Football – 2019 Grove Bowl Highlights

Football – 2019 Grove Bowl Highlights

This afternoon from Vaught-Hemingway Stadium
in Oxford, Mississippi, it’s the Grove Bowl. Rebels defense against the
Rebels offense. That extra year, and that was a big benefit to
Corral. Hands it off this time, and nothing doing as the defense
comes up with a big play, and Mohammed’s a no go. They’re gonna bring on Luke
Logan to attempt the field
goal from the left hash. Logan struggled in in the spring
game. Last year he was able to
knock his first through today, a 30 yard field goal for the junior from
Hattysburg, Luke Logan. People
just don’t make him talk, but he’s from New York, and he said he didn’t even
know about this award, until he got down here in
Oxford, but it means so much, and his mom’s so excited, the
whole family was so excited. He found out Thursday, and was trying to keep it in. And he goes to the slant. It is batted around, and it is intercepted. Defense with the take away. They could pick up points of the
pick six, but they won’t allow it to
go any further than that. That’s Ryder Anderson, the junior at a Katy High School
in Texas who won the pinball game
and came away with the pick. Gonna take some time
and you’ll get it overtime, but that’s the smart
investment in my opinion. Third and eight, the defense
brings four, and Dent is able to convert and get it deep downfield to
Tylan Knight, his second big catch for a first
down. Isaac Way out of Franklin,
Tennessee on for the field goal, and from 32 yards out
he’s able to convert. The offense only has a pair
of field goals to their name through a quarter in a couple
minutes. [players yelling] Corral over the middle, crossing around complete, great
hands. Dontario Drummond, transfer out of East
Mississippi Junior College who got injured in the
comeback against Arkansas. Corral, into the end
zone, diving catch made. And our first touchdown of the
day. Take you guys
out of position a lot of times. Sendoya, who was committed to
Troy, is a baseball and football
player. Gets taken down in the backfield playing for the Land Sharks, and a sack made by Brandon
Williams. Wiley Tip, and it’s a
new scheme defensively. They’ve moved to a three four. Sendoya lets this one go deep. It is intercepted, CJ Miller finds the pick for Ole Miss. There in the booth, and that’s what they’ll do in
the fall. Corral wings one, it’s complete, and this will turn into a big
game for Octavious Cooley, the tide end out of Laurel,
Mississippi coming into his senior year. I gave my two tickets to them and let them enjoy it tonight. What led you all to have such a good success
against Ed Eagle’s team? You know what we did is that we have experienced
guards too, and we did a good job of getting
back. You know, at our place we scored
like 81, but we held it. Hunter holt is in the backfield, two way player, and holt gets in,
touchdown for the offense. And they will go for two
to try to tie this game. [players yelling] Grant Restmayer the
quarterback with the rollout. Looks, fires, intercepted! And a chance to finish with a
pick six, and the defense will take it to
the house. Half his teammates are gonna
meet him in the endzone. Cam White with the score! What a way to close this one
out! A 100 yard pick 6, and the defense will walk
it off with an 8 point win. Can’t be more entertaining than
that one, can you? That’s insane. Heck of a play. What a way to end Grove Bowl

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