deficit event of the the income from today’s games and just seen what people want or plays any level in our office that some quick stream so they can get people to carry on the MATIF up a trip back and 60 points in a report in the news is they are you lonely you if you a thing can have if the band from the home of life of up -online and that’s when when you’re going to the chat home to move the team has given the usual can M.J. from roam from houston’s nine men who were 1 to 7 Woodard intensity and when the chains such handsome man you 211 item: the super rich server call on one: more angry about that than anything the weather jet age Newcastle that what they did a quick introduction of his hand over to the media me or systems of new and it’s kind of candor and good evening and welcome to the latest in the FBI was some decent read the sentence was self and Jason will be going through and honestly today’s games will simply want to get your course in regarding more things are fantasy football is specially if you have any issues with the team and the fact that me and Jason his help and Jason good evening and that has ever using the chat my friend gasoline yesterday was and is amazing we went on for 4:48:00 was someone to do for over 5 hours but the times is tracking and the yet-I can do it any further told that hasn’t turned to the 1981 and one heads down one games tend to not all predictions and everything to the surprise surprise Stevens come on top again but what is a religion that death of a recession just quick fantasy focal and to stick to predicting games as a seem to just do quite well are predicting stuff that’s you and he fell and that the study today’s game show when Jason Lovell singles vs. the NT as Winfrey two into a text that they haven’t conceded at home since February open these were the senate today goals coming to town a team that won for that for every game this season that guarantees 32 Ed Dougherty was set off Nason and killed brought into the swede Jason; Barney in our cash remaining would you believe that it does, it said number one in Somalia in a brown the second that are what you need a Jesuit estates I’m thinking that as ever with the top when you not see an option and then he goes and gets a Reg on the turns up with that one single points so and we have rich Olson scored twice of course it is incomes and assisting ever for which also two goals a 1 to 1 year DSC is sinking of the that’s more scheme for winfrey’s system and that the saints and Jimenez to the goal for bowls and it was the only with the sister and then moving on to be also gained two and two of Al goals in one of course came gets a standard part of the masses 10, Indians also ranks that set down in a cassettes with the goals of the windows CE and Pepe that this is the key index and the perl said Tottenham and sun and the man a fish with with Theus sys and sub else Jason install its are the four -hour of all night well enough of them having yellowed five said I was lucky to be where the titles to Jason designed in open anything other than black shorts at the gas chambers of commerce and three were moments the Adidas jumpers to the costs of those conflicts 67° disgusting that would that’s as to us and that’s the as world budget that we and we’ll see acting as they can to contend with and all straight way, you you gave you force and I just tell you what time to come down will have the Jason control of United’s just tragic is focused affecting or start start some adjacent and shrubs and debris onto the strolls question and Shane FBI on the court manager for the arts are showing at the decision of whether you’re given the Jason you’re a gift to talk about that than I did carry on Friday that were minimal surprised football and the game for -4 and that want one dow was one of the U.S. Army of IE willing to disclose the employee many of whom are are they only of this country and the stream your stream and other sure was a field do not that made a point about one to bring in Abraham when it got really it’s too perfect chisel and sense a lot next day alone today that went into the wet bulls claim to the city and an ole Hanson medical next to the following game the U.N. And F if the man who have over the head of a good look ahead to the data different from the air for the future will focus the minivan chapel was well attended the school but some had mistake it made all the St. Louis, say II have to see my opinion on ground you’re a transfer some ideal of the tournament on raw one that is one that’s going around in my mind about whether to bring in the head of brand like that it just all the boy made a very interesting point last night as he was thinking of bringing in that Trans on wrong for Roberts and I mean do know what was it sideways but was in a very good point in east room is that no one is ending the season and number two team and forth probable points that spreads on rollison get the head of ropes and as you said the new that’s you think that last season was just an anomaly anything that robertson’s can revert back to tie close Allies on religious to continue dominating the assists and maybe goals as well and I attended by bringing-four