High School Football – Riverside Poly vs Orange Vista

High School Football – Riverside Poly vs Orange Vista

we are in orange crest on the campus of
Martin Luther King high school in the City of Riverside a special Saturday
night edition of the CIF high school football game of the week my name is
ghazzal hasan jeff warm alongside tonight it’s the Bears of Riverside Poly
taking on orange Vista and Inland Valley League matchup and it’s a big one for
both teams Riverside Pollack is the oldest high
school in the City of Riverside they opened in 1897 orange vista by contrast
the newest school in the Val Verde School District so Jeff this is old
school literally against new school but one thing is for certain at the end of
the evening somebody’s gonna be 2a no in Inland Valley League play I’ll tell you
what Costa wit has done a great job he’s got
a great staff and he has guys buying into the program that is something we
haven’t seen the last couple of years coach DeWitt is doing a great job poly
has a shot you mentioned Riverside poly and they’ve
had a rough couple of years they haven’t made the playoffs Jeff since 2015 but
finally you mentioned it coach Derek do it he finally has his full complement of
players going we saw earlier this year they had a great overtime win against
King and then last week they were dominant 49 nothing in a win against
Canyon Springs so I guess the question I want to ask you is is the poly bears
battle station now fully operation it is fully operational like I said because
the guys are buying in the players believe in themselves they believe in
the coaching staff and they believe in the name across their chest Riverside
poly on the orange Vista side Greg Sol Moulton’s their head coach Jeff he knows
a thing or two about starting a program from scratch he was on Doug Dubois staff
over at Citrus Hill his brother Eric has taken that program again to new heights
there can he do the same thing at Orange Vista is the question well he’s off to a
good start there five and one thus far they won their first league game they’re
ranked number two in Division thirteen and I’ll tell you what he has athletes
galore I mean you have one athlete and behind that you have another coach is
gonna do a great job he’s been he was a great player at the University of
California he was a running back with the great great Russell white a
superstar but like you said he is a football mind and he’s gonna do a great
job with these young men all right it’s the Coyotes and the Bears coming up next
GIF on riverside TV we’re at Martin Luther King high school
in the City of Riverside on the corner of wood and Van Buren ghazzal Hasan and
Jeff Gorham with you along with our entire award-winning Riverside TV crew
about to kick this one off poly and orange vista in the newfangled Inland
Valley League Jeff Gordon I’ll tell you what this this these
leagues are skidding so hard to figure out there’s so many teams in this super
conference as we like to call it but it feels wonderful and actually feels like
a fall night here on a Saturday Jerry sandifer to receive for poly they
will start with the football kicking it off for orange Vista Jose Miguel Lopez
will do the honors and the Coyotes kick it away Sandefur at the 14 tries the
middle and find some contact immediately they’ll bring it up to the 23 yard line
and that’s where poly will start first and ten
the Bears Jeff three and three want to know in Inland Valley league play coming
off a 49 nothing win last weekend over Canyon Springs a lot of confidence
coming into tonight’s game but I’ll tell you what this is a second-year varsity
program and coach izzo mult has them going on all cylinders we will see this
could be a great game tonight bud Bernie behind the center anderson carmen
sandifer LaMontagne Ovilus and that big offensive line who will be one of the
keys for poly tonight they need to move the football and control the football
first intent line is officially the 24 Bernie pistol snap off to Henderson and
he’s written down immediately by orange VISTA making the hit for the Coyotes was
Joseph Hinson from his linebacker position Richardson got over the 25 for
about three again but Bernie he basketball one of
the point guards on the team and the floor general out here as well the field
general second and seven from the 27 for poly Carmen in motion Bernie to throw
under pressure he’ll get rid of it askew smart football
right there Gasol Bernie saw he got outside all
those hash marks and said I have nothing I’m gonna throw it away and I’ll tell
you what he was on his heels right away we saw that that orange vista defense
really showing blitz hair there’s three guys on him Ethan Saunders 6-3 to 45 but
Bernie looks over her shoulder wow you can run – that’s right here his size is
frightening enough he’s also fast a flat comes in and it’ll be against orange
Vista they’ll move the ball up 15 yards first penalty on the Coyotes and Gregg
Zaun wall has them off to a great start they’re five and one in their first year
in the Inland Valley League number-two ranked team in Division 13 first and 10
line the 42 Henderson Bucks up to the 45 yard line
instead that’s Carmen for three so second and seven in fact I saw orange
this to play their very first varsity game I would say 16 games ago cuz all
I’m excited to see how much they’ve improved they were good last year second
and seven the 45 of poly for the Bears in those forest green tops
false start will be indicated against poly our referee tonight Keith Sabo
Steven Lizette is the referee Terrence Dunkel is the back judge and your good
friend rate triplet on the crew as well we had a nice chat with him before the
game he seems to be on every single one of our broadcast he likes you Jeff he’s
following you around yeah I like to follow him around
ball goes back to the Pali forty second and 12 for the Bears Bernie and I load
it up got a man down feel at Sandefur nice catch Sandefur in one-on-one
coverage with Isaiah Jones we’ll bring it down inside the 30 we saw
Sandefur versus Martin Luther King and I’ll tell you what he’s he is starting
off just where he left off that game against King Sandifer according to coach
DeWitt after the loss to citrus he’ll came to him and apologize for dropping
passes he said son you don’t need to apologize you go 100 percent let’s go
out there next we can get the W which they did
mark officially at the 29 so a 31 yard completion first intended for poly taken
to the air Henderson threw the first tackle he’ll get to the 25 bringing him
down for orange vista is Chavez Gabriel who was injured he was cleared before
the games for yard pickup for Henderson who had a big game last time we saw him
against King from the 26 it’s a second and five for poly three for look for
orange Vista here’s Bernie the throw in the open space and it’s intercepted that’s Jones dancing around trying to
get some space and he’ll just zigzag right to the 20-yard line Isaiah Jones
got beat on the play earlier to Sandefur and there he makes the pick wise a Jones
I’ll tell you what when he caught the ball he was like hey he thrown it to me
it looked like he stopped I gotta do something with this so a turnover the
first interception recorded and we got the orange vista offense coming out
they’re led by their quarterback Aaron ramose the junior and their explosive
they are running back by committee team kV on to Patterson acerous woods
Andrew roots and Akhil otis among the four malik jones and elijah banks are
the receivers watch the big man in the middle there donovan Attero he kind of
anchors that offensive line the toss to the outside and dancing around the
sideline that’s kV on to Patterson the senior you
may remember him he was a started his career at Rancho Verde yeah in fact
there’s kind of a triangle of schools and they’re all so special out there in
that area you have citrus Hill you have orange Vista any of Rancho Verde all
within kind of golf ball striking range and we’re gonna see probably in the next
few years a lot of shared athletes guys go into different schools from that area
coach so mall commands the offense they run a proform with variations out of the
wing T as well Patterson the single back looking for space on the outside of he
finds it nice little move breaks a tackle and he’s up to the 44 yard line
so they’ll move the stick 17-yard pickup for Patterson you look at him and you
know he’s fast but he’s also fairly physical as we saw on that play he was
able to twist through a couple of tackles against poly yeah and if you’re
watching Orange Vista and you you’ve watched a lot of high school football
not very traditional offensive set from looking at everybody on the line one in
the backfield but very refreshing is gonna be ground-and-pound especially
tonight first in ten from the 44 for orange
vista here’s the toss to woods he’ll get around the outside he said for a
footrace woods to the house 56 yards reservations for six and a touchdown for
orange vista acerous woods the senior running back was the offensive MVP for
this team back in 2017 came into tonight’s game with 443 yards rushing in
five touchdowns just added 56 more and there wasn’t any
one ten yards away from him when he crossed that goal line Jose Miguel Lopez puts the p80 through
and it’s 7-nothing just like that how about that for a drive Jeff three plays
78 yards in 39 seconds and it starts off looked like a simple stretch play to the
outside and woods once he got into some space was gone yeah they showed that
single back and then he came around they threw the toss and it was off to the
races well if you’re poly you don’t want to get into a track beat
the idea was ball control they did get the ball down into orange vista
territory but the turnover the interception at 9:11 of the first
quarter by Isaiah Jones converted into a touchdown by the Coyotes and the Coyotes
didn’t go right up the middle we noticed on that first series they’re just in a
few places they went outside they think that they have the speed to get to those
outside defensive ends and around and we saw that break weight as we just solved
awesome running behind their big left tackle Donovan Atarot Lopez kicks out of bounds a flag comes
in let’s see the trend lately has been four to make teams we catch up yeah that
has been the trend I mean it seems to change every single year we’ve been
doing this a few years now and and special teams especially we’ve noticed
that there are trips last remember on punts nobody would return punts they
would just send they wouldn’t put anybody out there this year everybody’s
returning punts they’re gonna go against the trend
yeah looks like Derek do it and orange vista and Polly’s gonna take the
