Halı Saha planları – The football pitch organization dream (ENGLİSH SUBTİTLE)

Halı Saha planları – The football pitch organization dream (ENGLİSH SUBTİTLE)

-yes dear ı just come to home honey welcome my dear how are you darling ? I’m fine darling ı just need right now to change my clothes,cause I promise to play football with my colleagues Where do you go ???? But you know my love I promise to my friends too, to go outside. They are waiting for me !!! Darling you can go later . Where is my clothes ? You know , that ı promised for today ok do what ever you want where is my shirt and short. Please let me know Let me go Please. Where are them ??? GO AND LOOK AT THE WARDROBE FİND BY YOURSELF, I DONT CARE THEM ANYMORE NOW !!! What,What you want ? Selda , where is my short ? İt is in wardrobe Open the wardrobe, it is on the top My brother MUHİTTİN:D
the match is canceled,cause the field for tonight is full. I have no charge , please let them know others. thnks Selda , where my shirt ? İn the wardrobe darling on the below Ok,what are you doing with my phone ? İt’s was just ringing , ı was just looking. but your battery is empty and its closed sh…..tt I will go out, I need it, I let it at home to be in charge Go wehere ever you want , you will be back soon at home . HAHAHAHA He think , He will play footbal with his friend to night . HAHA Selda ,Darling I’m going out now, Do you need something ? No Darling go and play well , make some nice goals I will make don’t worry,I let the phone in charge . dont worry about me byy
byy where are they ? İT ‘s the time After 15 minutes They were never be late I text MUHiTTİN,MAybe MUHİTTİN didn’t let them know No, they will not come To night no game, The time is past allready After 45 minutes Selda -Never mind ,
-welcome darling Why did you come early ? I just go for nothing , unnecessarily I wait there a lot I was ready there,but no one was there No one came ? you are kidding I have no cell phone , ı could not call others I just go for nothing Dont worry, dont be sad darling Never mind, I dont know what to do . Where is my phone I will call them There is your phone, I didn’t look at it. İt’s still close Darling , can you come just for a minute to take ADEN Just for a moment After 30 minutes Ok, ı’m going out , wait , ı will tell ALP my friend and come out , just wait Darling you are at home , I’m going out.My friend SİBEL waiting for me I’m going , See you later Selda where are you going? wait wait Alo Muhittin where were you I was waiting for you maybe for a hour What about text ? I didn’t text you something like this ? ı didn’t canceled I didnt text Are you kidding me ? what are you talking about ? Ok, ı’m looking , I will you call back What ??? I didn’t text this. Ahhh seldaaa Ahhh seldaaaa She let me baby and go out….

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