Football Practice Drills & Tips : How to Tackle Correctly in Football

Football Practice Drills & Tips : How to Tackle Correctly in Football

Hi, this is Sean Hobson, for Expert Village.
We’re going to work on our tackling drills. These are a few drills we do before we get
things started to work or our tackling technique. The first will be a straight tackle working
on getting in and making a good hit by putting your shoulders in the numbers and wrapping
up. Our runner will just run in. This isn’t an all out drill where we want him to take
this guy out. This is more of a drill of wrapping up. So, he’s not going to be hitting at 100%,
rather about 60% in this drill. We want him to get right in the numbers, hit low, wrap
up getting his hips up under him and actually lift the guy up just to get the feel of what
it’s like to really wrap up. This is called the wrap up drill (video demo). That’s a great
hit. He stuck him in low. So many people you see on TV want to come up high and hit up
high. That’s a bad way to start learning how to tackle. You want to stay low. For this
next drill, we’ll have these guys lay head to head on the ground. This is a competition
drill that’s fun to do.
When I say “Hut,” the runner will try to get up and get out of the cones before this man
can make a tackle. It’s a little competition to see who can get up faster and if one can
make the tackle or not. Ready? Here we go! (Video demo) That’s how it’s done. Good tackling
technique. He got a little high but he made a pretty good tackle. That’s the proper way
to tackle.

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