Going to the Hawaii vs. Navy football game at Aloha Stadium? Here’s what you need to know

Going to the Hawaii vs. Navy football game at Aloha Stadium? Here’s what you need to know

JOE: THE UH RAINBOW WARRIORS FOOTBALL TEAM PLAYS ITS FIRST HOME GAME ON SATURDAY. NIKKI SCHENFELD STOPPED BY ALOHA STADIUM AND FOUND OUT ABOUT SOME NEW STADIUM POLICIES. after a big win last week in colorado…the warriors will face off at home against navy at 5 o clock saturday. aloha stadium workers say they’re expecting a big crowd. and with that a new policy, in hopes of speeding up lines. ryan andrews/deputy stadium manager at aloha stadium: “this season we’re limiting fans to one bag which is 12 by 6 by 12 at all of the gates we’ll have all these handy boxes so if your bag fits in the box you can bring it in.” HE SAYS anything bigger will have to be taken back to your car. SO PLAN ACCORDINGLY. TRACY FLOWERS/ATTENDING OPENING GAME: “They should put them out closer to the parking lot so if it doesn’t fit you can walk back to your car instead of coming all the way over here and back.” Fans CAN carry items like a jacket, seat cusion and blanket into the stadium with their bag. ANOTHER NEW POLICY? STROLLERS MUST FOLD DOWN AND FIT UNDER A SEAT. ryan andrews/deputy stadium manager at aloha stadium: “it’s not only for safety, it’s to get fans in more quickly through gates with fewer bags there’s fewer bags to check.” Nikki Schenfeld/aloha stadium: “this drawstring bag is a perfect example of what can fit inside the box. My bag however is too big, see I can’t get it in, so I have to take out my makeup bag and my purse, and now i’d be allowed into aloha stadium.” andrews says the stadium is long overdue on a bag policy. five years ago the nfl created bag policies at all its stadiums.some have a clear bag policy.others don’t allow one at all– including a purse. andrews says parking lots will open at noon…and as always…expect traffic and plan your routes ahead of time. from aloha stadium. nikki schenfeld.khon2 news.

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  1. why would you take a make-up bag? maybe you need to re-evaluate your life if this is a big deal. it's 2018. people need to wake the hell up and should know what you can/can't bring into sporting venues. even you people on the island that seem to be out of touch with reality (talking to you make up bag lady)

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