phantom of the center of woodside biology from forget how to live with these was actually begin to guess she double medical board hello to one get double medical shows that go around like trends and the media from 13 bins and get medicine chain can’t dance was thinking or that’s an added that you wrote that are what your side won the one to get rid of talking to me what he got more points and help us as an example and ethics to the kits and Ms. Get to the heart of I think there are big thing can raise can be playing against a top teams of these anybody playing against a brush so I think that the lead you to know yet so I think that some semi he’ll be back for whoever the plane next to the downloaded me know that need to be anyone has ever reset it if his land and make a change is going to be the hat to print runs on wrong but all but the air on the street to do anything close to the system up in the team has been very lucky as ever with when And secrets and that I just let it be ironic that the invoice Norris line drives and before processing police say out now during any stream Everett said this stream the sat alone hemisphere streams or whatnot people listen to what’s a little on the Dewitt bled into the cell and yet the 13 people is an example prime example of somebody that And can deploy yesterday when I had the captaincy on him on a tip of the valid argument why are capsule and don’t do it when of AND key the oriental really west and the defense gave archer all have been added to the reasoning which it is because when it comes to gain weeks like this you didn’t appear on playing safety zone right but the NEA’s is that I would miss out on me the excellent points on top of a name the study of them in one of the sunscreen yesterday thank goodness they can do anything like just issued for pitching would score at least one against west and that may keep the team she is from deaconess you don’t envisage back and evaluate this point are as it has tried them on your one we said that if you are told them and see what scored four goals are supplying standings the black inning taken to that needs to ms is accurate and that’s exactly what happened said it’s just gets all of that now if you anywhere or is getting hat trick is normal that but according to court to Shane FBI was dead at a yet I’ll read what some are we not only the planes that speed completely honest here what midfielders are performing at the moment of them mentioned sell concerning throwing money is well on the FBI openings talk about been selling deploy and standing other gear only the windows at their it is building system doing anything see you’re able to bring in people I can’t well then duncan’s two prime examples that may be a stretch to battle store and cut into strips and the game two of the cheek midfielders and we don’t really need air strike the wives you’ve got to the most performed an illegal cookie bonds from the nose and the Guerra of the java may be a bounty and lack is a push and the I think the arctic destiny can go and stand standing deploying an agrarian you’ve got the best tacking team division the two ~ well, as did you create a publicity what they say what will those polled is everybody’s the important to you guys to Jason is about to do a polling place about the dual community team to the question is a simple assist do you guys are all too well: your community team at pas De deux is a post that team into the discord and late 19 section unions at potential Jason Dunn to bring up when I am actually could support on that basically that is in question is this the world what the production as a team and at the base of the sale of hostages it’s just a quick question whether any hope of from maybe menu trying the same hands and that’s the west and two male vs. Norwich Chelsea 22 86 games that you are very disappointed in forming a perspective that other than the other than the three dimensional because the it from the new deal that this wouldn’t be here as Linfield are and are just taken to get we narrowed from went to my overall ranking on-again green hour because was actually is actually 352 is just the fact that I want a pension bonds because I actually feel that more jobs and returning some winds of about what I want you ironically question displayed on single one extra points are disappearing in our game the other card when teaching said that the the result of earth was this an absolutely and my stream and a set that Sunday’s will jinx the crystal palace match and position and only one known to crystal palace now and a few minutes later masses at what happened your vendors and loses clean sheet and also won differential 99 needed to do something after I realize two kills and do anything other than that in a 1 to 19 on the supply side of the 352 usually formation and I’m pretty happy with it I get me to do much with any funny enough to win of change our team while contacted by the quick dad making the contributor of your labs well can’t seem the ghosts 53Z20 fourth and Eason 53 points, matching up to the team previous last week and I think that said it made a tactical units have it better than this one said as Ike or student and yet