football at the 35 yard line last night Dennis Brown made lakeside
re-kick and it was to the Huskies favored 7 nothing orange Vista they have
broken out on top after converting a turnover into a touchdown here’s Henderson between the tackles
over the 40 to the 43 8 yards for him we’ll take a look now at the defense for
orange vista up front they’re very strong they play the three-four front
the three guys up front Wilson Otero and Saunders are dynamic very similar to the
front four for Poly linebackers McDonald Rose B Hinson gamble gamble and
McConnell actually our ex defensive backs as the play is run again up to
about the 45 close to a first down I think he’s a little bit short from where
our line judge is standing so Llewellyn with the tackle they will move the
sticks or will they they’re not going to move the sticks I thought they were
moving them but my first instinct was correct so three more yards there for
Henderson no they are moving them let’s move is that your guy Yancy Dotson oh I
got a wing got the head basketball coach antsy Dotson I know he has a Hawaiian
shirt underneath that sweatshirt and the great Kelvin Butler he’s working on the
chain gang as well first and 10 the 45 of poly they’ll give it right back to
Henderson he’ll try to squeeze through an open area and he’ll be bought down
crossing over into orange vista territory William gamble was the first
bin and then he got some help as some of his buddies showed up so give him six
yards it’ll be second in four probably showing that they can move the ball
against this very potent defense of orange vista from the orange vista 49
that go right back to Henderson they’ll feed the beast
and that’s Gabriel with the tackle over the 44 yard line five more yards for
Jermaine Henderson he now has 29 yards on six carries and when I spoke with
head coach Derek to wit earlier this week he indicated to me listen orange
Vista is an explosive team they come in averaging nearly 40 points a game they
score they put 360 yards a game on the board we need to play ball control first
intent from the orange Vista 44 broken play Bernie picks it up tries to make
something of it maybe back to the line of scrimmage everybody’s wearing the pink socks
tonight or the breast cancer awareness month I saw it last night so up Thursday
yeah Thursday night one so loss of one orange Vista 45 second and 11 for pollen
two back set here’s Henderson Carmen leading the way good play firing
up from his safety position Charles Taylor playing downhill looking like
Michael Huff of the 2006 Longhorns on that play just a heat-seeking missile
the six-foot hundred sixty pound junior making the play knocking the ball back
as Henderson was trying to find some space ball moves up to the 43 so two
yards on that one third and eight Bernie lofts it
downfield you know of crowd it’s complete but it’ll be short of the first
down to the 39 yard line hey you said the uniforms remind you of
Texas versus the yulie you the youth Oh malice with the reception but it’ll be
short of the first down so from the 39 they need to get inside the 35 fourth
and four for Poly trying to flip the fortunes a little bit here Bernie with
the play fake they’re gonna look down feel Sandefur got it
sandifer inside the 10 on the reception just that fade route and Bernie puts
enough air under it for him to reel it in 30 yard pickup to the 9 I don’t think
you’ll be apologizing to coach tu-whit tonight what do you think he’s knows
he’s up against a formidable defensive backfield
matched up with Isaiah Jones on the outside and Jerry Sandefur the senior
has already made two nice played on the football and as eyes were on the ball
the entire time very good route run there by the young man from the nine its
first and goal for poly give to Carmen and he’ll run through some traffic flag
comes in after the play the first defender to him was Hinson for orange
vista will sort the flag out Kinson telling the sidelines for orange
vista to go back there needs to get back coach over there from orange vista there
it is don’t you get back coach get back is appears to be go so long I guess it’s a redoing the play so one yard on the play second and eight
I guess he threw the flag for the get back play fake option birdie touchdown
Poly showed option took the fake in right there good play
by the field general so at 4:01 of the first quarter bernie takes it in on an
eight yard run the p80 is good and it’s 7-7 starting
off is a good one here for us dissolve this is awesome
so 1/8 play drive 65 yards 4 minutes and 25 seconds consumed on the play by poly
and they come right back so the turnover and the big play by woods on the orange
the orange vista side and poly right back with a 65 yard drive taking 8 plays
a big completion again 2 big completions to Jerry Sandefur and bud Bernie does
the honors at the end of the series a great play calling from up here in the
booth from friend BIP bill Powell the offensive guru bill Powell who’s the
offensive coordinator for poly former head coach at San Jacinto high school
and a fine Baker makes its right man to bring you guys snacks magic bars and
amazing peach cobbler Loren Garthwaite on to kick it off squibber feel that at the 15 starts give
me the 25 it’ll be falling on right there making the play for orange vista
Johnny Jones and the Coyotes offense will come out you know when you have an
offense as potent as orange vista why do you want to take any chances and fool
around with it no Jones discretion the better part of valor I mentioned earlier
the Coyotes averaging 38.2 points a game on the year 360 yards per game 41 of
those through the air 319 of those on the ground last week they rolled up 396
yards in a 38 to 7 win over lakeside 380 two of them on the ground they have four
rushers all over 400 yards yeah I looked at their stats and there it is it’s
running back by committee here’s our first look at a keel otis the
senior he’s the single back first in ten from the 25 toss to Otis right into the
teeth of the defense and he’ll get fired back don’t Polly’s defense finally whole
they got their two big bowls up front that’s Jalen Keeton in Warren Hardin
Ruben Alcaraz stitched the linebackers Darren hooks Sammy Sanchez Daquan
Guilbeau Josiah Harrison they’ll be some rotation in the defensive backfield
we’ll see Moses Gonzales the third back there as well a two-yard loss on the
play for Otis makes it a second in 12 running with the ball is Andrew routes
you get around the outside see where they mark routes up to about the 29 yard
line so six yards on the play four routes his
first carry of the evening and it’s a third down coming up great block by the
running back Patterson to get those extra yards and hey this is the first
time that Polly’s had their entire starting group that for the first time
this year first down is up to the 36 Dan Ledbetter got caught with his hand in
the cookie jar there the flag will come in defensive encroachment second penalty
on Polly Szabo again our white hat this evening and now it’s third and
manageable the ball moves up to the 32 yard line they need to get over the 35
for the first down to the Coyotes of orange Vista Patterson the tailback woods in motion here’s Patterson and
he’ll have the first down and he’ll be fighting for more as he gets up to the
43 yard line so a 10 yard pickup in a first down for Kiev on to Patterson what’s definitely different look her BAE
seems to run the spread now in high school football and coach Tom all told
us before the game cuz hey now where our grass roots are running the football we
got athletes we got strength we see it right there great run first and ten
horns Vista from the 43 woods nice play they had the space doron
hooks comes up and makes the play taking down woods he had some space if he gets
around woods he may have gone to the house again he had to Ron hooks the
senior and the nephew of Brian hooks the legendary
basketball player here from actually from John W North I don’t know why
easier watching his his uh nephew play he’s a north guy that’s the big rivalry
second and six for orange vista from their 47 here’s woods again and they
wrap him up near midfield so give him about three looks like Warren Hardin got
his arm around woods it’s nice to see Warren Hardin actually
back playing it seems that every time we’ve had a game for rivers ITV he’s
been hurt but I’ll tell you he passes the eyeball test and passes a skilled
test he is a man among boys out here from midfield third and three orange
Vista toss to Patterson right up the gut and he could go to pay dirt that
escalated quickly 50 yard run for Kia lots of Patterson and another touchdown
for the Toyotas holy smokes last time it was 10 yards
when he crossed the the goal line the end zone this time it was 15 yards that
separated him Kia Vontae Patterson his ninth touchdown on the year he leads the
Coyotes at 120 of the first quarter to give them a 13 to 7 lead Jose Miguel
Lopez will try to add the p80 and he does and it’s 14 to 7 in favor of the
Coyotes and we’ve seen the quick strike capability Jeff here’s another look at
the run Abraham Ramirez had the key block there just kind of opened up the
space and once Patterson was through it he was going to eat as the kid said yeah
they like to say they would I hit I was talking a couple football players a few
weeks ago and they said hey he’s eat and I’m like I didn’t mean to sound like I
was in my late forties like a granola bar in his pocket and I was like I’m
afraid for a while there I’m like what is he talking about then this that one
of the young ladies that was a water girl what do they mean by eatin he’s
getting his groove getting his getting his run on and I went hey let’s speak
English here I have no idea what you’re saying
but now I know and he was definitely eaten six plays 71 yards on that
touchdown drive for orange Vista here’s a short kick and this could be trouble
into the open field this is Isaac Ruben and Ruben to the endzone for a touchdown thunder and lightning how about that
Jeff Dora Y plane can often just run it back and he was off to the races he was
he had guys on his heels but continued to go what a great play here at King
high school for the Bears Wow I mean kV on to Patterson had kind of taken the
air out of the crowd and Isaac Reuben were on it back in gave him a little
whip it remember the Whippet yes I do so 65 yard
kick return at 109 and is 1414 so the Coyotes and the bears starting
off like Hagler earns one haymaker after another to haymakers by the Coyotes and
then Isaac Ruben delivers one for Derek to it and the Bears of poly and it’s 14
apiece and we talked about it in the open it’s been frustrating and I know
you personally know coach to it and you like him easy he’s a good dude but poly
