How to Front Kick with Speed and Power

How to Front Kick with Speed and Power

Hows it going? Ando again from and Happy Life
Martial Arts. The front kick—either a front snap kick
or maybe a front thrusting kick—is usually the first kick you learn how to throw in the
martial arts. But really–do you have to learn how to throw
a front kick? I mean, anybody can throw a front kick. A baby can throw a front kick. You don’t even have to get out of your chair
to throw a front kick. Okay. But the question is can you throw it better? Today, I’m going to show you an exercise
that will make your front kick faster, stronger, and harder to see coming. Do this and I guarantee you will never, ever
lose a fight…with a baby. Let me show you this exercise first and then
I’ll come back and tell you why I think it’s important. I call this exercise the Free Fall Front Kick
Drill. You know when you ride a roller coaster and
you’re climbing up to the top–CLICK-CLICK—and then your stomach drops and you feel like
you want to puke? If you do this exercise right, you’re going
to get the same feeling. So, grab a bucket. Okay. The challenge is to kick with your front front
without having to shift your weight to the back foot first. So, start off simply. Put your feet kind of close together. Now just try to get your foot up and out without
putting your weight on to your left foot. If that feels cool, then back it out a little
back, make your stance a little wider. Same thing. See if you can get your foot up and out without
having to shift over to the left foot. Ah ha. It’s tough. Now, don’t get fancy. I’m only kicking around waist height. If that’s too much, then bring it down to
the knee or the ankle. I don’t want you to get hurt on this. Okay. If you’re cool with that, then widen out
your stance a little bit more. Same thing. Get that foot out there. That burns this old man’s legs. Now, you’ll notice in this drill, I’m
only kicking with the front leg. That’s because it’s easier to throw a
front kick with the back foot than it is with the front foot. Why? Well, because I can’t shift backwards from
my back foot. I’m stuck. The weight can only move forward. And since I’m moving forward to the front
leg and my foot is going in that same direction for the kick, that means there’s a lot less
wasted energy and it’s much harder for the other person to see coming. But when people kick with the front foot,
it’s not so easy. So, they tend to either lean back, or stand
up, or pull all the way back before they send that foot out. I don’t want any of that in this drill. This is not something you can do in slow-motion. I want that foot to come up, and out, and
back before I fall down. Can’t do that in slow-motion. It’s gotta just go up, out, and down. Now, if this was a real fight, the back foot
wouldn’t just be laying there like a dead fish. The idea would be that you could either drag
behind it… or if you’re already bent down and your ankle is flexed, you can use it to
drive your body weight behind it. That’s going to add some power. It’s just like a table. If you have a table and you take the leg out,
and the table is going to collapse unless you put that leg right back in, that’s what
we’re doing here. You’re keeping your weight right over that
front foot. Give this a try! Hey— if you have issues with your knees
or your ankles, then just stop right here. Don’t do the next part. Just don’t. All right. The next challenge is to put yourself into
a front stance or a bow and arrow stance and try to do the same thing. I hate this. Whew. The reason this is so hard is because the
back leg is locked out and you’re super low, so there’s nowhere to go. You can’t cheat. Ugh. Let me give you a quick visualization that
might help. It helps me. I like to imagine that both of my feet are
stuck in mud. Imagine that you’re stuck in mud up to your
knees. Now, if you’re stuck in mud, just leaning
or rolling around is not going to help you get your foot out. The only way out is to get that foot up and
out. So, that’s what’s going to create that free
fall falling. So, imagine you’re stuck in a big boot and
just up and out. Don’t have to go high. Wow. Try that one. Wait! Hold it, hold it, hold it. I’ve got one more for you.I wasn’t going to
do this one on camera because it looks ridiculous, but I love you. So, this time, I want you to try to throw
your front kick on one foot. Not this one… that one. Here we go. Oh, boy. Yeah. Ooh, boy. This one’s a killer. It’s also pure free fall. There’s nowhere to go here. Now, you’ll notice I’m not trying to kick
much higher than the ankle–I can’t kick much higher than the ankle–the ankle of a five-year-old–but
if you can, well then good for you. For the rest of us who don’t have magical
powers, let’s just keep trying. So, that’s the Freefall Front Kick Drill. If you want to burn out your legs, try a set
of 10 on each leg. Even better, do four sets. First set, 10 and 10 with your feet close
together, then 10 and 10 in your fighting stance, then 10 and 10 in a front stance,
and then 10 and 10 on one foot. I don’t care who you are, if you do that,
you’re going to feel it. Now let’s talk about why I think this is
so important. If you have to shift your weight back to throw
a front kick, look what happens to your foot. There’s your foot, it’s so close to the bad
guy, and then you shift back and look at my foot, it’s traveling backwards before I kick. Now, that just slows down your kick. You’re adding distance to the delivery time. I don’t like that any more than I like the
idea of winding up a punch. It’s even worse if your front leg isn’t that
strong, so you find yourself leaning to make your leg feel lighter, or standing up and
leaning to make your leg feel lighter before you kick. Boy. If you do that, it makes your kick so easy
to see coming. I mean, everybody and my dead grandma can
see that kick coming. So, all I’m saying is, if you’re going to
lean when you throw a front kick, or you’re going to shift yourself back, or you’re going
to stand up, make sure you’re doing those things for a reason. Maybe you’re drawing your head back so that
you’re out of punching range while you kick. Okay. Maybe you’re drawing somebody in before you
kick. All of that is fine. But if you find yourself standing, and leaning,
and shifting backwards just to make that leg easier to pick up for yourself, that’s something
you’re going to have to fix. Because it’s not easy to throw a front kick
with the front foot without shifting your weight back, you’ll see a lot of kickers,
like in Muay Thai or in Taekwondo, using a very narrow stance. They keep their feet pretty close together. Those are usually pretty tall stances, too. You might also see some martial artists who
do a lot of jumping around and fast foot switching. And that’s all great. I’m not saying that stuff doesn’t work. Those guys are great kickers. Those tricks work because it’s really easy
to hide your weight shifting when your feet are close and when your body is up, it makes
your leg feel very light so you can get it up and out pretty quickly. But why limit yourself? For me, I’m always thinking about self-defense,
and if I’m fighting this guy and holding off that guy, I’d like to be able to kick with
either foot from any position, high or low. So, look, even if you never throw a front
kick from a low position, I still think this drill makes for a good workout and helps you
build great habits. There you go. The Freefall Front Kick Drill. Again, don’t hurt yourself. Always warm up and start with your feet close
together. If you’re feeling good, then you can start
widening out little by little. And hey–if you can kick at waist height off
of one foot—don’t tell me. My ego can’t handle that. If you liked this video, thanks for giving
it a thumbs up and subscribing to my channel. Until next time, keep riding the roller coaster,
my friend, and keep fighting for a happy life.