done so far on its white and I lost his questions and was a boy and a fortune me I had to cut them off because of an incident in the Medical Gas for week of all the general idea if we send them to a loss due this week and then your rival that have thinking people and I went down TWA people on the south lawn mowing down in the media can catch any of the guys in the top four tie the top four cash places in this cash and the like I’ve got him that got him of got you get the idea it adds its can be very difficult for me to predict or even yourself, get caught into the fast pace is based client and all, I actually lost into: Schacht said last week we a piano Shopkorn petty and rose hill that is used for its ships basically and he was doing really well have you seen this team extraordinary said the And Kevin deploying a that is on 70 to the points and today he had been your family skiing playing the jubilee that we’re not seeing you not seen this in the senate old artist or that meant a machine is the gaps and what may be fed pushing it about noise scheme differentially the dumb enough to quicken the governor and the good guys in the top three and that any fourth not to national cemetery I think he’s gonna go first because of the them at points demeaning key and I think it can be very very close them a mass is rubbish that are as can be very very close for the inroads game back and 2/3 spots is just the standard is just that it’s very very start and yet is a rating was was to say again on them keep saying this to mean you address just two individuals of all the social and many others in this many need having used any chips for some of the new SP and they confident that the fact that the guys are told me that all be open only hearing that have and use the chips are fully aware of this but funny and use on ships with cool papa choosing two catch the top four places I wanna just one mentioned each and unity said the three men in the pentagon’s top is 48 and the whole world’s and anyplace bench pitched your listing them on wondering if after this game when of things will turn to that is all meaning the connect being the top acting scorers and hold the game when it comes to win the fancy game actually puts up the best leaks and has a message to why hasn’t actually updated version of the machining that it be after 45 game expert said I’m wondering if the the FBI community as many or even the cash and it may be a part of the the community was the eighth on this aide said overseas today is the Sunday said three women to take a course about a few things will team needs surgery and that just a quick reminder that jason’s Perot: the discord do you want to one: the Anita hill community not have posted a rented to check it out to know what operating budget of the rubber glove that power and the drift from a machine is a date panel and in the waiting room the names Jane a budget of this unit is ambivalent as the fifth of all of a zero review as if this is a female or actually wanted us and one Jane Bennett started old enough to yet he me cite an the size of a fist on one street so I never connected to, and there waiting room before a new until five blocks down from Central Asia off-ramp was big east and the other endeavor. At least on Yesler way he wanted is meeting of the flood was summoned to the wishing that have on its three averaging about 60 points very good yet about 10 minutes until I think yet is joining Two weeks ago on Monday every day and not that I wanted restraint and are really enjoying a dentist, beating out, and all in Isla wanted to join the thing and it’s my first Astoria I fall are you at all of the year yet fallen from nearly closely monitoring the plate solve this, decided to join and just as a hobby. Highlights its policy eight states may stop whining yet and a it will formation are you going with that of a motley fool full for two with Kelly and once someone invents them I get a standing near east of us I was on a plane and early today night time to Bullard 18th and nothing else to I type dollar and 90 year to 18 ministers and do well in getting now it’s coming in from the mandate policy challenge it misstates minutes in order that one states and about like I get a $1.00 to assigning a policy chapters know I’m being too happy with them and their minutes the faces of freedom and are problems in either standing up yet again ads on the inactive gay policy Sockers is big battle is used as a simple ways but I expected more nothing now is better value but I still locking chelsea’s next defense is a pretty bad so probably thinking + or 101 week a listless time you knew the debt for the second option would be to get like his honor. Instead of policy to get-inspired me to a mall eight something I bet this year’s breeders’ fixtures yet is at once it’s in the bank so yet to a and yet you’re not into the grills and looking and maybe what the emerging evolve into the muscle is fictional sister and half for not do I must admit that for me know. I think is really needed to that which will educate us out are all now offered a six million, as a normal lives in value since only say the other are saying that the incident out rotation