hadn’t been to the playoffs in three years and part of that has been they
just haven’t had a full complement of players no they hadn’t had a full
complement of players and it takes a while when you’re a good coach you kind
of sometimes when you come in you have to clean house and when you clean house
sometimes you clean away players that might help you but they are a detriment
if they’re not buying in he has everybody buying in now and we’re
starting to see the fruits of his labor the fruits of the players they are all
in with Coach DeWitt Garthwaite with the squibber from the 23 this is roots
Andrew roots got some room and he’ll be bumped out of bounds a near midfield
Josiah Harrison makes the play for poly and good field position for orange Vista
here man this is kind of breakneck this is like the old run-and-gun the old PCA
a this is a Jerry Pym on one side line and Jerry Tarkanian on the other exactly
I should’ve said bill Mulligan huh yeah that would have been better it was that
the old sideline break I want to say something about the kicker Garthwaite
we’re driving in today and I brought my son Connor who’s 12 really we’re driving
up he goes hey who’s that really pretty girl and I said that’s the kicker that
is Garthwaite and he and I saw my son turn bright red and it made me giggle I
was going to introduce him to her that’s his father’s son here’s the toss to Otis
Otis squeezes through Otis still on his feet little shifty move there harden
finally slows him down enough to where he can get finished off at the end that
was Steven Carpinteria ultimately bringing him down at the 31 a 19 yard
burst on that play for a Kiel Otis wino everybody watches MMA they don’t know
who had Hearns is like you and I tonight it’s
mcgregors5 Nizhny ya habib and mcgregor right yeah this about I’m telling you
this is a fun game so far much much better yeah we got to relate to the MMA
crowd but you and I are boxing fans from the 31 yard line first and ten for
orange Vista has been fast and furious here’s wood squeezing up and he’ll go
down Warren Harding said how do you do to a serous woods three yards on the
play Woods now has 66 yards on four carries 14 apiece as we tick down to the
end of the first quarter talk about hitting the ground running it’s fun for
both teams Bernie three of four through the Erfurt
64 yards in the first half Henderson 31 yards on seven carries on
the orange Vista side Kiev on two Patterson has 82 yards on four carries a
serous Woods has 66 yards on four carries and the big play in the game is
the interception at 9:11 by Jones remind you the Riverside mariachi festival
takes place at the Riverside Memorial Auditorium on Saturday November 10th
from noon to 10:00 p.m. bhakti ABAI Live Nation and the City of Riverside check
it out vote food folks fun music celebrate the tradition of mariachi in
the City of Riverside and I will be there I will be doing my salsa dancing
last night I told you I can dance I took the classes at Arthur Murray I had a
girlfriend in high school that taught me how to salsa dance but you know why why
I was a huge fan of menudo and that what got me I was a big Robi
Rosa fan okay I remember I was more of a Glenn
Medeiros guy yeah but he’s a little more emo so he was definitely a mo so if you
don’t know who Glenn Medeiros is he’s kind of basically Shawn Mendes my
friend’s daughter is really into Shawn Mendes and I sent my friend’s wife a
YouTube clip of Glenn Medeiros said yeah that’s what it is
that’s exactly what it is from the 28th – for orange Vista at second and seven
here’s the toss Patterson Patterson traverses over the 22 the 19 harden gets
up from the bottom of the pile so Patterson again with about nine yards
and the sticks move up there’s a lot of trickery going on you wouldn’t think so
watching that offense you go they’re just gonna hand it off but there’s a lot
of other stuff a lot of other pieces in play that Polly has – a lot of
misdirection and the model yeah definitely lot of movement a lot of
movement and when you’ve got quick backs like that that’s why it’s running back
by committee anybody can score in this double tight set for orange vista play
fake rolling to the right side a man is open he in and out of his hands
incomplete good play call by orange Vista the intended receiver was Elijah
banks on the coverage for polly was Daquan Guilbeau and will bring up a
second down I think banks he’s gonna go home tonight he’s gonna watch this and
he’s gonna say I get ahead touchdown right there nice job getting to the spot
and you gotta plant the feet and just you know they talked about touch and you
don’t realize and when you know you and I not playing the game you don’t realize
about touch and I talked to quarterback said no it’s all about touch it is it’s
all about remember Tom Brady last you know there wasn’t that there was no
touch in his receiving he’s got great touch I’m throwing the football from the 19 of poly second down for
orange VISTA Otis stitch got him around the waist and he’ll drag him down at
about the 16 yard line so give three yards on the play – Akhil
Otis Otis now on three carries has 20 yards clock moving second quarter 1414
the game got off with a bang 28 first quarter points Jeff Gorham a lot of fun
you know I’m a basketball guy I want to see scoring you know defenses in offense
is key baby mark officially at the 17 third and eight big play for the defense
for Paulie Patterson the single back back judge throws a flag let’s see what
it’s all about see if I want to watch defense you know
when I watch soccer kick ball ball March it off five yards third penalty on
orange Vista for 25 yards in the second quarter here thanks for joining us on
riverside TV Cazalas on Jeff Gorham with you alongside our award-winning
Riverside TV crew set Saturday night I’ll give a Saturday night special
special Saturday night edition of the CIF high school football game of the
week we had a good one yesterday North knocked off lakeside 21 14 and we’ve
already got 28 points on the board here what’s not to love about that I love it bears want to talk it over
yeah Derek to wit and you know we were joking in the open about the horns vista
open in 2015 riverside poly opened in 1897 it’s
old-school versus new-school i think that was the year my dad graduated high
school from the poly so it’s like iced tea versus migos meat goes you know
what’s me goes I don’t know he goes DJ Khaled you know DJ kala no no he’s not
Orange look at orange vista they open in 2550 2015 the newest school in the Val
Verde School District so they’re pullings a lot of kids from Rancho Verde
you’ll notice a lot of the kids on the squadron wrench over D people who moved
it you know who are on that part of the district and get a look at Derek DeWitt
who runs the defense for a poly and you got to feel you know you’re right I mean
I was joking with you about it such a nice man you know as a broadcaster you
learn like he’s just as accessible at 2 and 8 as he is if he’s 8 and 2 and
that’s when you know the guys at dude yeah and you know we interview coach
after coach after coach after coach and I’m not gonna call anyone out but a lot
and give us coach speak hey yeah you know no he’s a genuine guy real keeping
a real Derek to it that’s why he’s got an espy award from the 22 it’s third and
13 for Orange Vista Jones to throw corner root what a catch
touchdown Kirby van haver Matz with the catch in
the corner of the endzone interference called on poly and they’ll
call they’ll they’ll decline it obviously yeah watch he gets hit pretty
hard right before he catches it he just gets attacked but he had great
determination caught that ball perfectly lying on his back the Coyotes with a
touchdown pass and the p80 is good to make it 21-14 first completion for Erin
Ramos I couldn’t catch a football on my back I think I can catch on my back if
I’m laying down as a pizza so at 9:52 of the second quarter I was funny Jaffa 22
yard touchdown pass from Ramos makes it a 21-14 ballgame get another look at it Wow all over them Doron hooks was on the
coverage but what concentration to reel it in
it’s a highlight play for Orange Vista Drive started at midfield so they went
50 yards in four plays 317 a couple of penalties on it kickoff is short and Polly will take
possession Carpentier oh fields in and they’ll take
possession will Polly at the 20 yard line so first and ten for Polly they
trail 21 14 and 951 of the second quarter a lot of points on the board
Henderson breaks through the first tackle surges over the 20 and makes
about two yards on the play Vista front that the last couple of times on defense
they’ve thrown for up so we’ve seen a couple of big plays a couple of
spectacular plays Berni in some trouble he’s got a man
Carmen with the catch was he inbound to know they’re gonna give it to him up to
the 47 yard line a 25 yard completion and Bernie Jeff buys some time and is
able to complete the ball down the field well it’s nice when you have weapons
like Carmen and Sandefur and Bernie’s throwing a good ball here tonight likes
it got out of some trouble throws it on the run perfect pass and just in bounds
they’ll feed Henderson again he’ll get to midfield or maybe just short a
midfield another couple of yards for him so 9
carries for Henderson 35 yards and poly moving the football they trail 2114
scoring has been fast and furious we’ve seen a 65 yard run RCB we’ve seen a 56
yard run we’ve seen a 50 yard run we’ve seen a 65 yard kickoff return a lot of
moving parts here 3 yards for Henderson it will be second and 7 from midfield
right back to Henderson and he’s got some space Jones will bring him down
just as he gets to the second level to the 25 yard line 25 more yards for
Jermaine Henderson he we saw this against King a couple weeks ago
Henderson seems like a guy who gets stronger as he gets more carries yes he
does and I’ll tell you what you were talking about big play after big play
it’s every single time it’s a different guy it’s getting the call so market to this 26 officially first
and ten for Polly Burnie he’s got Ovilus but overthrows
him incomplete it’ll bring up second in debt second down so four of six through
the air is Burnie defensively the Coyotes are very good they’d only
allowed 20 points once that was against El Monte and their only loss of the year
September 7th they’re averaging allowing 152 yards per game 51 passing and 101
rushing well already but Bernie has 89 yards through the air in three out of
the last four games they’ve only allowed 7 points second and 10 from the 26
Henderson looking left turns the corner upfield inside the 15 what both teams
really taking advantage of running outside nice job by Chavez Gabriel pushing him
out he was able to get by Charles Taylor jr.
