FOOTBALL – Bronco Mendenhall Virginia Tech Postgame

FOOTBALL – Bronco Mendenhall Virginia Tech Postgame

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  1. Congrats to CBM and staff. I have had my issues with this team at various points in the year. Hasn't always been pretty. But this staff and these players deserve ALL the credit.

    WAHOO freakin WA!!!!!

  2. Good luck next week coach. I’d consider it a win if uva can just play Clemson tough and keep it within a couple touchdowns

  3. from worst to first in FOUR SEASONS. Bronco Mendenhall pouring his experience, leadership and passion into UVa Football. What a day what a game what a team what a quarterback what focus what grit what execution what a win!

  4. Coach is one hell of a good coach, he'll keep VA up in football, but you would have thought after the game they won the national championship. Says a lot that beating Tech means that much… Go Hokies…

  5. In the NCAA Basketball Championship game, Hunter had his best game of the season.
    In this Divisional Championship game, Perkins had his best game of the season.

  6. Virginia (2018–2019)

    In 2018, Perkins transferred to the University of Virginia.[6] Prior to the season, he was named the team's starter.[7][8] He started all 13 games, setting the school record for total offense with 3,603 yards and touchdowns with 34. He completed 225 of 349 passes for 2,680 yards with 25 touchdowns, nine interceptions and rushed for 923 yards and nine touchdowns.[9] Perkins returned to Virginia as the starting quarterback for the 2019 season.[10]

  7. You can see and hear the emotion on his face and in his voice. That’s one happy but emotionally exhausted coach right there. Savor it, and thank you, CBM. You’ve restored our football program and you’re a class act to boot.

  8. I love that UVA coaches always compliment the teams and coaching staff of the teams they just played in victory or defeat, shows lots of class in comparison to some coaches of other programs.

  9. I don't know what kid wouldn't want to play for this coach. Or who's parents wouldn't want him to. I'm glad beyond words that he's our coach. Wahoowa!

  10. Not sure why some tech fans wont give uva credit. Remember uva was with a secondary without 3 starters and 3 back ups. Thats 6 players lost in our secondary this year. Tech had one player out and made a big deal about it.. uva was in the top ten in total defense half the season until nelson went down. Virginia brings a lot of starters back on defense. Should have a top 15 top ten defense next year. So yeah the offense losses most of its production. So its gonna be tough.. but techs defense may have big problems next year.. no bud foster and they are still really prone to giving up big plays.. tech fans are acting like its automatic they beat us next year.. well think about this.. techs recruiting has gotten worse every year fuente has been there. Uvas has gotten better every year.. and uva is leading tech in recruiting this year..

  11. Hmm, Tech and UVA might wanna look at Liberty University in football and basketball stealing our Virginia talent. Don't be so sure THEY won't be the VA team to beat one day… Just a thought.. Oh, and Old Dominion… OUCH, Yep, here comes the hate comments. Just look at where little ol Liberty was 10 years ago and at today, CASE CLOSED… I say this as a Hokie Fan in football and Hoo fan in Basketball, yep, I'm a Trans sporter

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