what does in governor has guaranteed to stall no but if he is and the maris’ amount he seems to be doing really well this season’s worth and Jason, many insects and stacks nothing keeps returning virtually every game they start this season virtually_contender USC where are the backing of all these are the war at home were lower in yet but I would have enough money for James Aziz 6.1 so the STB six million dollar so busy that saw someone up probably but you haven’t seen as a policy since game week one night I was stubborn to change and it had been getting some leaders recently bought and the policies is pretty disappointing a thing as being the highest are the most expensive plenty of the present site at patsy’s denounces better value less than a value by the faces of the market rate not until an R takes full blown all the stuff in and are on one of the lights team and U.S. Yet yet received a working as bill and am not I don’t I get more people involved in staying in a region of France joining in week two and three just to be part of something that’s exciting Any child it’s inundate you can use a daily content is Greek also a stance that thank you to our register and that just a quick and click church the trend that wildcards to fink where Owen and this is what I’ve come up with say the same goalkeepers bus and punk and me go live as my derby of 442 and it’ll be the media ads on ronald’s and then rotational parent or triple up with pizzas Lindstrom and Gilda and then of course it’s Monday standing deploying that and then Britain with Cantwell and then Duncan those two men are from – the barns and acquire that is how I can fit in the sum of the most consistent performance in the family so far the minute but on now for somebody to bring in the glare and it’s Kennedy said if Ewing said yes and quick a quick question of huge edition from power outage Jason would you change for me know when standing for something that we read that are simple and quick is next on the collision from april’s stalling nothing this or can detect some are being Allard. Accent ones are effect, two and four to oh, 01 into a possibly be out for copper we are working and well because of because of more school this week race and buyer will only Michael jackson’s being and he and on the abyss like Winston man wearing a catchy under WINNT maintains that I can never find in the cast me where I are stable press because of our own school, working right for you if the redskins made , all in all will set a date by and jumped up to four of 42 from serving on mount its own you find the U.S. Olympic and themes or what world just get better at jenny Daly lot to us about this cat at least testifying user and some of the corps is it his intuition or weak on any one can decline because most equal footing skinned people know the old heaping talking to old fit, we would think in the old cold and store them in the last minute because while worries about and any ball up scoring the winning world of switching report will make people and keep pace with quiero and some people, all in all walls and walls really happy, was that if a pinhead bowls, we’d all be all would be no pain and board from Britain in that more year . It knew all markets beyond the ball away the seamount and the fourth St. Paul, but that was old and seek is down to think Ana a pixel texture and that this is based on today’s games and tomorrow story happened said that Oki hurricane and that’s the unknown: to 7.707 points will pursue up to the middle of the people around you help us because of possible uses will else about us as well write again sorry he said he had the not so close ones are adjacent the hopefully that will pay off this week while I’m still a young team to beat disappear and that supported by and yet all unconvinced on to be captain in some of its we’d be all at once and you know the magic of soaring even even as many kickoffs get a lot of all of 74 and so he could be awkward go back to the corner of the economic problems, so Wilson and year of us because of U.S. Per so and so it sold more shall be back us up extracts absolutely you’re absolutely the withdrawal and the overture of 50 people watching the stream owners that for all to the usual quick and in the moment if you are enjoying the street is simply that the lifetime of course if you can subscribe and you enjoy a content to the subscriber and consonants: Regis and a even as I didn’t even showing on SBC mob, beating 62 points with me, and yet you don’t have that in yet you are a bit of a year is set to yet young I mean it’s just east of defense to be Chelsea I think 94 least bit of Goodyear eagle of grading policy amendment on any of the time the years getting good seven is used an opportunity unites all right policy school would still on Ellis EU and when I try to get into bright and a brown said they also seek some very happy not a yacht I think the specs be trained on about 211 is lots of EU policy nothing I can. But it will be after the glossy owl and maybe Yamaha, I think as I would say of Cali a colleague in 1966.1 disarming eight E. Stanley units block all fun and the game itself until former Sylmar all four yeah and head of the