FOOTBALL BAND-AID 2016! Pray for Moyes Wenger Pardew and Leicester! (Football Advent Calendar 2016)

FOOTBALL BAND-AID 2016! Pray for Moyes Wenger Pardew and Leicester! (Football Advent Calendar 2016)

[Music] it’s Christmas time Cheers but they played a pointment I made at Christmastime I think about all the history I’ve made well Don me look at our minds of plenty we should spread a smile of joy raise your arms if you’re here in the first place what at Christmas time we normally single to for us all but say Europe put your hands together for the less fortunate one I’m they’ve had boys come on David I started a new job then they told me the money’s gone the Boston that’s why I said please don’t go to Africa this Christmas time no Jamie bodies boxing upon the boss told me to go not style not wear nor floor your team or your hair I need cash place-based time and the boys pray for demos these points at Christmas time for pollyana you be sacked at Christmas Tala won’t play for Leicester City going down in five months hiding behind me for awesome and yeah hope you collapse at Christmas time what that’s my line you useless fourth-placed bastard I’m useless that’s rich unlike your club oh yeah bastard [Music]

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  1. Pray for Burnley they are good just look they beat Liverpool 2-0 and draw with United 0-0 and lose only one goal with Man City ( draw like Arsenal's 2-1)

  2. L😂L, if what the video suggests is true. How can Klopp tell Mané to not go for his OWN international call up.

    Imagine Simeone telling Greizmann not to go to the EUROS with France. This type of thing would be unheard of in UEFA

  3. Could someone pls tell me the name of the 442oons video were Roy Meane and Divhead Moyes were fathers of a single football player…pls i saw it once and i want to watch it again. It was soo funny

  4. We're sorry for being so bad for the fact you don't no one you know who is you doing you love will love love it when you don't have time and aggravation you don't no one is a bad thing to do with the right person and you don't know

  5. In the beginning 0:15 when Antonio drinks , there is the same amount of alcohol in the glass then there was before , magic 😳


  7. Pray for, CR7.
    He needs goals at Christmas Time.
    Pray for, Messigician.
    He needs goals at Christmas Time.
    Pray for, Cardiff City.. (wtf)
    They need points at Christmas Time. (Fuck off)
    Pray for, Arsene Whenger.
    He needs job at Christmas Time.
    Pray for, the Special one (in failure)
    He needs wins at Christmas Time.

  8. Please do one for 2018, preferably Real Madrid, Jose Mourinho, Fulham, German national team, Arsene Wenger (he needs a job!).

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