FOOTBALL: Miami Highlights

FOOTBALL: Miami Highlights

[MUSIC PLAYING] [SOUND EFFECT] Virginia packs them in. Perry’s going to throw,
steps up in the pocket, wants to scramble. And he’s going to be
hit hard right before he got to the first-down marker. It was Tim Harris that comes
over and delivers a walloping lick. Defensive back
blitz, maybe a hold. Now he’s going to throw down
the middle of the field, and it’s going to
be intercepted. Joey Blount comes away
with it at the 20, running outside the right hash
marks, swoops a man at the 35, now to the 40. He’s at the numbers, still on
his feet, rumbles ahead almost all the way to midfield. [CHEERING] And it’s a 26-yard try. This kick is up. There was no doubt
about that one, as he blasts it
through the uprights. The safety will
come under pressure. Now, the throw coming
over the middle. It’s intercepted! It was thrown too far on
the far sideline and taken. Going the other way
now for Virginia. Juan Thornhill racing
down the sideline, now cuts through the
middle of the field. He’s still running at the 25. Finally, tackled from behind,
and he coughed the football– no. He’s still got it. Still running, inside
the 10, all the way down to the Miami 7. Now, he’s going to hand
the ball off up the middle. Jordan Ellis plowing his
way, rolls over a defender and takes it right in. Touchdown Virginia! Pressure coming. Rosier’s in trouble. He’s going to get sacked. It was Snowden the
first one there, and then Alonso comes
over to finish him off. The try for Delaney to get
Virginia the final point. Snap is off, hold
is down, kick is up. It’s got the distance,
and he drills it. Gray goes into the air. He’s going to be close. It looks like Virginia
has come up with the stop, and they have. Wow. The snap is off, hold
is down, kick is up. This one is up,
and it is perfect. Takes the waist-high snap, play
action pass, blitz is coming. They get to him
right as he throws. Going to be intercepted. It was thrown short, and
Thornhill’s going the other way with his second
pick of the night. Rosier, who drops back,
pressure coming on Rosier. And he’s going down. Chris Peace rips
him down at the 33. It is an onside kick
try, and it’s not going to go far enough. It’s picked up, going the
other way for Virginia. Taking off down
the far sideline, Evan Butts across the 30. You could see here at Scott
Stadium the victory formation. Bryce Perkins takes a knee. Put it in the book. Bronco Mendenhall has
his signature win here in Charlottesville tonight. Virginia topples number
15 Miami, 16 to 13, and the students have
stormed the field here at David A. Harrison field
on homecomings weekend. [SOUND EFFECT]

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  1. NOTE & UNDERSTAND I'm Glad their sorry Ass Lost!! Now Whatcha Gotta Say! This Proves That My Noles Gave Them the game Last Week!! They Didn't Beat Us We Gave it to Them!! This game Proves they are ''OVERRATED''!! Changing Qb's Did Nothing, They Still Lost, Pathetic Chumps!! Now Miami Fans SYFAU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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