FOOTBALL: Media Availability – 10/8/18

FOOTBALL: Media Availability – 10/8/18

[MUSIC PLAYING] [SOUND EFFECT] You look at what went wrong. You get angry about it, and then
be more deliberate at practice. I think how you practice
is how you play. So when you lose, the following
week and the next week, you have to come back angry. And take every play– play angrily, so you
can get more production from all the guys. And then that will
translate to the next game and keep that same intensity. Those guys know what
they need to do. And I do a good job of
talking to them one-on-one. Me and Joe, I talk to him a lot
on a lot of plays that he’s in. I make sure I talk to
him and kind of tell him what I’m thinking and
what he’s thinking, so we can get on the same page. Because those guys, you get
the balls in their hand, and they’re very reliable. Evan, he’s always
going to catch it. And Joe is always going to
make the first guy miss. So getting the ball
in those guys’ hands will take a lot of stress off of
[INAUDIBLE] and kind of spread it out more. Honestly, earlier
in the season, I felt like we weren’t
fully prepared for what– we gave up some 50/50 balls. But we’ve been
working on it, and I feel like we’re getting better. Like for myself, I gave up a
couple balls in an Ohio game, and I saw those mistakes. So I had to fix them,
and work, and practice, so I wouldn’t make
the same mistakes. So that’s definitely
a work in progress. We’re not trying to
make it 50/50 ball. We’re actually trying to make
it 80/20, so that we mainly win every single rep. I’m going to talk about
my perspective on it and how I can make a
impact on this game. But last season, I felt
like I didn’t play as well. They threw the 50/50 balls,
and I didn’t make the play on the ball. I was hurt at the
time, and I really wish I could get that game back. So I feel like I’m
going to have to make a statement in this game
and just come out ready to play this game. Yeah. Just to get to know
their tendencies– what the D-line likes to do, what the
O-line likes to do, basically. I think it was just
good for our team to be able to see that game
against a good opponent in Florida State– and, also, one of the first
starts for the quarterback that they’re bringing in. So being able to see what he’s
doing, how their running backs were running the ball,
how their receivers are playing pretty well. So it was a good game for
us to be able to watch. So it’s me and Rob,
and then Jordan, who was out for a while. And I know Malcolm’s
working hard to get back, so we can’t wait
to have him back. And CJ’s, also,
in the mix there. So being able to, you know,
work hard in practice, but also preserve ourselves
a little bit, where we’re not having silly injuries–
just play smart and know what we’re doing. And, yeah, we have
to stay healthier, because there’s not
really much depth with us. Like you said, he’s
a great quarterback. He can run. He can throw. He has upwards of
double-digit touchdowns already so far this season, and
so he’s a great quarterback. And so, I mean, we’re
going to game plan for him, and try to contain
him as much as we can. Yeah. I think it’s a huge opportunity. I mean, you don’t get to play
ranked teams on prime time TV every weekend. So I think our team is ready
to get up for the challenge. And, I mean, we’re
really excited. So it’s kind of like a
do-over from last year, where we played them on ABC. And so, again, we had
them on the ropes, and then let it get away. So it’s not very often in
football you get do-overs, but we get one this year. [SOUND EFFECT]

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