but then Gabriel right there to finish it off so give him 10 to the 15 first
and ten for Poly a drive started back at the 20
Bernie play-action corner overthrown it was sanded for one-on-one with Jones
bring up second down flag comes in let’s see what Larry’s able has to say he’s
pointing at Poli I say probably out maybe a hold show blitz No trust your instincts Jeff I shut up a
lot of talking though for a hold but that’s good I like when an official
asked for help you know maybe he didn’t have the perfect view of it hey that’s
what I saw what did you see ball moves back to the 25 so it’ll be
first in 20 been a good one thus far 21 14 kind of a burgeoning new rivalry in
the new fangled Inland Valley League it’s it that is true I still don’t
understand these leaks those ones the rain cross conference you have are they
gonna change that every two years right they’re gonna change the weeks I believe
so but you remember in every sport it’s gonna be a different league
it’s weird that’s your HD you can’t be doing a lot of work a lot of bus trips
Henderson the two defensive ends converge on the
hit Ethan Saunders and Kevin Marquez both
dared to both their excuse me to meet Henderson he gets about three so it’ll
be second in 17 from the 22 for poly offenses looked good for the Bears and
orange vista a good defensive team mentioned they were allowing 152 yards a
game coming in poly has already passed that Bernie with the fake the now he
won’t have time to have to run it Bernie dance is outside of the 20 and may find
himself back to the original line of scrimmage to the 15 made a nice move to
get around Saunders and Gabriel right there to make the play so he does get
back to the 15-yard line about seven yards on that play for Bernie you looked
at he saw his progressions he saw nothing but still got a little bit as
you see coach Dotson run out of the way of his point guard the first down is to the six ball just
outside of the 15 clock moving towards six minutes to play
in the second quarter coyotes 21 bears 14 and the Bears get
flagged on a delay a game get a look at the standings here in the Inland Valley
League somebody’s gonna be 2a no Jeff somebody
and then they’ll be just two left in the Inland Valley standings North sitting
all by themselves right now to a known so ball to the 21 its third and 16 for
poly deep in orange Vista territory just outside the red zone Bernie on third
down here comes the pressure Bernie gonna run with it Bernie up to the
15-yard line let’s see what they do are they gonna go field goal here I think
you’re gonna stay on the field because all I think they’re gonna go for it a
lot of points thus far you’re gonna turn down points unless you’re not confident
your kicker can make it this is about that threshold in high school at 30
yards is the threshold clock moving towards five minutes to
play here in the second quarter they’re gonna go Jeff fourth down jailbreak here
comes the pressure and it’ll be intercepted by Saunders Saunders picks
it off around the 20-yard line he can fly pushed out of bounds the 30 good
angle there by Bernie second interception by orange Vista and what is
that just oh just another big play 448 of the second quarter and Eric zomo and
you know Eric from your time at ORS he’d be Greg’s home well you know him as we
look at another look at the play from your time at cow
he says Ethan Saunders who made that play he’s the kind of kid that can put
the orange Vista program on the map that this really what he’s working on with
him he’s just a junior is to embrace the challenge of how good he can be boy and
we saw how good he could be he had some great speed ran out of a little gas
there at the end but man the speed strength and size from the 30 to the
toss two routes and he’s met by a convoy of poly tacklers maybe back to the line
of scrimmage so the two big plays in the first half have been turnovers so roots stopped there then at second
and 11 is he’s thrown for a yard los coyotes could make it a to score game
here Jones split out to the near side toss
two routes puts his shoulder down fights over the 30 some yards after the contact
he gets all the way up to the 25-yard line
and I’ve seen the new trend this year in high school football everybody runs to
the short side of the field remember in the past it was always you getting
there’s that we had don’t have space now everybody runs to the short side of the
field nice block by Otis to kind of spring that one great block there third
and short to the 25-yard line that’s one thing Greg’s Knoll mall told us say you
know all my backs they’re all fast but they can be physical as well we sodus
showed that on that point third and three patterson and nothing
doing there big play by Warren Hardin harden presses them back it’ll be fourth
down so lost back to the 25-yard line on the play pardon that’s a big boy right
there that’s a dude making that play a beast fast strong and me that makes him
a dude talked about that everybody says dude when they’re talking football I
love saying dude fourth and six here come the coyotes with a seven-point
lead there’s the toss little delayed play
it’ll be a first down tackled inside the 10-yard line Harrison over there to make
the play for poly Elijah banks with the angle look at the running back by
committee banks down to the nine yard line so banks his first carry of the night
and look at the production nine yards a pop with those four running backs and
they’ve combined for 20 touchdowns first and goal from the 9 coach solwold says
banks who’s a junior may be the fastest kid in the school first and goal from
the 9 ODIs dancing otis touchdown great play called there i mean awesome
misdirection great move by the line to throw everybody off and just walks right
in the big play on 4th down by banks sets up the touchdown run by otis
obviously the big play by Saunders on the interception so a 5 play drive 32
yards consumed about 2 minutes and 19 seconds and the p80 good to make it 28
to 14 so 2 turnovers by poly have directly led to 14 points by orange
vista and that’s the difference in the game right now that has been the
difference and you got a plain mistake free football we have seen yeah Holly
improves so much but you as well as you played if you have a couple missteps
they can convert two points and that’s the tough thing right there three things
that coach do it told me about tonight he said we need to sell out against the
run need to be physical up front and play mistake-free football so and they
have played relatively mistake-free football but the two mistakes that they
had that just really hurt them 28:14 orange vista 229 to play in the
first half and poly will get another drive and feel it at the ten Sandefur
trying to make a play turns the corner over the 30 at the 34 yard line 24 yard
return by Sandefur and that’s where poly will start it off what kills you too
about those two turnovers Jeff both deep and orange miss to Terry that’s what
hurts the most turnovers obviously hurt but one year at the intercept that it’s
about the 10 yard line on this one you’re right outside the red zone when
that play happens we talked about it with Derrick do it on the field before
the game this is gonna be a game where you kind of find out what some of these
guys are made of and so far they look pretty darn good pretty equal to the
challenge except that those mistakes will pile up and cost you I think when
we learned over this first 22 minutes as orange missed as a pretty good team very
much so first and 10 line is the 35 Henderson ball on the turf and it’ll be orange
Vista football turnover number three in the first half get another look at it
Henderson and just lost that nobody stripped it just hit the ground came out
as he was hitting the ground and the ball goes over to orange Vista third
turnover and plenty of time for orange Vista we saw that first touchdown how
many seconds was it that first 39 39 seconds well we’ve got a little more
than 39 seconds with two minutes and fourteen left here in the half Laurens
Vista giving up a lot of yards but doesn’t show on the scoreboard they’re
out to scores poised to go up three first and ten from the 41 otis outside
otis through some contact still on his feet inside the 30 to the 29 12 more
yards for a Kiel Otis he has 41 yards on five carries and this may sound a little
over-reactive Derek do it I want to call a timeout right now I think that they
might be a little there’s a second time the running back has kind of run through
a tackler yeah that’s the one thing about orange vista
there they play every play to the end you can tell that 94 seconds to play in
this first half Patterson running writes Patterson with
a nice Juke step up to the 20-yard line so Patterson now and we’ve seen a lot of
backs and a lot of backs that are kind of in that same mould as Patterson but
man he is a he’s about the size of an action figure but strong as an ox coach
so malt said really gets after in the weight room roots slips through
touchdown 21 yards on the touchdown for Andrew
routes and a big second quarter for the Coyotes they’re howling right now they
are definitely howling up here in the hills of orange craft so 55 seconds of
the second quarter routes that slides off tackle and is into the end zone 35
to 14 21 unanswered points for orange Vista here in the second quarter 55
seconds to play let’s get another look and he really just has to slip by his
own man here as we see it watch what ya at arrow really with that kick-out block
open all the space routes needed to squeeze through there you know you’re
mentioning Patterson we talked about how coach doll malts that he gets after in
the weight room and we were talking about him he started his career at
wrench over it so obviously a very talented young fella and we were just
talking about you know as he continued play and coach soma was in true was
interesting is that yeah he could play listen he said he could be a special guy
at a d2 or d3 and he just got to accept that you know he could really bust his
tail try to go to one that he but coach Zoma said you know they give scholarship
to the other levels to I’ll tell you what he would be great at that level you
know it’s the only thing that’s really holding back would be size but that’s
what he said he’s like you know you could be the specialty guy and as the
squib kick precarious has fielded by valent by Dallas junior there but he
could pay for his future by running the football a lot I mean you know we we we
covered the Aquinas game and you know they had I think ten kids playing and
three of them were D ones but I think five of them were D twos and they give
scholarships that level two and it’s a different an interesting brand of
football from the 39 it’s first intended for
Polly trailing 35 to 14 heck there’s some great any ie program still out
there Azusa Pacific those kind of schools
we’ve had some great running backs have come out Christian Okoye it was one of
those guys played any I let Azusa yeah there’s a gentleman drafted this year in
the NFL draft from Fort Hays State out and that’s right right that’s part of
the other thing is the experience you get kid from California goes out in
place somewhere like that you know it’s almost like they’re the pro team some of
these some against you know schools the Trinity Baptists of the world right okay
and obviously as you know cuz you play college athletics and you you’re
actually probably a good guy to talk about they talk about this with is you
know you want the adulation you want to go play for an Alabama or you want to go
play through Tennessee or an Ohio State but the education getting paid for the
education being paid for and if you’re a guy that cannot be short-sighted you got
to look down towards the future hey you can have fun you can you can get
all the accolades but the big thing is hey you’re looking down what it’s gonna
pay for your future your family’s future you just don’t think about those things
but that will pay for your we’re good we’re good thank you it’s okay fine no
