FOOTBALL – Louisville Highlights

Good afternoon and welcome to
soggy Louisville, Kentucky. Today Virginia looks to continue
its push for a Coastal Division title as it travels
to Louisville. Look at the throw. Here comes the
pressure up the middle. He’s in trouble. Hanbacks wrapped around him and
then Snowden finish him off. This pocket collapsing
and down he goes again. Joey Blount comes
on the safety blitz and puts them down at the 40. And Virginia’s defense going
to not only get the ball back, but they’re going
to get the ball back from the offense in good
starting field position. Perkins almost lost the snap,
bobbles, gets it back, now throws, he’s got a man open. Dubois on the field
reaches into the air and makes the catch only
ahead to the 11 of Louisville. He’ll take the snap,
hand it off to Taulapapa. Taulapapa right up
the gun, continues to plow his way ahead. Touchdown Virginia. Wayne Taulapapa
will cap off what is a 60 yard opening
scoring drive. Griffin gets his leg under it. Sends a high good punt. Burns is going to have
to call for a fair catch. Lands over his head. It takes a huge Virginia hop. This balls rolling
inside the ten. It’s going to settle at seven. What a job by Nash Griffin
as he sends that punt a mile. They’ll hand if off. This is Taulapapa, gaping
hole up the middle, he cruises inside the right
hash mark to the end zone. It’s his second touchdown
of the day already. Take the snap. Keeps it. He’s coming up on the
near side, right, blockers in front across the ten,
outside the numbers, he’ll take it all the way in. Touchdown Louisville
on a 25 yard run. [INAUDIBLE] Takes the waist
high snap, hands it off. This is pockets again, pockets. Ducking and dodging,
takes it all the way up the middle for a score. Louisville Cardinals are
going to hand Virginia another road loss. This time 28 to 21 here
from Cardinal Stadium in a driving rain.

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