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  1. North Augusta 49 Hilton Head 0

    Next week:

    Colleton County at North Augusta

    North Myrtle Beach 52 South Aiken 21

    Next week:

    Wilson at North Myrtle Beach

    Strom Thurmond 52 Bishop England 0

    Next week:

    Wade Hampton at Strom Thurmond

    Barnwell 42 Andrews 8

    Next week:

    Calhoun County at Barnwell

    Bamberg-Ehrhardt 50 Hannah-Pamplico 6

    Next week:

    Bamberg-Ehrhardt at Gray Collegiate Academy

    Williston-Elko 36 McCormick 0

    Next week:

    Williston-Elko at Lamar

    Ridge Spring-Monetta 21 Timmonsville 17

    Next week:

    Ridge Spring-Monetta at Dixie

  2. That station that gave us Timmonsville vs. Ridge Spring-Monetta was WPDE ABC15, which is an ABC affiliate serving the Pee Dee and the Grand Strand regions of South Carolina.

  3. Looks like high school football attendance is hurting down south too. Up here in Jersey same thing, but for probably one different reason, one the same.
    Social media. With I phone's now kids no longer plan to "meet up at the game". They don't have to. They can sit in their room's in their homes and gab all night.
    Up noth (here in Jersey) another reason is it's just too damn cold. Idiotically, they thought it a novel idea to bring 'Friday Night Lights" up here. Out in the midwest too, where it's even colder.
    Down south its really hot in September and October so it makes sense to play when the sun goes down. But up here it is entirely asinine. September is still very warm so when the evening comes its very pleasant, but come October and November, they ignorantly gave up beautiful, crisp autumn days of 60, 55, 45 degrees in the sun for chilling damp or rainy nights of 50, 40, 35 degrees. EVERY human beings senses are more accute in the sunlight, that includes athletes. High School football up here years ago was the thing to do, now with social media and people just not too hip on freezing their butts off it has become a thing of the past. Maybe attendance would rise up north if they brought back the 1:20 pm Saturday afternoon kick off's. It makes more sense and is far easier to find the time to attend.
    Saves on electric bills also.
    Down South, a necessity.
    Up North, a useless novelty.

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