FOOTBALL – Week One All-Access

FOOTBALL – Week One All-Access

[MUSIC PLAYING] Congratulations to Pitt
for a game well played and the victory. Pitt executed when
they needed to, we weren’t able to execute
under the circumstances when we had to. And critical plays matter and
we didn’t make enough of them. So I think that’s
really the bottom line. There exists a choice with
which everyone grapples– the pain of discipline
or the pain of regret. As pit week begins,
the pains of the latter have been a mainstay
in Charlottesville for nearly 300 days. The Panthers stormed into Scott,
a season capturing [INAUDIBLE] leaving egos and bodies bruised. The 2019 Cavaliers hope
to find their redemption in preparation. This is the hard part. The work, the
preparation, the reps. But not Saturday, that’s
why they call it a game. You’re supposed to have fun. Enjoy it, men. Strain. Strains for more. Strain. Strain to finish. Tight. Tight. Tight. Let’s go. Let’s go. If you make a mistake,
make it full speed, don’t just stop, right? Add yourself to
the chaos, right? We’re trying to create havoc. Trying to create havoc. [INAUDIBLE] is going
to create havoc. Yes? So we have to replicate that
and even do more than that. Put some cheese on
that sandwich, OK? Energy! Locked in. Locked in. Locked in. Go. On that you got to go. You got to go. They’re inflicting stress
on you and putting you in crisis situations so
you’ll be ready for the crisis when it shows up. Embrace that. Smile at it, step into it
rather than back away from it. Class today. [INAUDIBLE], call us up. Yes, sir. [INAUDIBLE] A lot of knowns going
into our opener. Returning quarterback,
many defenders returning, and
against an opponent that we haven’t yet been
able to gain a victory over. So every day has been
a solid work day. And so there is a different
level of excitement and urgency right from week one. We know the challenge
that lies ahead and we’re anxious
to take that on. The work is done. The standard understood. The wheels up to Pittsburgh.

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