Greg Wrubell on BYUSN 11.7.19

Greg Wrubell on BYUSN 11.7.19

us and we’re going to get you ready for the BYU liberty game I’m Spencer Linton with jarom Jordan, and we got Greg wruvell on the hotline with us. Is there any doubt that the womens soccer team is going to finish anywhere other than undefeated? Yeah I don’t think so, they’re going to play lmu and I think that it’s going to be BYU comprehensively, they’re going to be at home, they’re 18-0-1, and I think that it’s going to happen. When did you realize that this was an all time team? I think that when the goal count started to go up, when they were attacking center mid, they weren’t slowing down, and they aren’t. They’re tied for fifth in all time scoring and beyond all of that, you gota N experienced back line with a great goal keeper. The goal differential is like 4 or something, it’s dominant, it’s a juggernaut elite program. We’re talking the potential number one seed, when it comes to the west, Stanford is the only team that is ahead of them. They’re going to get this last game and I think that they’re going to get one of the top spots in the bracket, what if Florida state beats Virginia, is there any chance that they could get the one spot in the tourney? I think that they’ve taken the ranked spots only one time. Now I’m not holding out hope, and if you get a 1, you can get a two, but without that one, they can get a 1 place but they’re not going to get out there. They were fourth in the coaches poll and got a four seed, and that’s where we’re at right now, people are thinking that a three is reasonable, I’m not holding out hope for the one spot, but I think that they at least have to get a two to do that. The only way you get your stock up is that you score more goals than Stanford and you really get a lot of wins. From football to American football, let’s talk the liberty game, liberty has some solid players, how do you feel about this matchup? Liberty has done some things but lets look at who they’ve done it against, they’re not beating anyone, they beat New Mexico, they beat UMass, they’re not great. This Louisiana team and that Rutgers team, the scheduled teams in the fcs and so the fcs teams are having better strength of schedule, adn so they are doing what you’d expect. Which is win. They’re not good against the pass or the run, and they have a good redzone defense, but nothing show that they can slow down the cougars. With the qb situation, what do you think is going to happen there? Well I think that Baylor Romney is going to be the guy, he’s the only guy who’s gotten any reps and that would be my observation. You’re a triple threat for commentating, what did you think about Alex Barcello’s game? He’s one of the top players, he’s really that good, it’s only one good game you gotta see how things play out, he does so much so well and the fact that he guards without fouling so well. Both of those guys can put pressure on you an they do it in a way that gets them to the line. He scored a bit for BYU and I love what came from zac seeljas and what happened with Connor Harding, that was all very encouraging. I feel like Cal Fullerton isn’t on the same level as sdsu, what do you see as the challenges for them? I think that they gotta get the boards and they’re going to chuck it and go get the rebound, that’s what we saw from them. They shot 38% and won by 35, they got a ton of rebounds and they got all of them, they’re going to chuck it up and go crash. If the shots are dropping like they were, then the boards are going to be imperative. They got some big guys, but not a ton, like BYU. I don’t Hink that the size is going to be overwhelming, but overall I don’t think that we’re not going to be able to compete, they just gotta crash. We’ll leave it there for now, thanks so much guys, Greg wruvell on the hotline, you can listen to him

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