no take take aback we’re fine sorry yeah it does if those kind can just open up
doors and you can be successful doing anything mark – first and ten line is a 39 under
a minute to play we’ll just hand the ball off I believe that was Carmen
taking it for about three and the Bears instead that’s Reuben with the carry for
three and the Bears will be content to just run the clock out and go back into
the locker room down by a score of 35 to 14 orange Vista gets the ball to start
the second half and in orange this two has two timeouts as well they could
hypothetically call timeout here after the play Rubin trying to get outside a
flag comes in he shoved out by Taylor it’s also in on the play Joseph Vincent
let’s see what the flag is all about call will go on Polly get a look at
Gregg Zaun want right there you guys work together at Cal I didn’t realize I
did not know that right yeah he was uh he was two doors down from me I was we
had an athletic dorm and had him one of my roommates was Todd’s do see that
plate for the big linemen big big linemen played for the Minnesota Vikings
and Akili Jones and Russell white the great running back that was a they were
a tandem ikaw Reuben first man to him is Jalen McConnell McConnell takes him down
and the clock will tick to 0 to end the first half with orange vista leading it
35 to 14 well an auspicious start for the Bears but then second quarter was
all boy Otis not coyote days definitely lived up to the height ranked second in
their division and I’ll tell ya big play after big play offensively and
defensively really really got them this sizable lead here in the first half the
two final touchdowns though both set up by turnovers you have the interception
by Saunders and the fumble by Henderson and that kind of that’s you talk about a
game kind of slipping a little bit it was a 21-14 game poly is driving and
then the pick comes back and that goes into the end zone to make it 28 14 okay
you’re down two scores if you can kind of get one before the half and then
Henderson loose the football and the Coyotes put the ball into the end zone
and that was really it at the end of the first half so three poly turnovers
converted into 21 points by Orange Vista that’s the difference in our ball game
Jeff it is the difference in our ball game and I’ll tell you what Polly’s
gonna have to come out here in the second half they’re gonna be on defense
to start this second half they got to make a stop or this could get out of
hand pretty quickly well the Coyotes made some plays on
defense there’s no reason the Bears can’t see how they’re gonna go in there
and talk about it and it’s a senior night here tonight at Martin
Luther King a very interesting quirk in the schedule this is the second to last
home game before the Bears and their final home game is going to be
homecoming so they decided to do senior night tonight before the games honor all
the seniors and the seniors families that’s really what it’s about it’s
really about the families yeah you have the the band members you have the cheers
dad earth cheer cheerleaders and the football players all recognized prior to
tonight’s game it was like walking down a red carpet they had a nice little like
a you only said that cuz everybody stopped you to talk to you you’re like
Clooney out there I was like I think it was my shirt yeah that’s what did you
and Yancy Johnson wearing a matching Hawaiian shirts tonight Geoffrey I’m
sure he is underneath his polly bear sweatshirt which i would love to say
give me a sweatshirt but I can’t have a Ramona guy if I wear anything poly I get
punched in the face walking around Riverside scoring started off early for
Lauren’s Vista Woods took 156 yards and then poly came right back and then a 50
yard run by Patterson and the big kickoff returned by Rubin mid at 14 to
14 and 21 second half points for the Coyotes that’s where we stand right now
we’ll watch the band for a little bit then we’ll step aside and come back for
second half action here at Martin Martin Luther King high school Inland Valley
League it’s our special Saturday night edition of the CIF high school football
game of the week the score at the half 35 for orange vista 14 for poly were
back after the BAM and some messages I have been an artist for over 40 years
I’ve been collecting paper materials for almost that entire time I’m a
mixed-media collage artist I combine images from magazines advertisements
trade publications photos and I mix them and layer them and then add colored
pencil and oil pastel I had always been interested in art as a child I kind of
became an artist accidentally I was asked to volunteer in the school system
taking reproductions of works of art into the school to show the children and
help children learn to look at art each piece that I work on is focused
specifically around what I’m reading hearing during the approximately two to
three month period that I work on one piece I only do one piece at a time what
really gets me going is pulling out some of those paper images and just shuffling
them around I love mixing things that don’t seem to belong together like an
advertisement for a towel that I will mix with a picture of formal trimmed
hedges a maze or a labyrinth when I see the images kind of going together as I
work it develops around what I’m thinking about but I don’t start out
saying oh well now I’m going to make something about the environment – for
instance I am thrilled to be back here at the Riverside Art Museum for my
second solo show my first one was in 2004 the
just being here what’s important to me is this opportunity to talk to people
about my art I enjoy every visitor who comes and shares what they think they
are seeing in my art I don’t think art really lives just because it’s created I
think it lives when it’s seen and people react to it got junk too big for the trash can
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away I’m police officer pilot I’ve been with
the city for a little over 10 years I’ve always loved aviation and I’ve
always loved law enforcement so to be able to combine the two together to the
things that I love the most I’ve got experience in the background in law
enforcement so it’s a couple that with aviation and and fly every day and still
do police work that’s why I’m out here work day shift seven to five I usually
get here a little before 7:00 we’ll get an email on what occurred the previous
evening so I’ll go through those also check our temporary flight restrictions
so I’ll check those and see if there’s any in the area that we can’t fly into
and then we’ll go out and do a pre-flight on the helicopter we’ll walk
around check everything make sure everything’s functioning properly and
sometimes are up for Patrol other times when we’re here on the ground we’ll
respond to an incident if a vehicle pursuit or a foot pursuit or something
goes out we’ll launch for that if there’s a fire in the river bottom we’ll
go up and provide air support for the firemen on the ground code enforcement
uses us for their green pool flights so we’ll go up and
we’ll look for green pools we’re assisting a lot of different
departments I’m a fourth generation riverside resident out of five
generations now my family is set roots here back in the 1900s and I’ve got a
connection Riverside so family and friends are here and it’s nice to give
back to the community that they’re brought up and so if I were to just
describe my job in two words it would be uniquely awesome it’s awesome I get to
fly a helicopter and do something that I really enjoy doing at the same time
protecting and serving a community that I grew up in half time numbers for orange vista and
poly looked to be gonna meet was gonna be nip and tuck it was 1414 after one
but orange vista helped by a couple of turnovers and that’s the big number for
all the numbers we see up there the big number is that number three on the
turnover column Jeff Gorham yeah and those turnovers really converted into
points like said a nip and tuck game the first quarter but it was all orange
Vista the second quarter and it was by running back by committee and special
teams you know the two turnovers that hurt the most was one early when poly
was driving it was the interception at 9:11 of the first quarter
by Isaiah Jones it was about the 10 yard line and then San asan ders took an
interception back about 50 yards nearly as poly was just outside of the red zone
he picked off a pass from Bernie and brought it all the way back to the poly
32 and then a couple plays later poly was in the end zone to make it 28 to 14
in the ensuing drive Jermaine Henderson fumble the football
36 and they tacked on that so really three turnovers that led directly to 21
points for Orange Vista and that’s the difference right now the difference but
you look at poly and and they are so close and like you had said talking to
Costa wit can’t make mistakes they’re moving the ball though in the first half
nearly 200 yards for poly over the first six games of the year the defense for
Orange Vista only allowing 152 and a half yards per game so poly is ahead of
par on that one and then obviously Orange miss digits so explosive on
offense they averaged 360 yards per game in the first half they already rolled up
to 50 to 30 and on the ground in the 22 yard touchdown pass that was thrown by
the quarterback Erin rano so or Vista I think we’re learning there are pretty
good football teams they are very good and with that number two ranking okay
last year they were talking CIF championship this year it is almost a
guarantee that they’re gonna be in the for that well here’s what’s interesting
Division 13 is a big division but you know poly but orange mist excuse me
they started off I believe they were ranked fifth and the preseason poll they
moved up to second or they dropped they started second drop down to fit another
back second the team that’s number one ahead of them is El Monte that’s their
only loss this year and so that could be a rematch potentially to semi final or
the final in Division thirteen going fourth if orange vista could continue to
stack up the wins yeah and but they weren’t at full strength as coach told
us that’s no excuse and I’m gonna say this they played three Division three
teams Division thirteen teams this season and I’ll say it they dominated in
those games last three games aside from that game against El Monte which they
lost twenty two fourteen three hundred last for Yucca Valley on the road they
won forty four to seven Azusa at home 54 to seven and then lakeside to open Sun
to open excuse me Inland Valley League play they won 38 to seven so their last
three games they’ve been dominant we look at Derek DeWitt Pomona High School
guy actually Ganesha in Pomona and he coached High School in Ohio and Texas
got a chance to coach some ni a football at Trinity International University and
then he was a coaching fellow under both Lovie Smith and Tony Dungy looking he’s
talking to your arch enemy oh I don’t like that guy at all that’s coach
Stouffer that’s my mortal enemy you know I tried to wave to me before
the game and I gave him a nod but I’ll tell you what he is he is the ink he’s
evil incarnate to me why can’t you be the better man Jeff why can’t you just
go up and shake his hand and say hello coach in a bizarro world he would be my
best friend but I’ll tell you what he is just nasty but I thought Matt Logan was
the Sith Lord he’s a Sith Lord no stoppers just even look you can be you
know you can be a Sith Lord and kind of have like qualities you like an old
coach tougher man he’s been he’s been my nemesis since Patriots now he’s over
here at poly that’s right he was on Chris Fowler staff last year and now
he’s over with coach do it coach to it added a number of coaches offense
coordinator bill Powell and then my good friends Shakespearean scholar John Rice
who was a former head coach at North John Rice I went over write for the game
and he goes where’s Gasol and I said he’s already goes tell him hello for me
