HOBART HIGHLIGHTS: Football runs over St. Lawrence

54 in the first of the scoreless game.
Two step drop steps up in the pocket now he throws deep right side and over the
shoulder catch Anthony Ferraro he fumbled inside the
five balls loose in the end zone and Hobart has it Ferraro fumbles it into the
end zone it’s a touch back Hobart recovers the
fumble and gets another takeaway and then on the left now and handoff Haeffner
sweeping left gets the corner 25-yard line
lowers the boom to the 20 to the 15 broke tackles to the 10 to the 5 and out
of bounds inside the 5 Brian Haeffner battering ran he ran through a couple
of tackles and he’s got a first and goal Hobart. Running back left double tight
ends it’s handoff after right tackle to the 5 to the end zone touchdown
offensive line open up some holes there touchdown Hobart. Hobart has four up on
the line of scrimmage they’ve been playing tight coverage back to throw Grochot. He’s going to throw the out far side tipped and a diving try it is
intercepted. Intercepted by Koonz. three men right one to the far side left on
third and 30 Hobart has just two down linemen Grochot back to throw steps up
he’s going to fire deep right side intercepted byJared Leake their third
takeaway has some blocks down at the 15 20, Leake 25 30 35 up the near sideline Leake to midfield or make it Prince it was Jason Prince. Prince with the
interception takes it to midfield three possessions
three takeaways Hobart Ruthman takes the good snap back to
throw has time now doesn’t he sacked ball came out St. Lawrence recovers.
Battaglia the running back two wides to each side third and nine at the 10th
it’s play fake Battaglia he steps up Ruthman is nailed by four ball comes out
at the 10 and the Saints have it. Boswell and Haeffner are both in on either side of
Hofmann on first half sweep left to Boz in trouble he spins back now he’s not in
trouble comes near slide 20 25 30 there he goes, Boz off to the races. chase is on 40 30 they’re not going to get him 20 15 10 5 Boswell touchdown
80 yards. One right one left good snap Hofmann to throw Haeffner stays in to pick it up deep left side and caught by Giacobbe inside the 20 for a first down Mike Giacobbe going
deep boy they had pretty good coverage he makes the catch and Hobart has a
first down in the red zone. Widening to tight end left now is Perlino and
Hofmann takes the snap he’s back to throw fires towards the end zone
Catalioto open touchdown 18-yard touchdown strike Hofmann to Jake Catalioto
and Hobart gets on the board one more time. But certainly they had success
running the ball in that first half 195 yards 13 yards for ground carry first
running back will be Haeffner to be in the second half receivers to each side
double tight end so it’s a running formation and first and ten handoff to
Haeffner dances outside turns the corner 35 40 he’s off to the races there goes
Haeffner in midfield down the near sideline 30 20 10 5
seventy-five yards touchdown Brian Haeffner On the first snap of the second half
Ruthman the junior from Valley Stream will take the snap two step drop he pumps runs away he sacked he fumbles I think they’ve got it. Hudgins sacked him
Hobart’s trying to pull it out but the Saints recovered. Third and goal Saints
5-yard line Hofmann takes the snap two step drop looking left throwing left
back of the end zone Conley open touchdown he floated that
beautifully to Ray Conley touchdown Hobart. Hobart creeps up they show blitz
they brought some heavy pressure today they bring the blitz here he’s back to
throw he’s going to be sacked at the 16 yard line he’s taken down by McCarthy so
this will be a 33 yard attempt snap is down kick is up and the kick is good I
was just all about being in the right zone just doing my job taking care of
what I had to do specific coverage and first one, David McCarthy batted it up
and I just got there classic tip drill kind of situation and the second
one just dropped right back in my spot he just overthrew it a little bit and
got that one so I got to give all the credit today to the o-line I mean
they’re the hardest working guys on the field by far what we’re all on the
sidelines doing special teams they’re still over in individual doing whatever
they can I got to give all the credit to the o-line today they played their hearts
out and you know once they click it’s really hard to pretty much get anybody
through that line so it goes all to them Bye week was was needed we I think our
guys really had a physical first half of the season and I think anytime you can
take that time to both rest them a little bit we got back to some attention
to detail I had some video work and had a really good practices leading up
through the bye week of just Hobart versus Hobart really focused on some of
the things that we needed to clean up in all three phases while still preparing
for a very good St. Lawrence team and then to be able to have that extra week
of preparation was key I mean I think our guys were dialed in they were
prepared and they did a pretty good job executing on the field today

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