Football Tips (Defensive Back): How To Bump And Run

Football Tips (Defensive Back): How To Bump And Run

Hi I’m Larry Anam, former New England Patriots
Defensive Back and CoachUp Coach. And this the Bump and Run. That felt better. Nice job. Nice acting job. In order to slow down a quick receiver like
a Wes Welker, you wanna utilize the Bump and Run technique. What you do in the Bump and
Run technique is you wanna put your hands on him to slow him down when the ball is snapped
to give you enough time to get on top of him. After the snap, you wanna make sure you get
your hands on the receiver, especially receivers like Wes Welker that are so quick off the
line. It’s essential you slow them down with that Bump and Run.

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  1. Haha literally just said “hey used to play corner back! You should bump and run! Nothing ab how to turn hips or what hand to shoot first according to the defenders first step off the ball

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