update that the CR won the south. But at the pond I think of the rethinks reducing stress yet of the everything’s been the scene of four LC. The Liberians Muncie bought our fingertips with overseeing a pulled in GSM-PC disdain to listen and eight is injured as well so team might be might be a bit leaky as Brian dean of the few good chances so in the makeup of the Cold War, and send them back possibly and then maybe this can sell or your mix it up and yet not to feel that yet you out of the beach in a bid that it could have been year year now and nice to be listening and has the duty at the three added just keep it down as a means separate the Steelers on class you state that. Aussie seeing a reactive just just keep not nice to a quality job coaches who acted as an added to it as a final salute and an think I didn’t remove Yeltsin been there for Cuomo courses baseball: Sunday nine points so you’re a cop and near or top 50,000 were not Ronald spring, or are bickering for a free and reported no errors or are and that a year just to stem from that point in the moment pounds Del can’t pay ballots in shaker Christiansen money meant standing and Netware and from the known that very end different picks from the standard normal sure if you were to come to mean Jason Bibby the usual order for me know when began with dumbest summer began this Christiansen star some of our mothers and often enough and store and if that will make together with the Guerra And other thing that has been overjoyed even with the fat cats into it because it’s absolutely and supplied near the main 33. As one orange crop for more school students in his career as Larry is anybody coming on Christiansen or are increased and some were pardoned for no idea that it wouldn’t be so don’t know that became friends few truly meant on the fifth) on the end of the spring on the hand of them and did not shut or should not get it all have any word after the fact that the death that the site of the other Noah Adams and are defining the capitals at the only reason the Cashman in the DS about 20 something she had rioted for walls were storm center of the Watergate and ray or euphemistic basics and Mr. Starr and this is the agenda for the gentleman Jason had their coverage in a distant traits of hospital for a leak points in the end had become too big bonus points you must well the case where that the county hired the one my head to head a file drawer surprise at the 1. , Darden said Garcia the journey to two were to get the funds from shore that James only at the urging of two of the cold transfers said some of that old annually while copies and from my mistakes that there might cut which he’s looking closer to your supper cup open culture of guts and so in Shearson’s humor army I then puts James dungeons and feels and and the battle front short, Marshfield came out and does work for you to your about knowledge bowl, one comes back up so that’s where the Dr. That dropped the Hendrick a show about 320,000 were injured, but the command of them really happy with it and I can see where the truck and literature from the two as well as butch Carter wants 1.444.342 which are market got and then bats , the Chilean net gain of 1. serves four , you’re well as scorer from a year was to install the worst thing is I dropped in full the knowledge gained country and I couldn’t recall zero points I can return the style one of those ports short order to conduct an armored are really just to have a good look through the next, the church of serving goes well during the winter short range and to thanks goes for everything here you are stirring that thank you and the idea that I didn’t I was one of the ones who did not assume that gender from a year of meat purchased by the fact that the road with eight of a good spring when did the active as bring on the scale of people are better shooter cannot put me an oil welding annually alive as the game goes over well so far has a gun for self so I ended the game record in 33 points off the wildcard in and so batteries and a little bit might run on its appointed bus to onto old server people is more below time leading goal seen shoe of Roberson NAZI prison checkbook and Kenya and deploying the cell steady demand and cooking don’t have to run the show state yesterday as a list was the change in name of I have learned somebody should have sought to lie, cheat sheets much of which are even yesterday will be high enough to beat out to you and said a year are you happy with this and team now it’s said gardens points only noticeable in the use of all, for and I’d say a neon and a hard liner notes on the cart IndyCar wild and recalling 77. And we’re all seek and the delays could fall under the hot broth might be raising awareness and the standard for enough if you every week march call since may not stay are and not spoken next week is now cannot open fixtures for players and so a yard full of small often used asking we are free guest and all points us to be yet you’re one of the I think we’ll wait and body of the army and I found some are gonna be channeled through Canadian wildlife in with live eels and & you caught my eye on a chance to turn the school of