but I will say this Coach Stoppers is an outstanding player at San Moreno
Valley College and I wish his son the greatest of success Loren Garth wait
we’ll get the second half underway as she’ll kick it away squibber at the 35
and just taking a knee discretion the better part of valor there for orange
Vista that was a Kiel Otis so it’ll be first and ten from the 34 one more thing
about coach to offer he’s a nebraska guy well he’s a
Cornhusker he’s a Cornhusker and they’re not having a great year so maybe I won’t
lay it on a man he’s a Tom Osborne guy though right that’s true I always
remember that 84 was the orange ball when Nebraska lost to the you and the
you dynasty started it was supposed to be the coronation for Nebraska and Tom
Osborne just couldn’t get it done that was Howard Schnellenberger Zanu that was
before Jimmie Johnson that’s right speaking of the you Polly sporting those
you like jerseys its first in ten for orange Vista and a jump you saw the numbers for the first half
that is the sixth penalty on poly for 40 yards the ball will move up to the 39
yard line some good numbers in the first half for the Coyotes 96 yards for
Patterson on the ground 41 on five carries 402 66 for woods and 35 for
routes first and five routes running inside over the 45 to about the 48 first
down for orange Vista chilly night here’s the first time I’ve
been cold all year Gasol I’m gonna go home and open my windows in my house and
running my a/c forever we talked about that running back by committee for
orange Vista as the ball up to the 48 yard line first intent for orange Vista back to throw Ramos launches incomplete Saul Sanchez on the coverage he was
locked up with Elijah banks it’ll be second in 10 talking about their running
back by committee it’s been perfect tonight
Patterson woods routes and Otis each with a touchdown very democratic very
very democratic everybody gets a little chance and also a passing touchdown so
they’re spreading it out second and ten coming up for orange vista they’re at
their 48 yard line here’s the toss to Otis some tough
running inside and he stretches ahead of the field
Otis picking them up and putting them down 52 yard touchdown his second trip
to pay dirt on the evening and the rout is on for the Coyotes yikes when he gets going
nobody’s catching him he ran from behind and ended up being ahead that’s an
athletic group of guys that’s like the fancy sports car on the freeway that
just goes around everybody you’re all doing about 80 and they pass you like
you’re standing still p80 is good off the foot of Jose Miguel Lopez and it’s
42 to 14 little physicality to get inside and then boom he’s off to the
races Moises Gonzales trying to close the gap
but not gonna get it done and into the end zone is Akhil Otis another look at
it from a different angle good block there on the outside to spring him I
hope you have a good track team cuz I am telling you right now if you’re the
track coach at Orange Vista and you don’t watch these football games you
need to be relieved of duty because those guys I’ve got a lot of sprinters
on that that group they’re the biggest thing that Greg Zumwalt told me about a
Kia Lotus is his willingness to accept his role to not be the man to be part of
a four-person rotation as talented as he is and the kickoff by Isaiah Jones and the Bears will take it at the 20 but getting back to a Kia Lotus you know
we were talking about that with Derrick DeWitt before the game a big part of
success and that’s why the zou malts had success its interest Hill Doug Dubois
before them is the buy-in aspect of it yeah cuz when you have super athletes
you’re just one of the guys you gotta be a look Henderson on first and 10 from
the 20 we’ll get around the left side buck down by Juan Gonzales the strong
safety they call him Texas nomads I call in Texas no because he was MVP of the
freshman team here at orange Vista his freshman year get a look at Henderson
again gets through Gabriel and then his finally bought down by Gonzalez moved to
Texas but now he’s back so they call him Texas eight yard pick up by Henderson
second into the give right back again and he’s bought down getting up from the
bottom of the pile Jalen McConnell for orange Vista so 15 carries 88 yards for
Jermaine Henderson will bring up a third and one 42 to 14 the Coyotes with 28 unanswered
points Bernie Henderson first down Gabriel in the middle of that one the
linebacker number 54 orange Vista he’ll press up to about the 33 for more yards
for Henderson but we’re talking about Derrick DeWitt how important it is to
buy in and one thing greg:so mall told me was when he learned
from Coach Dubois is the idea of accountability is it can work countable
as coaches and the players it just goes and in hand and that right there says oh
how wonderful a coach he is here’s the pressure on first and ten trying to get
rid of it bearing down on him we’re linebacker William gamble along with
Ethan Saunders yeah that was dangerously close I mean he was a little bit outside
but thought maybe the flak was gonna come out it’ll bring up second down Burnie in the first half four of nine
through the year 89 yards but the two interceptions really hurt those numbers line is the 33 of poly at second and 10
Henderson again runs right into Joseph Hinson the Bears probably gonna have to
try to go for a pass here third down third and long here orange vistas really
they’ve settled in I just pin in their ears back and they’re flying early
that’s all they’re doing that’s all they’re doing that was interesting we’ll
talk about after this play with regard to how good their record is right now
five and one Burnie dancing Saunders bearing down on
him he throws the ball down the field Sandefur the intended target one-on-one
and it’ll be incomplete we’ll bring up fourth down Jones on the coverage what
Coach zomo talked to me about is he didn’t judge the team by the record he
said you know we’re 5 and 1 and that’s great but he actually felt his team is
under a team he said you know I keep my standards high and me and my coaches try
to live up to those standards and I just feel their performance hasn’t matched
their talent level yet but that’s only because he believes his team has a
really high ceiling Loren Garthwaite on to punt for poly Patterson a deep to
receive for orange Vista good kick by Garth Wade takes a nice bounce as well it’ll roll dead inside the 25 so a 44
yard kick for Garth wait no return and orange Vista will start at the 24 yard
line see if the Bears defensively can make a few adjustments here and keep the
coyote train from scoring again what getting back to what codes OMA
learned at citris he said it’s a winning attitude Doug Dubois and their staff
they expect it to win and expect more of yourself as a coach and then the players
follow yes that is so true flag comes in and that’ll go against poly five more
yards seven penalties on poly for 45 yards keith is a beau our umpire keeping
order on the field first and five from the 29 for Orange Vista they lead this
one big 42 to 14 didn’t start off that way but they’ve really settled in and
taking control Patterson running right nice stutter step over the 35 to about
the 38 yard line nine more yards for Kia kV on to Patterson he’s now over the
hundred yard threshold hey you watch Patterson and almost he gets tackled but
he keeps moving those legs and it’s just a nursery right there when you’re moving
what is it a body that’s in motion stays in stays in motion mention it earlier
began his career at Rancho vert and coach izzo Maltz said he’s one of the
main guys in the weight room really gets after it first down to the 38 for orange Vista
another flag will come in they’re gonna say Polly jumped off their eighth
penalty and this is gonna be a teaching moment for Derek DeWitt the head coach
at Poly when the team was focused when it was a close game they were locked in
and now that it’s kind of going the other way you’re seeing some lapses
mental lapses namely with penalties so move it up to the 43 where we’ll be
first in five for orange vista BrahMos flings it downfield one-on-one just
overthrown Sanchez out there on the coverage for poly I like Erin Ramos he’s
got a pretty good arm yes he does good looking throw could be a weapon I
can really help them I think it kind of going here gearing up for those playoffs
Greg’s home all talking about Ramos and he’s a football player he played
quarterback as a freshman and last year on JV was a wide receiver and linebacker
and basically came in and won an open competition for the quarterback spot
this year second and five toss Patterson couldn’t catch it cleanly it comes back
to him and then the poly defenders are waiting Warren Hardin was right there
he’s like ringing a dinner bell for warren hard and it’ll be third down yeah
that’s something you don’t want to juggle anything in front of Warren
Hardin because he can make you pay so Patterson with a loss to the 40 it’ll
be third and eight for orange Vista third down and eight from the orange
vista 44 the Coyotes little misdirection and there was some confusion ball on the
turf and it’s Poly football so the Bears defense comes up with a turnover the
Bears get one back the two plays here that were just kind
of not good for us or Vista fumble and a juggle first and 10 from the 41 Xavier
marques with the recovery Henderson left side he’ll borrow up to the 32 yard line four yards for Henderson on that one 96
yards on 18 carries for the game for Jermaine Anderson remaining scheduled
for orange Vista will host Paris they’ll host North may end the season at Canyon
Springs looks like they’re gonna go to 2 and oh and Inland Valley league play Bernie down the field incomplete
looking for Sandefur Jones on the coverage at about the twenty third and
six for poly our remaining schedule we go to the River Valley League for a
couple of weeks and then the land of the big 8 we wrap up with the Sun Belt
Arlington and Notre Dame on Friday the 26th and then hopefully some playoff
games Jeff yeah there’s a few teams here Riverside that are making an impact and
could get some home games that would be great to have them on Riverside TV 3rd
and 6 line is the 33 whistles and flags and they’ll March
this off against Polly it’s been a rough one on this third quarter already for
our penalties their ninth on the game so call it a third and 11 ball moves back
to the 37 yard line of orange Vista Sandover split out to the near side
here’s the play fake Bernie he’s gonna run it trying to get the corner but no
how do you do and what a game Chavez Gabriel is played just roaming sideline
to sideline he’s back for coats all mall and had some injury trouble looking like
old school Mike Singletary there look at that look at him run him down chasing
him down best linebacker you ever saw diamond answer I’m cheating hey give me
years I was watching the NFL Network and they had a football life on Lawrence
Taylor he probably the greatest I ever saw that’s not even close
Wade Phillips coach him as well as all everyone else at one point in his career
he was a Belichick guy he kind of made Bill Belichick at the beginning fourth
and seven for poly here’s the deep pattern to Sandefur Sandefur can’t get
it Jones knocks it away so mano-a-mano again one on one Isaiah Jones and Jerry
Sandefur sanin forgot the better of him a couple of times that time Isaiah Jones
knocks it away Sandefur hey great great first half and nearly a great one there
so poly cannot capitalize on the turnover ball over on downs to Orange
Vista they will start from the 33 first and tenth for 39 to play third quarter 42 to 14
the Coyotes on top and they’ve been very impressive it was a 1414 ballgame after
one get a look at Jalen Keeton for a poly from the 33 for the Coyotes
here’s woods takes the toss right side woods has some room and down below Duran
hooks makes the tackle at the 40 yard line so 7 yards for woody woods just a
little more pep in the coyote step that really been the difference it really has
