Football tournament inside a Cathedral…

Football tournament inside a Cathedral…

We’re absolutely delighted today, the place is buzzing! I think it’s fantastic to see young people enjoying sport right next to and inside the cathedral Yeah I think you’ve got to make churches and cathedrals more inclusive nowadays to get the younger generation to come in It’s really good and people get to be free and do what they like doing The Cathedral is free to enter, people can come and go, there are no rules and regulations placed upon them and in that sense this is a place of beauty not a place of restriction Yeah it’s really good loads of activities to do It’s brilliant; it’s good for the community It’ll probably bring more people here, recognise the Cathedral, recognise what Gloucester’s all about It’s something good that everyone can get involved in People have been just wandering past and joining in which has been really nice A lot of people have questioned us on what we believe which is interesting a lot of people saying that God’s complicated, too difficult to understand and things like this, but we’ve not told them that they’re wrong we’ve just kind of told them that, great, as long as you’ve answered the question because we’re all about answering big questions Do you reckon Jesus would play football? Yes I reckon so. His sandals would be a bit difficult though I think Yeah he’s probably up for anything Yes definitely. Part of a team, probably He probably would, probably did yeah Yeah he’d be the next Pelé if he did. Untouchable! There’s so much going on and that’s what cathedrals are about; sacred space and common ground able to do wonderful things in a unique context which hopefully can speak to people about the love of God and that life can be enjoyed in all its fullness! We’ve encouraged young people to come and write whatever they want, whether they think God’s complicated or is a very negative thing whereas we’ve kind of stepped in and said well this is what we believe; we believe God’s great this is what He’s done for us, this is what He’s doing here So yeah it’s been really good I’ve really enjoyed it Do you like football? Yeah I’m a mad football fan actually, Tottenham Hotspur in my diary when it says private appointment that’s a Tottenham game on the television.

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