FOOTBALL: Victory Monday – Richmond

FOOTBALL: Victory Monday – Richmond

Welcome, once again,
to Charlottesville, Virginia, where
tonight, the Cavaliers embark on their 129th
season of football. The 34th meeting between
these two universities separated by 71 miles. Tonight, for the second
time in three years, the Richmond Spiders
come knocking at the season opener between
these two commonwealth foes. And for the Cavaliers, they hope
that is where the similarities end between game one, on
Bronco Mendenhall’s watch two years ago,
and game one, here tonight, now in his third
season at the helm in 2018. [MUSIC PLAYING] Perkins, out of the
gun to take the snap. [INAUDIBLE] call the pocket. Now throws it over the
middle, and it’s intercepted. It’s a big 6 for
Richmond and the Spiders, will stop what was
a promising opening drive for Bryce Perkins. And this Richmond
defense strikes. One man rushing for Richmond. Perkins steps up to the
pocket, once to one, escapes from a couple defenders. Here he goes. 20 to 15, he’s at the
10, Perkins at the 5, Perkins to the end zone. That’s making up for a mistake. If that was a play
call, it certainly was a great call because just
came by the door for Perkins with that speed. Just the formation for Perkins,
Perkins fakes the handout. Now, we’re only doing his
right fires from the side, like on a man– oh,
a diving catch made by Olamide Zaccheaus,
and out of bounds, ahead of the 46 yard line. Here he goes again. Across the 15 to the
10, he’s to the 5, to the end zone for the
second time tonight. Boy, he can go from zero to
60 in the blink of an eye. Yeah, I’m telling you, Dave,
if Richmond doesn’t figure out the offense, then this will
be a long evening for them. So the pressure’s
coming, and down goes Johnson as Mandy Alonso
came barreling up the middle for the first sack
of the season for that Virginia defense. [INAUDIBLE] fires,
passes on your side. [INAUDIBLE] by Zaccheaus
throws on the jets. Here he goes to
the 20, for the 15. It’s a foot race. Zaccheaus gets past
everybody to the end zone, touchdown, Virginia. Goodness gracious,
I mean, Dave, he caught that and just broke
to the outside and outran both defenders. And he just said, you know what? I’m hitting the go button. [MAKING BEEPING SOUNDS] High speed. [MUSIC PLAYING] Yeah, you just
see the dedication to physicality right now. This is what I wanted to
see from this Virginia team, to see them grind and mold
a team, as they should with the focus on
the physicality and the increased size
of the offensive line. Fans giving this team a
well-deserved standing ovation after one half of football
in Charlottesville. [MUSIC PLAYING] It was the orange crush in
effect right there with five different players from Virginia
waiting for–here comes [INAUDIBLE] for Virginia. Hall catches up on
the throw behind, and he knocks the
ball free, sacks him. And now it’s a dog pile for
the football, back of the 44. [MUSIC PLAYING] Here we go. 36 now, with Perkins out of
the shotgun, mix the hand up, now zips it over the
middle and completes his pass to Hasise Dubois, who
sheds it a bit over the 5 and walks into the end zone. Touchdown, Virginia, the
Cavaliers, now leaders, 41-13. And this thing will
come to a close as Virginia will take this
one to the finish line. A convincing win
out of the gates for Coach Bronco
Mendenhall’s team, setting a new standard with
a 42-13 victory here tonight. A lot you could feel happy
about, but I promise you, they won’t dwell on it for
long, sweep it under the rug, move on, as Virginia
gets the victory. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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