man when you have four weapons that can run virtually the same do the same thing
defensively you got to get a little tired
Jones split out to the far side for orange Vista Otis is the setback here’s
Otis submarine down over the 40 yard line Sanchez got in there for Poli you know Greg’s ol moto something really
interesting before the game the tailback lines up seven yards deep but he’s
running north-south yes yes all they’re doing they’re really running between the
tackles a lot even though they’re our tailback is deep we’ll see it again on
this play this time it’s Patterson split to the bottom of your screen is
Rodriguez toss Patterson dancing harden in pursuit Lee sweeps by him over
midfield into poly territory up to the 45 yard line another 14 yards on that
carry for kV on to Patterson so now Patterson
116 yards on 10 carries for orange Vista he might be my favorite player I’ve seen
all season he is fun to watch run to say the least
man came up through the wrench over D system working with Jeff Steinberg our
good friend the wrench over day Mustangs the V wrench over day Jeff Steinberg now
Beaumont over at HUMINT they’re doing pretty well right uh yeah I tell you
he’s gonna get him going there’s you know two spots this season we’ll talk
about this here in a sec first and ten 46 is the line Ramos will wind it up the
ball is batted down yeah two teams in the area that got new coaches and from
guys that were from the areas you know Steinberg goes over to Bill Mont and
then he had rich Lunsford right who takes over at Redlands E’s Valley after
leaving Arlington and you go wow that’s a those are tough shoes to fill
at Redlands East Valley in the shoes of brew ik but Bruce heads over to citrus
Valley but I’ll take both very good coaches Steinberg and Lunsford two of my
all-time favorites warden harden batted that one down like
he was Johnny Lawrence of the Cobra Kai you know harden is a martial arts guy
second in ten line is the 46 falsestart indicated against orange vista that’ll
be their fourth penalty on the game and I’m impressed with orange vista in a lot
of different ways obviously they’re winning the game 42 to 14 but for all
the movement they do that’s I think the second false start they have done
they’re pretty disciplined team on offense yes very much
oh I think they called that on the receiver there was right from our guy
for a triplet and in fact he had at the guy in the shoulder after he threw the
flag that gave him thumbs up right there back on the orange Vista side of the
field from the 49 here’s Otis Otis a little bit of a Sutter step now he’s
danced and I was in the open field and he’ll get pulled down from behind it’ll
be a flag on a horse-collar they pull him down at the 35 yard line so a good
run and it’ll tack on some more Otis has been so good today Jeff Otis now over a
hundred yards two touchdowns for him so rate triplet that’s too tight there are
two guys with over 100 yards yep okay how close from leaf and getting the
other two routes has 44 woods has 73 let’s go to one of those two guys all
right well if you go to woods right now and he
scores on you know from 30 and he’ll have a hundred didn’t you just go to
work then we have just one more got again so we’ll go back we’ll have the
backyard do over cuz offsetting penalties nice run by Otis either way so
now he’s not old while he’s still he’s not over a hundred yards anymore cuz
we’re gonna take the run back but this coyote team will be intriguing come the
playoffs particularly I’m sure that Gregg Zaun was gonna get Erin Ramos to
throw the ball a little bit more that will be his mission over these last
three quarters in league and not to besmirch any of the other teams but you
know they do have a shot you know with Parrish and Canyon Springs to really
work on their passing game yeah cuz those should be two victories for them
send your letters and cards to Jeff Gorham that statement here’s the toss to
Patterson Patterson trying to get up to speed and there he goes Patterson down
the sideline touchdown hey that’s unfair second trip to the end zone you want to
see you want to spin it around Lodi wants his second touchdown but man alive
woof 11th touchdown on the year for Patterson and once he got into some
green it was gonna be hard to catch up with him senior day crowd very silent as he bangs
it through 35 straight points for the Bears or for the Coyotes against the
Bears do another look at this one look at Malik Jones down the field block and
he goes right by those two bears Wow KB on to Patterson fitting right in at
orange Vista the senior running back now on the game 165 yards on 11 carries and
two touchdowns touchdown runs of 50 and 49 yards pretty good clip pretty good
average not bad coming into the game we mentioned it those four running backs
for orange Vista meaning Patterson woods routes and ODIs averaging composite in
aggregate nine yards of character not bad just gift every time there’s no
point in throwing if you can get nine a carry and sec there’s all what kind of
total set before the game said hey I’m gonna go with what I’ve got
hey we can run the football and of course when they’re running the football
I thought you got to give love to the big boys up front as orange Vista will
kick it away this is Isaiah Jones this time Sandefur will get a chance from the
9 gets over the 20 and then knocked out of bounds first guy there that slowed
him up was Elan Wilson but you gotta give some credit to Donovan Attero Shawn
dela Jose Robert Corona Abraham Ramirez and Malik Adams they’re the big boys up
front I’ll throw in the tight ends as well for orange Vista Deon Wilson he’s
an old basketball player playing tight end is another look at the Sandefur run ticking down to the end of the third
quarter 14 more points for orange Vista here from the 22 it’s a first in ten
Bernie pressure throw the ball down the field in the middle of the field
Sandefur couldn’t hold it Jones comes in and makes the play Santa fer was wide
open he had it but out of nowhere got hit from behind and couldn’t hold on to
it I mean right now if you’re if you’re orange mist and they’ve been doing it
since 2nd quarter your superiors back and coming aggressively that’s right
reminds me of you know you’re a 3-point shooter and you’re not hitting shots
when the clock is winding down you don’t have time to think
now you just throw it up there and boom there it goes right poor in transition
catch and shoot in rhythm Bernie give to Henderson Henderson will be flung down
McConnell on the tackle for orange Vista as we probably have seen the last play
of the third quarter so poly again shutout in the third
quarter 14 to nothing by Orange Vista and the Coyotes with 35 unanswered
points have taken control of this one here at King high so high hopes after
the first quarter but the difference in the first half was those three turnovers
all of them turned into points for Orange Vista so the defense has been
opportunistic and the offense to their credit have cashed it in as we get
another look at Riverside mariachi festival Riverside Municipal Auditorium
on Sunday November 10th Mission Inn Avenue be there all kinds of fun food
music what else do you need Jeff there’s nothing more you need and I’ll tell you
what one of the most beautiful buildings in downtown Riverside you ever been to
the Riverside missable auditorium yes I have
yeah I’ve seen many many great acts there and oh wow what a great place and
a new venue yeah I’ll be there cross streets lemon and lime that’s
very cool right it’s a great so I’m a little thirsty now we’ll have Connor run
it up here you know for those you don’t know Jeff’s son Connor helping out with
the crew today yeah our award-winning Riverside TV crew
I hope he’s working with a crew he could just be wandering the streets of orange
crest so you’re a good parent you understand the importance of generating
an income third and five little screen out to Carpinteria maybe three up to the
30-yard line it’ll bring up fourth down I think we’re paying Connor and pizza
went over to the snack bar about two of the biggest pieces of pizza I’ve ever
seen grown boy fourth down the punt team will come on for Polly well your Derrick
DeWitt right now it’s a fourth quarter you’re trailing 35 points what are you
telling your team what do you expect to get out of them for the last 12 minutes
of this one I think you gotta tell him hey look we’re getting beat to a very
good team but without the mistakes guys we’re right there and we cannot continue
to make mistakes you got to be focused these last 12 minutes just focus Lauren
Garthwaite with the kick nearly gets blocked it’ll bounce the 45 yard line
and it’s live it bounced off of an orange Vista player but I believe a
coyote fell on top that at about the 41 yard line
so a 29 yard kick and it’ll be first and 10 orange Vista from the coyote 41 and we have the running clock now here
in the fourth quarter seeing some good things from Polly though I thought it’s
especially early on yeah very much so you know they were able to move the
football they’ve had good possessions and like I said just small or should say
small but mistakes that cost them big plays balls on the turf
still loose Polly saying they have it but let’s see nothing from the officials
yet and it’s Polly football second turnover for Orange Vista obviously not
as crucial as those three first half turnovers for Polly with a thirty five
point lead but again you got to play till the end let’s look at it again couldn’t secure the toss Elijah banks
and that’s where they’ve had problems tonight if you watch the couple missteps
they’ve had it’s been on those tosses to the to those backs I’ll blame it on the
chill in the air great fall football weather finally in Riverside first and ten here’s the give to Carmen
Carmen picking his way into the crowd will cross the 40 to about the 38 yard
line Carman his third carry of the game six
yards Gregg’s oh ma get a look at him University of California graduate played
running back for the Cal Golden Bears under Bruce Snyder assistant at Citrus
Hill for those two CIF championship teams
oh seven oh eight good guy you guys had a nice conversation before the game is
false start on poly yeah we were reminiscing about I want to say Oh
almost 30 years ago and he looks pretty much the same yeah I’m sure well thank
you sir second and 13 here’s the toss to
Henderson Henderson trying to make a move
the Zips to the 40 inside the number and I’ll be written down at the 33 chasing
him down was Cameron Llewellyn I believe he was Chavez Gabriel who finally made
the tackle so up to the 33-yard line look at that
guy look at my man working the camera out there it’s a good-looking young kid
oh man he definitely okay I think we have a new job for him
Ethan lamontagne with the football and he’ll be taken down inside the 20 again
and a look at the Henderson run so four yards on the play for the young
sophomore so first end of the 28 split out to the near side is Sandifer in the
near slot Zachary ma is coming back off injury for poly Pierino up top they’re
going to go to him tia reno reels it in and he’s got a
touchdown Ethan T Moreno makes the catch 28 yard touchdown pass from bud Bernie
but Bernie throws a nice ball there great route and there you go we talked
about what the Bears can do here in the fourth quarter that’s a positive step
right there and we’ll gain confidence for these young guys so 650 to play in
the fourth quarter 28 yard touchdown pass from bud Bernie – Ethan Tia Reno
p80 attempt coming up and it’s good 21 points that’s the most points that
Orange Vista has surrendered on the season so there’s another victory for
the Bears you know they’re you know the probably most likely gonna go to defeat
that’s a very very good thing you can tell your guys as you go into the locker
room and obviously that wasn’t burning it through that that was ethan
LaMontagne that threw the touchdown pass he’s in a quarterback the sophomore
