Housing at The Ohio State University

Housing at The Ohio State University

Living in the residence hall, I feel a sense
of belonging. There are so many activities that build community. It’s really easy to go to classes in the
morning; it’s only a 10-minute walk. There’s tons of food options available. I think I like the closeness to the actual
academic buildings and all those other things, and then I’m more engaged. As a transfer student, I knew the value of
being on campus, in the action. Living on South Campus is very convenient
because there’s the Marketplace on one side, The Union is on the other. Siebert Hall has a learning community, the
FYC, which stands for First Year Collegians. There’s kind of a more personal community,
you get to know more of the people. I wanted to live on South and then the idea of living
in an Honors dorm sounded really nice, too, and so Bradley was my first choice. I’m in a triple. We have one bed, one desk,
one dresser and one closet space for each of us. We have it arranged where everything
is against the wall and so we have a lot of floor space open in the middle. I live on a floor with all girls, but we also
hang out with the guys on the top floor, and there’s guys on the bottom floor. My room
is bunked, and we have the tables connected together and there’s closet space for each
one of us. Then, we put up lights all over the room to add a kind of atmosphere. The
bathroom has a community sink with private rooms with toilets and showers. On my floor there are two sets of four bathroom
pods; and for each one there is a sink, a shower and a toilet and you can lock the door
and it’s like your own personal bathroom. I actually chose to live in Drackett based
off recommendations from my cousins who are both Ohio State students. I have three other
roommates since we live in a quad style set-up. The common area has four desks. There’s
two built-in desks on one side and two moveable on the other side. The bedroom has a pair
of bunk beds, four closets, two are built in and there’s one at each end of the bunks.
We also decorate our room. I’m a huge sports guy so we have sports posters up. My bathroom
has a shower, a sink and a toilet, two shelves, as well as four racks to hang towels. This is a living community, so all of the
first-year Mount Scholars are living together. We just got very lucky with this space. It’s
a brand new building. Rooms are air conditioned and have floor-to-ceiling windows. Each floor
has two bathrooms, each with a community sink and individual private rooms with a shower
and toilet. There’s a study and lounge space on each floor. Faculty members are able to
engage with students outside the classroom here in the residence halls and have great
interactions. One of the places I love to hang out the most is the kitchen because it has
a very family-oriented type feel to it. It’s a great atmosphere in there. We have a great
kitchen table that reminds me of home. I’d say the biggest thing that’s made
Drackett a home away from home is getting involved in Drackett Tower Community Council.
As part of my role, I have to go to different floors and hang up flyers announcing different
events. I have a small group that I work with. Just being able to help out and doing something that I love doing really helps make it feel more like home. One of the main spots that we like to catch a bit to eat is open until midnight almost every day of the week. That’s traditional dining; then Curl is just grab and go, so there’s a lot of different options just on North campus. I think the best part of living in Lincoln
is the common area. It’s a place to bring the group together. We leave our door open,
we meet new people, we have a community of friends; it’s like coming home to your family.
There are four rooms per suite and two to four residents live per room. Our common area
is one big collaboration of all the different lives that each of my suitemates lead. The
bathroom in Lincoln is set up with a few stalls, two showers and enough room for all the residents
I live with. My study area is very calm and peaceful; very work-focused and oriented so,
you know, we can get down to business when we have to. And then in my bedroom there is
a set up with two beds, dressers, closet space and loftable beds provided. There is regular housekeeping and maintenance staff. A full-time live-in hall director We have internet access There’s cable TV Then there is laundry, washers and dryers There’s a swipe key so you must use your student ID card in order to get into the building Every hall has the Buckeye Readership Program
where one can access newspapers. There’s also a microfridge where we can
do mac and cheese. The front desk is there to help you. They
can get you games, movies, kitchen supplies and they can help you with your pick up and delivery. I like to study on the floor because there’s
a futon right outside. There’s also a lounge space where I can study within my own
comfort zone. There’s a whole separate private study area
behind a glass wall. There are also more kind of private desks with chairs and tables for people to study. People come to the lobby space and kitchen
space to hang out. People come to watch the football games, or
once a week we have a movie night. The lobby space has a piano, has a TV, has
a ping-pong table for residents to enjoy. Resident advisors are assigned to every floor
to help with the transition to college. The RAs are always friendly and helpful. The
senior staff is easy to talk to. My RA was kind of the glue that bonded all
the girls together. For me, I thought the transition moving onto
campus was actually pretty easy and pretty smooth. I really felt that I’ve gotten to
know a lot of the people on my floor. We do a lot of activities together. As a transfer student, it was just so exciting
to be a part of such a proud and excited school, like everyone here is so ready for their future. I think living here and just being a part
of the OSU community really helps you realize that you do belong. It’s like coming back
home to a second home.

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  1. What's the current minimum cost to the student per quarter regardless of who's paying for it?
    I remember delivering pizzas to Lincoln & Drackett (Morell?) Towers in the late 60's. Domino's still deliver?

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  3. I lived in Drackett Tower during 1968 -1969. Looks like very little has changed. Small spaces but we did have fun. I wonder if the students still hang food out the window during the cold season. Made for a great ice box.

  4. Going To This College Is My Main Goal. I Want To Be On The South Campus Cause I Like To Have Space To Myself. And I'm Gonna Be In College For Two Years. (Taking College Classes). #GOBUCKS

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  8. God bless y’all! We need to turn to Jesus as Lord and Savior and leave sin behind. Preach the Gospel! John 3:16

  9. I don’t wanna hear another thing about someone saying they love south campus. My average walk time to my classes is 22 minutes. Really housing? You let the idiots get the new north dorms but my whole group got a shit lottery number and got stuck with south. Housing sucks

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