leaking alike are your body always called its nine ers’ thing is is no chance of keeping it in cheek and piles because all profits as the market can cheat or drop century 21 master system and I think a united workers at the half or out of the world of United’s or you just can’t get these are E all of you feel aren’t all I think it’s called a normal route between running use all full light yes you call it a fixture earned these calls the wolf away and ending 04 remaining up after batting it just call and your great fixtures something stashed on a world full of the greats intranet and while winning a court records and a nice talking won the Cordero Leslie M3 and yet would hold absolutely lower I think that’s a master of the key to clean she and Brenda will just have to welded it and you are a fairly large calls all for the late, great evil that are like created me on your own in fact, people seem a police injury not run the anchor believe computer control over dashed your your own predicting their well as is six or seven basin or just defending that one will say is that the last two fixes in march to be known as safe while fish that any animated site will back and 2015 whether that’s not the point or is for the one that’s a different while on the net our confidence of the global free of the networking features a thing of the receiving end one, I will replace the thing led to basically you can say mounts are like absolutely principle and Mary Wilson real and set by the IPX stocks that are beyond just a while, and Italy. I mean and last week studies are unchanged not stopping all time. And, while and hopefully and the and on her and yet as they are ill or notepad to test them as per usual for we’ve got a lot of people view industry when he clearly enjoying the strangest to show support black and white button and it really does help the child that economic mix he’s got married in school 2033 Jason and is colonel makes are and what the nationally known in channelview except for SMTP points, grabbed a captain and deployment of cool as you can get the Greenwood coming on four paraphrased that the school was off, and the famous and rich in relief and to us as well as in the way things are in the defense minister and a dozen of those names: Jason at the local stores in the and we’ll call that a reason the main strength of a joke in or services send and receive the market could work and_~ to you at the FBI whole source is that you live in a way that the move from tour for you in the bringing of a NT is that now the FBI also was you live in the any of your Sunday said from my friend bill also see a while, kids were one and only when know and you know where all these are as part of the former world. The world or 20 two on and I need to feel in the beginning of 78 points yesterday and as the total operating your critter-or are about order after including a battle it out, which are there are more like a bigger arm and cartridge word for word from more and more art and grimly, pocket and the big one for cash and our own dog and owner or or are we were turned into a no brainer it’s it’s time for it to show how quickly can return the memory of mime troupe called our contract began last week or two million dollar deal were quiet on arm are not work at 44 earned a worker 104 order one for been a lot more pitching arm : a while, unmanned now live oak park, fries all we can record of record for short alarm or can we convert or call our order and hurled or in Kirkland, 923) uniform and O Nagel are comparing articular year old world leaders worry our markets call four unfairly driving under the collar working on new or yesterday confirmed were really catch the ball arm of the county are not require or not, and we’re both relief pitcher in order to Cornell the corporate ladder or warm you’re our winner of the woodwork: because of the forehead in all of our increased the potential for worldwide work will remember all of our work are in order requiring old and other extreme off the lack of new issues are filling first day of our are getting on with our aging, called Lindbergh king live last word order for Europe are UFO believe going with a rotational pairing of goalkeepers rather than stake are say just country and as an example even the part of issuing an incredible defensive coverage yes OM are more than two or three or form and republican report reviewed by the year armed and it was just for interoperable fans aren’t a whole dramatic cost and cornerback mark and we’ll get our legal question now for your call will come from the top four record and boycotted the trial and many are hoping for a cure for quite a burden on the par 4:00 AM very hopeful a world are remarkable thing will come back and arm of all corporate recording for us, live now. Arnold Arnold prepared them for overall expression or recalled record for career arm or computer are turned off or 4.0 Feulner one and we forgot nothing but for the work would have been or are 14 by the hour the combo firm are killed are more mature arm are our whole year or longer on the staff and were no greater armor are no longer, and im or three longer are and furled war two (art form our publishing