transfer from Carnegie and there you go that’s sophomore you’ve got a future
there I mean he’s played wide receiver as well and he’s just one of those guys
coach DeWitt was saying is he’s wants to play you know Bernie obviously
a junior at quarterback so he have another year and then lame on came as a
sophomore he wants to get on the field and then to play another position lauren
Garthwaite on to kickoff 650 to play big lead for the Coyotes have been very
impressive they got a pretty good team after 26 uh-oh this is routes Garthwaite
pushes them out Andrew roots making the return return up
to the 25-yard line of Polly talking to Greg Zumwalt about Andrew roots is that
he’s you know he’s a quiet kid who plays tough he can run he’s a wrench overt a
kid he can catch the ball he can run the ball had a 91 yard run against kolten
and we see a little bit of that form here has a touchdown today as well gets
around Guilbeau and here comes Garthwaite making the tackle
nice job Garth wait Roots had a 21-yard touchdown run
earlier its first intend for orange vista they’ll go right back to roots
picking his way and he’ll get submarine at the 25 so Nunez with a tackle for
poly as both coaches get some of their other guys into the ballgame to get him
some wraps there’s a bunch of nuñez’s as he Nunez yeah out in the bleachers out
here with wearing the jersey and the name on the back there’s about seven of
them second and eight from the 23 of poly for orange vista here’s otis right
into the teeth of the defense and right through the teeth of the defense
touchdown 23 yards straight up the middle that’s the hat-trick for a Kia
Lotus he’s over a hundred yards 118 yards on nine carries and his third
touchdown that was like one of those old movies or cartoons where they get caught
in the whale’s mouth and as he’s closing his mouth he’s got a sprint out and a
Kia Lotus got through the teeth into the end zone what’s the name of the the
whale in Pinocchio named monstro Jose Miguel Lopez with the p80 makes it 56 to
21 matching well passing there’s another
look at the play and just right up the middle damn he is parts two defenders
there bounces off his big tackle malik adams nice bit of running by otis
getting into a small sliver of daylight to get to the end zone mentioning 56 points by the Coyotes the
most they’ve scored on the season they put up 54 against his Souza in a win
back on September 14th so 529 to play in the fourth quarter
5621 orange vista up big the score by poly earlier ended a 35 to nothing run
for the Coyotes why have a feeling the Coyotes won’t be in Division 13 for long
Jeff no no no they’re gonna move up really fast here because they we’re
gonna keep winning sand over from the 9 tackled over the 20 so Sandefur to the 21 that’s where Polly
will start it LaMontagne back out to play quarterback another look at the
return and I mean orange Vista they’re just flying down the field and lay in
the wood tackle on the play by Elon Wilson ethan LaMontagne in at
quarterback for poly he’ll give to Carmen and Carmen will get pulled down
from around the ankles Deshawn Mackie makes the tackle for
orange vista clock moving under five minutes to play no gain second intent carmen again and
down he goes that’s mr Mackey yet again from the 23rd
and twelve for Polly and those three turnovers in the first half Jeff I just
think they took some of the wind out of their sails yes it did definitely lamontagne with the play fake looking
downfield got a man that’s griffiths incomplete he throws a good ball though
got a very good arm and got the ball flung the ball down the field Nathan
Griffiths is a track guy never played football before this year and man he
gets down the field quickly had a little separation just turned over the wrong
shoulder doesn’t have the experience really playing the foot of the game and
it’s fourth down they beers will opt for the punt like Ronaldo Nehemiah Skeets
Skeets San Francisco 49ers right yes they made a hurdler a wide receiver Garthwaite with the punt and it’ll pick
a polly bounce inside the 30 and dance out of bounds of the 28 yard line so a
52 yard kick off ms Garth weights foot and orange Vista will take over with 242
to play I think the highlight of my day those to see was to see my son Connor as
he saw Miss Garthwaite walking on to the field and he turned bright red I said
hey he asked me who’s that that just tells you right there well it’s good
that he’s comfortable enough to bring that up to you Jeff and why I kind of
badger him all the time he’s a junior high kid it’s okay nobody knows that he
was ready I’m telling you I’m I introduced my myth this was a tell him a
girl mustache that everything will change because he’s got beautiful blue
eyes I’m telling you features if they can aqui
just get him to meet maybe in the next 10 years from now under two minutes to play in this one
and well in hand for orange vista they really exploded in the second quarter
capitalized on some mistakes by poly new quarterback in for orange vista is
justin fleming handoff up to about the 39 so another 10 yard run man no matter
who they plug in they get yard to get yardage Doron hooks on the tackle there
another look well the first string still in so Warren harden still on the field
for poly and it’s a smart move because we talked to Derek DeWitt they’ve had
some injury so nobody’s really played four quarters oh yeah you know if you
want to try to get to the playoffs these bears gotta got to play four quarters
it’s the first time they’ve had their the team that they thought was gonna be
on the field start of the season now on the field tonight in game seven Fleming
a little bit of confusion on the exchange traversing up over the 40-yard
line we don’t have a 30 on our program so Nunez with the tackle and that’s our TV
schedule coming up six more games in October it should be fun I love it love
high school football baseball playoffs they call it rocked over because of the
Rockies I think we should call it blocked over because we’re gonna pay
homage to the offensive linemen yes definitely for sure victory formation for the Coyotes we’re
very impressive today Jeff talk about the battle station being fully
operational ill win this one 56 21 it was a 1414 game in the first
quarter and then 35 unanswered points for orange Vista and of those 35 points
three of them were the direct result of poly turnovers so I think happened a
little bit poly they got that 14-14 tie them kind of the wind came out of the
sails a little bit in terms of matching the intensity because orange Vista
ratcheted it up and then the turnovers really where what did the Bears in in
that first half they went to the locker room down 35 14 they did it that’s
really what that’s exactly what it was but orange this that you got to say they
have so many athletes and they’re just gonna get better and better remember
this is the second year they’ve had varsity football and the thing is with
with teams like this you can start seeing you know the Centennial is the
ranch over days the north coast orange Vista could be in that same that same
category here and we’re only two years in as a varsity program yeah I mean
citrus Hill and ranch or the teams I thought yes when I watch them over 400
yards rushing unofficially for oranges tonight Patterson with 165 Otis with 118
routes had 47 73 for woods just those top four that running back by committee
on the poly side Jermaine Henderson again went over a
hundred yards 19 carries for him for 111 yards but really the first half came
down to three big plays an interception by Isaiah Jones at 911 of the first
quarter with the game still very close and then that was the first touchdown
that ended up being scored by Orange Vista in the second quarter with poly
driving eath Ethan Saunders intercepted a ball in the red zone and brought it
back to the 32 yard line setting up a second touchdown and a fumble late in
the first half it was still at that point at 28 to 14 game poly could have
tried to get on the board to make it a one score game but at 2:14 the fumble by
Henderson which was then converted into a touchdown by Orange Vista made it 35
to 14 so three first turnovers by the bears turned into 21
orange vista points and there it was right there that’s exactly what it was
ghazzal and then it just continued as orange vista got better guys everything
was clicking like you said on all something it’s like you know in
basketball when you’re ahead and you’re running you’re gonna catch the ball and
shoot you don’t even think about it because you’re just relaxed and in
rhythm and I think that’s a little bit of what happened orange Vista once they
stretched that lead out a little bit they were just kind of executing play to
play and didn’t matter no and it didn’t and when you have four guys can run the
football like the Coyotes have they’re pretty unstoppable when like you said
the battle station is fully operational very impressed with the Coyotes of
orange Vista they go to six and one overall they go to two and OH in Inland
Valley League play they’re the number two ranked team in Division 13 their
only loss is to El Montay who’s the number one team in Division 13 so
perhaps a rematch that’s like that’s like Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed
there’s a rematch pending there I hope to see it it would be great to see
orange this to get revenge and and win their first CIF title two years in
flipping over to the poly side obviously not the result they wanted but how do
you build on this if you’re coach Derek DeWitt I mean you can’t really hang your
head too long you got a game to play next week you can’t hang your head and
you can’t be down you can talk about the things that you did wrong but you got to
get over the three and you can really just address your team by saying guys we
we wanted to limit those mistakes and those mistakes cannot cost us you can
make mistakes but you can’t cost you 21 points so next week Parris takes on
orange Vista North and Canyon Springs will lock up so poly matched up with who
who they play lakeside so poly plays lakeside next week so an opportunity for
poly good to go to two and one and really I think it’s gonna come down to
that last game they finish off against North and that could be with a playoff
berth in hanging in the balance yeah and if you’re looking at
mathematically that is kinda where we’re headed and it could be a great
great game for both teams you know coach Brown coach DeWitt both great coaches
they’re really both programs are going in a positive direction it’s not a
you’re not looking at them going off these are teams that are going downhill
they’re both going uphill disappointing game on Senior Day for the Bears in
terms of the result 56 to 21 but the good news is they got three more games
in league play to try to get something going and we saw today they can get
things going they have talent on both sides of the football
it’s a matter of coming together and it’s what Coach do it talks about it
with regard to the by it yeah and the buy-in is definitely evident because
they’ve been we’ve seen them over the last three years and they’ve gotten
better every single time we’ve seen them and that’s there’s no denying there they
are headed in the right direction by in as you watch them on the field I’m I’m
happy for Costa wit coach Coach rice coach Powell even coached offer those
guys do a great job congratulations to Gregg Zaun one on the orange Vista
coyotes they’re 6 and 1 now 2 and L Inland Valley League play poly Falls to
3 & 4 & 1 & 1 in league play we’re back with you on Friday
it is Ramona and La Sierra we’ll go back to the River Valley League that’s the
October 12th one thanks for tuning in to our double-header Inland Valley
doubleheader this week North yesterday poly today the final score tonight 56:21
for Jeff Gorham for Conor Gorham and for the entire award-winning Riverside TV
crew my name is jeiza Hassan we’ll talk to you next week so long everybody

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