Football Opening Day Sights and Sounds – Canvas Stadium at CSU

Football Opening Day Sights and Sounds – Canvas Stadium at CSU

(gentle music) – You know, the first
few years I was here, I didn’t miss a game, and they
were all at Colorado Field. Then later on, Hughes Stadium. That was tremendous,
but nothing like this. (cheering) (bell tolling) – [MC] Please welcome
to the stage Flobots. (cheering) (hip-hop rock music) (marching band drumming) (helicopter humming) (cheering) – There you go, honey. Enjoy. (uptempo rock music) – It’s great to come back as an alumni and see the new stadium, and I’m super excited for this season, and my brick is just me
being a part of that. – How are you? – Heather. – [Heather] Good, how are you? (cheering) – Man, this is unbelievable. It’s beautiful. Turf is great. Stadium looks perfect. Students are packing in early,
so I’m ready for a good game. ♫ Ramparts we watched ♫ Were so gallantly streaming ♫ And the rockets’ red glare ♫ The bombs bursting in air (plane engines roaring) ♫ Gave proof through the night (cheering) (enthusiastic cheering) (explosions) (enthusiastic cheering) (marching band music) (crowd roaring) (thundering) (crowd roaring) – Incredible, awesome. This is history. (crowd roaring) (cheering) – Coming back and seeing the campus and being able to go to a game right here, that is really cool. (cheering) (whistle blowing) – It was an awesome day. It’s a great day to be a Ram. (marching band music) (cheering)

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  1. My dad graduated from CSU. Class of 66 (I think). He was forever proud to be a Ram. RIP Ronald Alton Smith.

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