Football – Mike MacIntyre Press Conference (11-4-19)

In a week when you’re playing a New Mexico State
Team that’s kind of just near the bottom
in a lot of stuff, Matt Luke said that you guys are kind of focusing
on yourself. For a defensive perspective, what are you guys
kind of focusing on trying to get
better at this week? Well, their strength has
been our weakness. They’re gonna throw the ball
like 50 something times a game. So, we’re working on
pass coverage, making sure we’re
in the right spots on all that getting better. We’ve shown signs
of getting better at different times, but this is gonna put
a stress on our defense as much as they
throw the football and what they’re doing
so we’ve got really concerned
about us making sure we’re playing our
coverages correctly and playing our eyes and our
techniques really well against their passing game. Along those lines
how did you think your secondary played against Auburn
and kinda on top of that, how do you think
the younger guys have developed since they’ve
started playing a lot in the last month or so? They hit us on a wheel route
which was like 70 yards of it and then they hit
us on a go route where we’re running
with the guy. It was a heck of a throw,
a heck of a catch. That’s 130 yards
of passing right there. And so they made the plays. We gotta keep those
from happening, but I thought that they,
besides those two, which are bad, really bad, I thought that we’re
playing better. We’re playing tighter coverage. We’re around ’em more. We’re there. I think we have improved, but we can’t give up
those big chunk plays that hurt us in that game. Mike,
on the wheel route over here, on the wheel route
it looked like Pains was right there
in the vicinity. I don’t know if that was his man
or with the outside backer, I don’t know. Yeah, we screwed it up. We had practiced that route a
few times during the week. They had run it against Tulane, had run it against
Mississippi State and we just screwed
it up over there which is a big mistake for us
in the game. Mike, do we see
less of Deantre Prince in the game or was that just me that he played
less against Auburn than he had been
playing recently? Oh, he played in
our nickel package out there and did that. They were a lot more, got a lot more run heavy type
things that they were doing. He’s not in that
package as much. What do you think
about his development? Yeah, Deantre’s getting
better and better and better. He had a couple
times there where he, number five for A&M can fly and he pressed him up and ran
right with him step for step. So I was excited about
seeing him be able to do that as fast as that young man is. And he is coming on,
it’s just so new for him. I know we’re eight games in, but he played high school
quarterback and did all that. But he is getting
better and better. I think he’s gonna be
a really good player. Give us some thoughts on how you think the run
defense has developed and where they are right now as to where you want ’em. Yeah, I think we’ve played
well against the run. You always want it better. I think we’ve played
well against the run. The other night they had a couple runs
that they got on us, but I felt like that overall we’re playing well
against the run, fitting it up well
for the most part. I think that our inside guys
are playing really stout and our two inside backers have been making
plays and doing well so definitely want
to improve at it, but I think overall
we’ve done well against the run. Just looking at these numbers
in New Mexico State, 23 completions in each game so they get bound to
be throwing it a lot. What do you see four and five
wide, that type too? Yeah they’re,
if you want to call it whatever, I told our kids we’re
playing Washington State. It’s Mike Leach. It’s his exact offense so that’s what you’re gonna see. They’re gonna be spread out most all the game,
they’re gonna be throwing it. They do run the football. There was one game
they ran it a ton in against Georgia Southern, but it was like a monsoon. It was one of those situations where they ran the
ball a lot more, but they’re, they’re gonna
throw the football. It’s very, it’s exactly
Washington State type offense so you’re gonna see
the ball thrown. They could throw it 50 times, they could throw it 60. They might decide
to throw it 75. I don’t know, but they will try
to run it some. They’ve got some
good running backs. Number one is very elusive, but they also throw the ball to him a lot out
of the backfield like a Washington
State type system. So, that’s what they’re
doing and trying to do. So I’ll be up late. I’m not scratching my head making sure we’re
playing good coverage and they get the ball in
their hands pretty quick, so pass rush, we’ve
gotta pass rush. That’s the key element, but they usually
try to get the ball out of their hands pretty quick so we’re gonna have to
tackle well and cover well.

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