How I Funded a Football Field (A Funny High School Story)

want to tell you a little story about
money from when I was a little kid and by a little kid I mean when I was a
junior in high school that’s a short joke you following along he get it ok keep up please so when I was a junior
in high school the school is really pushing for this new football field that
we needed but there is a ton of other things that could’ve been fixed in the
school like I don’t know edible food would have been good but instead the
school decided to put all of that effort into this football field and I kid you
not every single day are principled get onto the school microphone and be like
alright don’t forget we’re trying to earn money for the football field so
make sure you go donate because we need money for this football field that we
absolutely need it we need this football field it’s literally gonna save lives
probably and I like we are high schoolers a we don’t care about your
football field could be gone in like four years maximum and second of all
where do you expect to get this money yet we r schoolers job that paid minimum
wage in you expect us to give the school money the place that we all mutually hey
now as you can see I’m not really the focal type of the physique of a 12 year
old dog who is dying of bone cancer 12 year-old kids aren’t even jealous of
my luck so why would I care about funding this a football field but every
day they sit on getting on this stupid school speaker in Dover donde one day I
went to our website to check my grade which by the way that would have been a
way better use of our money that we’re donee because we all used it and the
previous website look like it was made in like 2003 by the same person as
defined comic same spot whatever I go to the website my grades and there’s a
pop-up which means they spend money that said hey we really need this
football field don’t forget it Tony I’m checking my
great I am making sure I didn’t fail math class and you’re just don’t forget
it donate and I went I find said fine i’ll donate click the big yellow donate
button which is either the huge donation button that took up the entire pop up
for the small little nobody not even have no thank you they can be polite
about it just now I’m a nice person I don’t have a click the Donate button cuz
it’s really my only choice with that huge yellow box surprised them for like
seven nine kids and 48 died puppy to me like you donate were gonna kill all
these things and have the option put whatever I want to donate whatever I
want to do any so I put one penny and I typed in my credit card information and
if you don’t know how credit cards work whenever you swipe your card or use your
card there’s a thing called a slight the end basically the credit card company
get some of that money so they probably a lot of money on this donation so I put
one penny that comes up thank you for your donation home I printed a receipt
because I like I’m putting my taxes back to this donation the next day we go to
school everything’s fine now the son of our
speaker I guess and the prince will get on and you can tell he’s breathing into
the microphone so he’s pretty hyped up about this he’s like guys last night we
reached what we need in donations for the football field might yield some I
wanna penny finish the job now my question is if we’re that close why
didn’t the principal Gary oh let’s do the thing that we were that close shave
literally anything a nickel dime and wait wait wait wait wait might be though we only lost money will
be too far and they’ve got a good project so I really want to go to that
school now and be like hey I was too young and I didn’t understand how the
world works when I was 18 and I want you to put the ball field on this
field and he’ll be like know we can do that we can I made the finishing
donation that’s fucked up even exist for me now you have my name on the football
field I’m turning in my graduation certificate
that says chip got a graduation to certificates kind of diploma I just
participated but I’m gonna turn my diploma it you don’t give me my name on
that football field and he’s gonna be like oh my you needed to do anything I
live in America the story the mall the story is not about the money it’s about
the thought you know next time you see a homeless man donate the most minimum
amount you can because who knows that might be his last pennies to have a
million dollars say yes watching commenting and subscribing like and share this video that was weird
and I’ll see you guys next week

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