Football Preview vs. Ashland – Homecoming 2018

Football Preview vs.  Ashland – Homecoming 2018

what challenges Ashland generally
present for you guys well they’ve beaten us two years in a
row and they’ve beaten us three out of four it’s the only GLIAC team that’s got
a winning record against us so obviously that makes us a little nervous great
coached team great system always well prepared so we got to be at our best and
hopefully we continue to grow and not become complacent and work to be the
best we can be all the time so that’s that’s our goal what would you guys
clean up and practice this week well we just had too many careless mistakes when
I say clothes mistakes like penalties fuelling their drives some some minor
you know assignment blows where they screwed up an assignment and you know
that then you know just some simple things drop balls and and other than
that you know I thought it was a decent effort
I thought our you know the try-hard was there but not using that the cerebral
part of the the you know nature of what you need to do to play great football we
just didn’t think the game at the level we needed to think it the offensive line
is always paramount in an offense like yours
he has been able to run the ball pretty much all over team so far this year said
offensive line lived up to your expectations or exceeded and even now
you know the offensive lines played very well part of it stems from the fact that
you know obviously Sam Parker’s doing a great job with them and they’ve remained
healthy which is critically important and they’re guys that have been together
playing you know playing together for a number of years so so but that you know
last year we we had a guy missing here a guy missin there and and so far so good
we’ve we’ve had the same five guys for the most part playing the positions that
they played for a while so that’s critically important we’re pleased by
that and then you know our downhill run games better and it’s been in the past
and that’s obviously important talk about
your downhill run game and J route Campbell obviously a big part of that a
guy that runs real tough and can go between the tackles the outside whatever
you want what kind of freedom has he given you to open up the PlayBook since
he’s been here well he you got it right there you can’t open the PlayBook up
with him he’s a very adept passer and he’s got
the ability to run the ball it’s a physical runner and then elusive runner
so those are all great characteristics but then you know when when you’re
sitting in practice installing thinks he’s like internalizing every little bit
he wants to be the best and so that helps us a lot he’s got you know a good
group of running backs he’s working with you know when they roll in there you
know they’re downhill runners and they’re going to get five six seven
yards I think all three of those running backs that we’ve played on a regular
basis or averaging over six yards of carry so that’s critically important and
it helps J rule out as well obviously homecoming weekend here in an ESPN game
always had some some good homecoming environments but it seems like over the
last few years the crowds just keep getting better and better how excited to
you to play in front of your own fans again always excited to play here and a
top Taggart homecoming obviously brings a little bit more special feel because
you know you got guys coming back that plate played for us while we’ve been
here at Ferris and then some you know proud alums have support us a lot so
it’s exciting it’s always exciting to be here and play in front of our home crowd
and particularly for homecoming you

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