and knowledge was too weak and fresh will bring results record backing band called our call for convertible army and you are no one will be called if I would’ve had a 4.0 goalkeeper bob woodward or gridlock report called for literature you are welcomed lot of people who are open your warm your worker who will have listed as endangered-quarter to rally support for four and Halliburton Arnold will grow bigger cut-off, double-old from early on in our alarm or bring arrested taken to recover are you ready for the 49 or read every article for more info radio move from Walter Hundley Hulbert and her trouble old art and happy and Greg walker and go from work or be called a pink or where it all go before the current until we make informed the format from Ft Worth and caramel bar medal and just go for the history of the the forces Newcastle in the last two games tournament on ronald’s go sell for three assists and in the last three games Muhammad Sellers scored three goals and got one assist so I think we’ll look into Et nothing another bidder and had a regarding In this life at your grandparents elbows that many very 1000 as well the longest held absolute and new book that’s near the Airport or Arthur amato greenbelt funeral of three laughter or her and Arizona, and I shall record by a computer or or working group of four or four , were wearing a watch your back and 49 revealed down, four and one copy from Rockingham or call 25 a report Tuesday it would mindful of the deploying Jason is that whenever the new deals in the same amount of the mechanized game , right, so the more of , or trademark in Oxnard, into an income and therefore more like 67 or eight and 19010 and of course the cream of the view that are of the American institute of government funds for the income of 90 firm will that many of these are lost terms for O319 from making the best capable feel quite so fortunate so the year year arm will arm of the car and minus the two remaining and com a feeling it’s like not I am I would prefer not to have more show, feeling the quarter from, united fans, place as effective for smarmy 90,000,000 thousand one, and ORES level of no unthinking if the company is not good enough and it’s the market before the vote on the line is I guess I just four points for the start of the own fifth U.S. and so I can tell the bench for amounts from our Home Depot near the budget to us that you very much a family choose to drink a lot to sign arm of the disturbance, to Charles Blake Irving workers and during preseason, Jane and scored a few days ago year showed that the rarity of injuring were granted until it just has to use as a status for us to say you’re safer method for them on my game with the betterment of the issues for bringing two key genome on my And thanks to you for bringing he felt some of them out of a a a a a a desk team up with the long term on that occasion you gonna Mason and school will hear about it boasting the three and two to go and year and the near in the community , 1.2 bills and other party for the committee’s book is a big 1.2020 points to 27 quoted in USD from thinking about compacting and triple cutting against Martinez this is only I agree are losers by doing visigenic huairou to thought I would prefer for this by saying that’s a demon got down to the quiero as a way for his action that gray know whether standings is instead of chip away at western said, is a very tough decision I think it was at USC hats of the absolutely throwbacks and captured on just can’t just saying this as a device is just the guerra’s waiter who isn’t that it is not great but it’s completely your decision and that in online position Guerra doing really well vs. march on thinking three or four in the saddle yet objects that action will be defending its article cites the point where produced story and your home I save it there on the Moon, and in new yacht the KM by the walk like to be from a sudden I messed up the stock market’s northwest you some points on board for me not to require: witness are starting to four of the knowledge that a big difference is kind of new to carry an easy to reveal bring a marshy all but four, to be honest book already written, won the second is 99 as its name in our sister and I knew we all are awarded an Arkansas think it’s terrible to be honest profit performance in Russia doesn’t look the best for me and that forms a staff sergeant was a very good so I do not earn a decent seven and I joined like a week ago think what you were in the uptake and will take fanciful focus as a final quarterback about is the Bowie and prepare your points, so they want all alive and kicking guys tell you you’re a stare and Ly of Tuesday’s North London tapi site on really kind is relieved and very happy that pat hadi manage to get the system and dynamic goal heads you had you will pitch or if you do not focal had you keep up to date what’s going on just an interest and I keep up to date on watch the Oslo games and all are now receiving all I watch not shoot a date which obviously doesn’t shed a full game and an embedded control unit four games to choose one get the time to anyone watching the game today us to be ecstatic about me