Football Training Tips : Becoming a Better Cornerback

Hi my name’s Otis St. Clair today I’m here
to talk to you today about being a better cornerback. The main key in being a better
cornerback is having proper footwork. So today we’re going to work on three drills that’s
going to help us develop quick feet and good foot placement. Our first drill we’re going
to work on is working on back pedaling coming forward, back pedaling coming forward. The
object of this drill is to develop quick back pedal and to be able to break up on the ball
if it’s a run play. So we will start with that one. Walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk.
We’ll start here at this cone. We’re going to back pedal. We’ll come up, back pedal,
and come up. Again working on our first step back pedaling. And then coming up to defend
the run.
And that’s that drill. Again working on back pedaling as our foot first step to defend
the pass and then coming up to defend the run. Our second drill we’re going to work
on is a deep back pedal turn to run as we defend the deep pass. So we’re going to start
on our same cone. We want to back pedal to the next cone. When we get to that cone, we’re
going to turn and run as if we’re trying to defend the deep pass. Should look something
like this.
Again that drill is to work on our back pedaling, turn our hips, and running to defend the pass
so that the receiver does not get behind us. And our last drill is just a quick foot and
hip drill. We’re going to to turn our hips and good footwork. And this one should go
just a little bit like this. We’re back pedaling, turn, back pedal, turn, back pedal, turn,
back pedal, turn, and come up. And again to become a better cornerback, you should work
on those three drills every time you hit the field. Back pedal coming up to defend the
pass and come up on the run. Back pedal, turn and run to defend the deep pass. Then back
pedal turning with your hips and feet. Again my name’s Otis. I’m here to teach you how
to become a better cornerback. Take care.

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