Football Speed Drills Resistance Bands Training Kinetic Bands | Part 2

Football Speed Drills Resistance Bands Training Kinetic Bands | Part 2

Speaker 1: We’re going to start moving into
a little bit of football training here. Use cones, use bags, use whatever you got. The
most important this is you’re doing the work at 100 percent intensity. We got here six
rows of cones. It’s going to simulate a bag. In this drill, we’re going to place two down
a little bit farther to let ourselves get out and sprint after we get through the cones.
This drill here we’re going to sprint forward, we’re going to shuffle from side to side;
I’m going to go to about half speed, show us what we’re doing here. You’re going to
give it as shuffle. You’re going to come up to the next cone, and we’re going to try to
get somewhere. It’s a little bit of linear, lateral, movement we’re trying to work on.
When he gets to the end, he’s going to sprint it out. Jog on back here. Notice he’s got
the bands on. The reason why we use KBands is to use the
resistance to build a little bit of hip strength and drive our leg up with power. When we do
these we’re going to go about six to eight reps with resistance and then we’re going
to move down from four to six without to really start working with the lighter feeling in
our legs and develop that speed. Let’s go ahead and go at a couple, full speed here.
Notice he’s really planting on that outside foot and he gets out and goes. Let’s take
a quick look while he gets back here. When you get in this position, you want to be in
a balanced, low position. You’re going to shuffle as you get to the point where you’re
going to go the other way, make sure you get a good base and stay centered.
If you leave this foot out too wide, you’re not going to be able to get out and go. If
you leave it too close, you’re not going to be able to shift your weight, evenly, to get
to the next cone. So make sure you get in a place where you’re balanced, shift and go.
Let’s see another one here. Full speed, he’s got quick feet, he’s planting that outside
foot, he’s low. He’s got power, he plants and gets out and go. Good, remember six to
eight with resistance four to six, without. Want to go one more with resistance, and then
we’re going to do a couple for you, without. Get out and go, get out and go. Be quick,
be quick. Hit it, and go. Good. Each of these exercises, make sure that you sprint through
the cones, pull up, walk back. You want to work at 100 percent intensity, so if you lose
your breath, slow it down a little bit because we’re not going to use this as much as conditioning
as we want to use fast feet. You can go ahead and unclip. Good. Now here,
make sure your first rep, you keep a good center of balance. You don’t want to get out
of control now that your legs are going to feel a little lighter. You still got to make
sure you keep your center and work to make your feet move faster. All right, you ready?
Here we go. Come on, move, move, move; be quick, be quick, be quick. Get out and go.
Good, great job. Walk it back, take a deep breath, slow your body down. Here we go; be
quick, be quick. Get around, get around, get around. Be quick, get out and go. If you get
any rubbing or anything like that, make sure to wear sliders underneath. It’ll hold your
bands still. Always work with resistance. Work as fast as you can. Stay centered. Keep
your balance and push the pace. [End of Audio]
Duration: 3 minutes and 25 seconds

About the Author: Garret Beatty


  1. @CarlosStephenPR We prefer the bands which allow full range of motion and sport specific training so you are able to combine speed and agility with sport or position specific activity.

  2. @D3Eagles these drills have been helping all of our athletes improve both their speed and agility. Click the link below the video and learn how to use this drill along with many of our other drills we offer. You will also find many reviews of our Athlete Performance Pack that has helped athletes all over the world increase their speed. Let me know if there is anything else we can help you with.

  3. How long would you be able to play a full soccer game with these on? estimate?

    I am not aware of how much these can tire you out

  4. @LeoTPred If worn during a practice game or practice session we would suggest probably half the game. The bands will help fire the muscles, build muscle strength and flexibility in your legs, hips and core however you will start to feel a fatigue factor at approximately 15 minutes depending on your conditioning level. Keep in mind more is not always better. We prefer you work the bands with maximum intensity for shorter periods of time.

  5. @0sertan0 We have athletes as young as 6 years old using the kinetic bands. the resistance is available for under 110 lbs. and above 110 lbs.

  6. @0sertan0 $29.95 plus International shipping is $11.50. The Kinetic Bands are currently only available on our web site. We ship to the Netherlands quite frequently. myosource . com

  7. @ttylerification There is a band in front and one in back. This works both areas at the same time to maximize your training effors.

  8. Why doesnt the guy in the grey shirt just unstrap them but he doesnt take them off? Are you supposed to leave them on or does it matter??

  9. We like to work drills with the bands attached and then repeat unattached. it makes training easier and faster to unsnap and leave them on.

  10. I have watched all your videos with football drills and was wondering if we could do this everyday or do we need time for our legs to recovery? I am a wide receiver and I really want to show out in August. I bought the bands yesterday and hope to see amazing results with work and determination. Thank you if you reply

  11. We suggest changing up your routine doing different workouts or segments during each training session. We also suggest giving your body a chance to recover. Its ok to go every day but work different areas of training. One suggestion would be to work on your core and abs and use that as an off day to give your legs a chance to recover .

  12. Oh okay. I also bought ur five week program and hope to gain more speed but I am curious to why some of these drills are not including in the dvd? should I do these drills after I am done with what you have planned for that day or should I just do the drills you have instructed to do on that day.

  13. I would suggest going through the complete DVD program, then adding other drills the 2nd time through. There are so many good exercises that it was tough to decided which ones to include in the DVD program .

  14. @Myosource – first off I ordered them on a Saturday afternoon, just got them today EXCELLENT turn around. Second; obviously I am going to incorporate a mix of routines but also plan to keep the Kbands static/dynamic excercises as a part of the regular workout for speed.
    1. How soon can I expect to see speed results
    2. I gain size/weight will this help me to re-train myself to run at the heavier weight

  15. You should see and feel results in the first few workout. You will increase leg strength, hip strenth and hip stability.
    We sugest you also work the bands with sprin exercses, change of direion and sport specifc drlls.
    We train athletes at level from youth to the profesional leve so the size and weight gain is not an issue

  16. See our web site link on our channel or in the link of our videos. you can also google myosource or kinetic bands

  17. Hey, im 13 (5' 7'', 120Ibs) can i injure my knees or ankles wit resistance band?
    I'm asking because I'm still kid you know…

  18. These bands are worn right above the knee . It takes the stress of the knee and targts the intended muscles in the legs, hips and core. The would be no resistance applied to te ankles.

  19. these are great works outs!!… im going to be doing them with my sons 13 and 11… how many days a week do you think they should do them

  20. Absolutely! We provide bands for anyone under 110 pounds, which are used mainly by youth athletes.

  21. You can perform these drills without the resistance bands and still get a workout, but with the resistance bands you will get greater results faster.

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