and Pepe a goat years ago and since I was sheltering I was absolutely static and because the law still goals are really stop and Meadows spending hours to state Alza D50 call Adam and jack and lousy skates and ASEAN a cop magnet identity and it still gives it an ideal way and name and for that day and it can be as large as Boston beat Gary and get out eliminate fans call behind in Morissette absolutely wilson’s right at the antibody and Pepin lockers at no Abadie and packed and left is a link to an absolute and the amazing and that date check in at left is up and could be a defend a phase where great ee to us by sides of the game at street of us absolutely and top season and enables the loss may get off the first call from the gun partition out to finish the ball well are not be any to side, call was just a shame he got injured and markets and all I think this team that has been debated a man sees all city have so many goals: options and it can be Julie swift and all Olympic season just the choice of a man seeing a dramatic acting on bat and of as I do believe the shattered outstanding dates may seem at all on the points site on I’m thinking that with the knowledge gained as a guest in the fall by deadline to defend daylight just played a game in. Jackson Nancy just been a rebel region of all are all day fall and I think a dummy and captain of thing that they still needs to find a goal before we start thinking about cats union and eight of the midseason is present the often lacking the Mac stories one that people will jump on the height of the bad as everybody else will be on cat 88 site would they then moved from KVB 2 decades will not necessarily right away nine stating he could do well for mate on-site gas leak in Young’s lately and events, sacred thing about them at united players are having defense all speak now need upgrade minor but we do have this international right now we could get a look. One sack at a glance see how they’d all need is a better place for 90 minutes it could be that a straight games that actually has invited wedding in front yet we’re not a U.S. Mandates a defense each can use of the seven bodies of the – it might be liked it on slightly it’s tempting to wild cards are thinking about it, have to analyze over the action it best asset line odds are you an Handover and know what other than that and basically are going to have my team I think you’re pretty happy with your team and make your bed in a juror transfer finger accent, just remind it just remind everybody what he did not return once we are very unusual line if you can try just remembering to send him out my ban on your way and so anyway and just as you’re about to turn off heat up my band is to show support for myself and Jason for what we’re doing and mournful images of the guys were jason’s but pulled up in the disk or channel regarding Joel community teen and there was an ace fizzles men’s or about Asian wall, was the mayor’s results and when Jason a lot while surprised , again fair enough for Holland genuinely surprised that went down to which runs the end of course any new people around you then have been subscribed to show that enjoyed the contents of enjoy the content from the past couple weeks we all pretty much a day the stream and streamed at channel so I get where we sit down and subscribe Watson and then your will be coming at you are pretty much the most days of them to do much of the International Data while the Jason me if it’s yeah , I would send the would say that Sean stein may be doing the southern hemisphere stream one even choose to your first and just about you guys know that you’re facing use even Australian or somewhere in Africa from a New Orleans found a way to the point is that there may be a charge card industry thoughts and check out throughout the discourse faces merger of course from 20 at any age of your machine down for close down is inch at right now he’s now in charge of one’s to grant axed me to feel server if you have any questions or Indian feedback and one of the down what Norwegians were far from Israel in general and he’s in charge is Anthony Duffield other than that I don’t believe in chasing over again today and sure your same into the weighted down now that events in the disaster and your think the thing take a break up from a pop vocal leader Medgar mourning stream on Thursday but barring that we can just break for them only one that I can open the door to go but why do you wanna say more services of checking and the viewer ratings while we were libelous the wall and in this talk of your end of your family well and he’s ever had a standard 1000 men and 1.5 watching and interestingly of your family have the will and checked 334 where as we were at the peak of 250 eights at peak summer and yet I think we are and not use of doing something either I think the senate: slice each at some time saying that they’d rather come and watch us rather than the streams when I live in several to be burned when discusses the frontpage news for the architecture yet their words were never get miniature that’s expected to emerge to do that here on Tuesday own

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