Guardiola’s Football Philosophy | Man City Premier League Champions

Guardiola’s Football Philosophy | Man City Premier League Champions

The only way I know is knowing when you are
resting, they are preparing better to beat us so we have to prepare even more. And training more and play better is the only
way I know to keep the level. You train not for 11 players, you train for
all the squad. The idea is fundamental. The idea is so important. You have to give passes and passes, an extra
pass, an extra pass. Extra pass helps us always to be together. We run to regain the ball, not run to run.
So no pressing just to press. Always we believe if we regain the ball high
we are close to scoring a goal. Without the ball everyone runs. With the ball, we try to play. We let them run, to try in the right moment
to attack… Taking the decision in the right moment. That is the most difficult thing in football. What I want is don’t lose the ball. Play simple. Do the simple things, the simple. The rest… Is because we are good.

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  1. What a gem of a manager we have in Pep !!!!! Next season we will definitely lift 3 or 4 silverware.
    Pep, during this summer please buy 4 new good signings of 1 forward, 1 central defender, 2 midfielders.

    CF— Goncalo Guedes or Lautaro Martinez or Leon Bailey or Christian Pulisic or Cengiz Under or Paulo Dybala or even Wissam Ben Yedder(release clause only 30m) would be good to strengthen our forward options.
    CD— Milan Skriniar or Caglar Soyuncu or De Ligt would be great signing to replace John Stones.
    DM— Julian Weigl or Lucas Tousart would be excellent signing for DM role as Ferna's eventual heir.
    CAM— An excellent signing for CAM role is needed to alternate with David & also eventually succeed him.

    Due to Pep's football system intensity in training & games, we will need 22 good players taking into account a) our targeting 4 titles b) possible injuries c) possible suspensions d) rotational/alternate resting of players
    Our 22 man strong team for next season 2018/2019 would probably be:

    Ederson(Bravo) , Walker(Danilo) , Kompany(New CD) , Laporte(Otamendi) , Mendy(Delph) , Fernandinho(New DM) , KDB(Gundogan) , David(New CAM) , Sane(Bernado) , Aguero(Jesus) , New RW/CF(Sterling)

  2. Los mejores mi city! Siempre soñando que un Español hermano como Guardiola dirijiera al City! Mi sueño a sido ver el tikitaka en Mancheater city. Vamos ahora por la Champions!!

  3. you heard that .. money can buy great players. you can win the game. but playing beautifully, it takes a fundamental idea. obviously, pep has crazy ideas for attacking play. he's a genius

  4. Luis Enrique with his Barça .that s right.barca with pep is with pep is money money money..but he s cool with his teams..but not the coach.mourinho ..he s the best.

  5. Know one knows better than our manager how to shut the mouth of our critics with beautifull and entertaing results. Salutes to u pep.

  6. GReates soccer Coach ever!!! he does what Messi does individually but collectively which is hundred times harder since you need to harmonize and sync a collective of unique unaware beings!!! Guardiola should run the world!

  7. As a former Chelsea fan, I’ve enjoyed good football, but I can say that City play by far the greatest football in the world. Pep is a genius. #ManchesterIsBlue 🔵🔵🔵

  8. This Guardiola is an Avar and a miser. You will also notice it, when you support the IRA, the ESCOCESA secession, although there, by the account that it brings you (THE CURRENT ACCOUNT) will not say anything, it will not call dirty, ignorant, or rude to the English, nor will it remind you of the permanent occupation of northern Ireland, nor the Argentine islands, there nothing. But in Spain, which gave it its name, fame and money, God deserves it as miserable and ungrateful. Freedom for Ireland, independence for Scotland, the Faukland are Argentina.

  9. MANCHESTER CITY fez uma campanha incrível e jogando futebol bonito e mereceu o título da Premier League 2017-18 !! Acredito que na próxima temporada o City vai vir mais forte e conquistar novamente o título da PL !!

  10. Como eu disse, o MANCHESTER CITY vai vir mais forte na próxima temporada !! Eu acredito sempre que em breve  o City vai conquistar a inédita Champions League !! Espero que não demore muito, pois esse clube merece muito essa conquista !! Vamos City !! C'mon City !!


  12. Say that you need me
    All of the time
    Say that you want me
    Always be fine
    Cause we’ve got Guardiola
    We’ve got Guardiola
    We’ve got Guardiola
    We’ve got Guardiola

  13. Everyone was saying last year that his philosophy won't work in English football and he needs to change his tactics, he has proved everyone wrong

  14. The admiration I have for Pep is unexplainable. Im a Villa fan, and I sit back in amazement when I watch this team

  15. I don't watch the EPL i found this video as an ad before one of Fc Barcelona videos….but this video is so amazing and Pep is one of the best coaches the football world has to offer hats off 👍🏼👍🏼 Hope Manchester City have a great upcoming season and be crowned champions again 😁😁

  16. The GK is the last piece of pep philosophy in city, i feel sorry for joe because he is a great player, but he does not fit with pep game, we can see now the reason, and ederson shows us, how GK should play on pep philosophy.

  17. It's ok to be wrong about stuff (like say how Sterling was going to destroy his career by moving from Liverpool to City). Lots of folks are wrong about stuff all the time.

    The thing thats not ok is when instead of learning from a past mistake you just pretend you never made it.

  18. you can clearly see cruyff legacy in man city football,he is the reason teams like barca or city plays in that way

  19. We've got Guardiola, we've got Guardiola, champion manager, champions again 2018/19. 😻😻👏👏👏👏

  20. Pep is my favorite manager ever. His philosophy and ability to develop players is outstanding. Not to mention the style of play.. so dominant

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