god if you implement social media as a "feature" like it is implied in this trailer … Well I'm still gonna buy it, but I'm going to complain on the internet. Loudly.

  2. Social media feed improvements are the main change this year judging by the trailer. Definitely needed, but kinda disappointing if my prediction is correct.

  3. 45 $ is very high price for Turkish people which means 265 Lira. I hope the price will fall when it comes to the Steam Turkey.

  4. Nobody cares about what fans think or social media. Get the fundamentals right aka match engine and football economics.

  5. Fm on console please. Don't care if it is a lite version like fm handheld cause I know it's hard to emulate it from PC. Just a wish for my birthday.

  6. I feel like people didn't really get the message behind that trailer? It doesn't say anything about in-game social media, it's more like "think you know better than actual managers? Try and prove it."

  7. I am waiting excitedly for the new features. Please edit the price for Turkey in Steam which is equal to 262 Lira.

  8. Match engine, commentary (pushing it though), more work on the training, player manager ie Kompany, more player interaction on and off the field!!

  9. "Create the future"?

    It makes me think they are adding the possibility of starting as a youth team manager. Or an expansion to the youth team concept.

  10. How do you play this game I play fifa but I’m quite tired of it so I’m selling my play station in a year so this year I want to play both fifa and FM so can someone explain

  11. To everyone saying “not the social crap fix the match engine”; be patient. They would not try to sell the game on fixing the match engine cause SI is a business that always wants to increase profits. This will bring new players and if they do fix the match engine, it’ll be an even more incredible game

  12. Hello, we are saving a problem var.fm playing Champions League to criticize the registration rules istiyorum.örneg 25 players in the league Turkey, this 8 player to be indigenous, and 4 u have to be trained by the club. (Turkish players in double nationality Europe not native status that is so wrong) after all, this is a game artificial intelligence, I want you to drop your very zor.b rectify the situation I can find and develop local players play in leagues champions league and champions league record from the Turkey issue or eight local players. thank you

  13. her sene bir taktik aşırı güçlü olmak zorunda mı? bu konuda son yılların en iyi oyunu fm 2016 idi ondan sonrakilerde oyundaki güçlü olan formasyon ve mentalite ile oynamazsan hep yerinde sayıyorsun…

  14. NMDoesFM  3d modelling and match engine are not the same. People usually dont care about FM graphics (which is fine btw) but the lack of realism in 3D view thats led by the lack of animation and missmatch between whats 'really going on' and what do we see. I.e. striker missing 5 one on one chances yet the game register only one as clear cut. Which is leading back to the main issue, lack of animations to present the situation correctly.

  15. To the people moaning that it "didn't tell them anything" … YOU'RE NOT MEANT TO LEARN ANYTHING. It's a fucking announcement video for hype, to commence the promo run. You're not supposed to learn anything new from this video. It's basic marketing, how are ya'll this dumb?

  16. Football Manager 2020 here we come! Can't wait to play the game! FM19 was one of the best games in the series, can't imagine how you'll improve on that!

  17. Güzel Yenilikler olur İnşallah Seni Bekliyorum Football Manager 2020 ))) Şimdiden Ön siparişimi verdim ))))

  18. Haven't been able to make time to play FM in a while even though I own the latest release.

    I'm hoping that if you start at a low status club in these new FM releases and gain success like a promotion, a Cup win or qualifying for Europe that the AI updates the status of the club so some players don't see the club as still being small club with a low status. It's a small thing. Yet it's a big thing because it prevents players and coaches being keen on signing for the club.

  19. FM20 will be a huge milestone, and as good as the game is, there's SO many realistic things that need to be added to the game. These are the things I want to see in FM20..

    1) Pep-talk before penalty shootout. It's so annoying after extra time has ended you can't even tell your players to relax, good luck, ignore the crowd taunting or tell them not to let the nerves get to you etc. This happens in real life, managers hyping up their players. Also when extra time ends, and we choose our penalty takers, it would be even better if some players could put themselves forward to take a penalty like in real life.

    2) The option to choose your penalty taker IN the moment it's awarded, or decide to stick with your original penalty kicker. This also happens in real life, sometimes managers will shout over and demand another player takes the penalty. I've had 3 missed penalties in the same match before, if I had the option to let someone else take the third one after my original penalty taker missed the first 2 I would have chosen someone else to take penalty number 3.

    3) Yearly meeting with all the managers in the league. This also happens in real life. The meeting is designed to bring all the division's managers together so that they can be talked about their objectives for the season's and discuss other talking points. Could also be useful to built up better relationships with other managers in the division.

    4) Referee's DEMOTED to the league below for a number of games if they have poorly officiated a previous match. Again this happens in real life.

    5) Force senior players to train with the Under 20's if you feel they have a bad attitude or not performing to their standards. Currently you can make a player play for the Under 20's but you can't force a player to train with them away from the first team. Also happens in real life.

    6) BETTER TRANSFER DEADLINE LAYOUT! This badly needs to be improved. PLEASE! I'm sure there is a way to make it as exciting as it is in real life. Have a live 60 minute clock ticking down without the need to press continue, if you take part of the transfer deadline you should feel under pressure to get a last minute signing. That's meant to be the whole idea of the transfer deadline. We could have our inbox receving messages/offers/replies in REAL time. For example, you bid on a player, then between 1 to 60 minutes later (in real time) the club responds to your bid, and agents sending you messages, players demanding loan moves, everything should feel hectic on deadline day. You had the live coundown in the fantasy draft, so there's no reason why it can't implemented in career mode. 'Take Part or Decline' is dull, boring and brings no excitement. A live clock ticking down will give you that feeling that you need to hurry up and buy someone. Literally happens in real life.

    7) Another important one. Director of Football should ONLY be hired/fired by the board/chairman NOT the manager. It's common knowledge that the board/chairman does this, not the manager. The manager doesn't run the whole club. I know you can turn this option off under the staff responsibilities, but it shouldn't be an option to begin with. Only the chairman should be hiring and firing a Director of Football. The manager should only be allowed to suggest to the board that they should hire/fire [said person] as Director of Football, but of course as in real life, the board will not always listen to your suggestion. Also happens in real life.

    8) This idea has also been missing for years. If another club wants you as their manager but you're still under contract with your current club the board should be able to reject or accept the other clubs request for wanting you. Of course you can just resign if they reject, but these things happens in real life. We're missing a step in this process, the clubs need to negotiate with each other. Chairmen in this game need way more power, because right now it feels as if the manager runs the whole club. I want to feel like I have a boss as well. If the club rejects the offer, and you're unable to talk to the other club, then you can offer an ultimatum, resign or discuss your demands if you're to stay.

    9) Discipline needs to be expanded, you can only really fine a player when a player has received too many yellow/red cards or turns up late for training, and you're only allowed to fine them a week or two weeks wages. I want to decide how much I fine the player or if I want to suspend him from the traininig ground or club. Forcing him to play a number of Under 20's games before he's even consider for selection for first time, making him apologise to the squad in a team meeting etc. This happens in real life

    10) There needs to be way more details added to international managers. I want to be able to talk to an international manager to express that one of my players has been in-form and should be called up, and vice versa if you're an international manager we should be allowed to call a club manager over the phone. For example talk about a player you want to call up, except he's not fully fit, and have a conversation on whether it would be a good idea to call him up, and ask the club manager who he would suggest. A lot more could be done and needs to be done to make international management more exciting. For example, I don't know why training doesn't exist in international management. Players don't stop training when they go on international duty. We should also be able to contact a player and tell them if they keep playing well then you'll pick them in the next squad etc.

    11) I've also wanted to see this SMALL detail included in the game for years but for some reason it's not happened. Add a substitution icon on top of the proccessing tab during the match already. We already have a little ball that shows on the processing tab whenever a goal is scored, and a little red or yellow card when a foul is commited. Add a little green and red arrow showing when a substitution has been made, and when you hover over it, it can show the players name who has come on and who has gone off. This is easier to know when the other team has made subs instead of looking at the other teams player ratings to see whether they've made a substitution.

    12) Better relations with affiliated clubs/parent clubs. More interaction with them. I would like to have players that have the potential to be good footballers from affiliated clubs to join our club for 3-6 months to use our training facilities. And if you think he's a good youth player you could buy him and pay the affiliated club a development fee. This happens in real life. Al manager could suggest a player with potential would benefit if he were to join my club to use our training facilities for a couple of months, and we could be able to accept or reject, and the parent club should be able to request to the feeder club that you think one of their players would benefit if he joined our club for a short while.

    13) This small detail has also annoyed me for a while. Players that get their debut or those that are trying to break in to the first team shouldn't be looking 'complacent' or feeling 'complicated' surely they should be feeling proud, grateful, or see it as an opportunity to show their skills.

  20. 48 seconds of pure nothing!!!!! Why bother with people complaining get that of the missus don't want to watch 48 secs of it SI. Be nice to show us what is coming instead of this melee video.

  21. 3 days ago i installed fifa manager 2010…yes 2010… Havent bought anything since…. Edit: Im not saying its badass. Its just ive been busy with other things.

  22. https://t.co/W2u7FDwXmX – come join our group in time for the new football manager. We have regular competitions on offer as well as possibility of winning installments of the next FM game.

  23. Когда ваши разработчики сделают интересные по зрелишности 3д матчи, когда будут красивые обводки и движения с мячом у игроков ?

  24. I'm just hoping for a wide forward position back. AM(L/R) don't stay high enough and a striker with the wide instruction doesn't stay wide enough.

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