About the Author: Garret Beatty


  1. So glad I've stumbled upon your videos. I use the heavy bag at the gym for a good workout. I don't compete or anything. I always had a hard time finding motivation to exercise. I have to say that learning to use a punching bag is the most fun I've ever had working out. As I lose weight and become more flexible I would love to trying more kicks. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  2. you don't even have to get out of your chair to throw a Front Kick lol that alone was worth the price of admission….which admittedly was free

  3. I practice a similar kick to your drill that we call a hopscotch kick. Without changing your stance at all from a regular position, you just push forwards with you back leg and use your from leg for a roundhouse. One of my favorite combinations is to do a high hopscotch kick before sinking low and using all that energy for a straight punch to the body, and if I'm able to, I'll add in a couple of hooks and uppercuts. Thanks for this drill, I'll give it a shot.

  4. Thank you so much! Lately, my instructor has been focusing on different kicks, and I’ve noticed my front kicks are decreasing in skill. This helped me a ton, thank you!

  5. Cool video dude but when you where standing up and kicked it was way better then when you sat down and you said you can do it Evan sitting down

  6. Sensei ando I know you probably get this question a lot but I haven't found the answer here or on your podcast. Why do you go by sensei if you teach kung fu? And why the red gi?

  7. Your techniques are something that I will practice with my students. Thank you for your explanation .you are a great teacher. Thank you.

  8. Great info, sir. A minor note (pet peeve, really): when shifting in any direction except up and down, you are shifting body mass, not body weight. Hey, if you are going to teach kids, why not teach them the proper physics and science terms as well.

  9. Very simple and effective kick, specially fron the hip down on a street fight you dont want anything high and fancy and leave yourself open and balancing on one leg. My Goyu Ryu sensei used to tell us that if on a street fight, keep low.

  10. Feel like the kicks are low? How are those hitting the stomach, is it enough power? Something doesn’t feel right about it, maybe just me…feel like the energy spent and power delivered isn’t worth it?

  11. I see a strong similarity to the jab/snap punch with this kick. I teach my students that you always start with a jab since it has the shortest distance to travel and therefore leaving the opponent the least reaction time, where a cross/reverse puch gives just enough time to react in a meaningful way. This front snap kick achieves the same thing but with a kick. This short be indefensible except against someone with lightning reflexes, and as with the snap punch this would be a great way to start of a combination. Thanks for the video, i really underestimated this kick.

  12. A front kick is one of the most practical kick of all. It can go low, go mid and go high pretty easy without much pivot needed while still generate moderate amount of force. While there are stronger kicks out there, the most practical ways to kick is just a straight forward front kick . Just a bit of stretches and you can kick the enemy's chin. ( Which btw is very deadly if you have the flex require. I KOed one mma guy who is like very aggressive throwing jabs and snap kick and when he try to grab me that's where he made a mistake , it allow me to grab him instead and force him to get in the position that is best for me to deliver the front kick right to his chin. )

  13. Sorry Monsieur , you talk a lot like women , but you have no thing with karate .. You say anybulsheet !!! Blablablablabla

  14. I used to dislike this kick when I did a bit of BJJ, since I felt that it has to little momentum and power. But it turns out that I had misunderstood, thanks Ando.

  15. I’m super perfected within In the front kick. Tried your technique. Wow it’s much difficult. But the generating force. Is very difficult but the inclination, it’s totally beneficial

  16. What a drill! Sure cracked me up like crazy by saying "I hate this". When practicing the kick from a front stance. Like OH MY GOD I just find it hilarious.

  17. You know what's really cool? The fact that not only are you teaching and giving tips, but you're always in the comments replying to almost everyone for feedback and other things. So technically we aren't your students, but you treat us like we are. Thank you!

  18. That burns this old man's I feel lately. I do not believe in fighting, and I doubt I would ever attack anyone. However, I do believe in self defence, and learning to protect. Essential to learn. How do you block a kick? or do you dodge it?

  19. I did the kick against a wall so I could catch myself and I was immediately able to do it without the wall after doing ten times so maybe try it. Maybe I was just afraid.

    If you go way out you can go into the horse stance.

  20. This is not a good drill.

    See, I can understand that you would like to frontkick with the leading leg without telegraphing the move.

    But it is never a good idea to fall forward with such a "close-distance-kick". It is all about your stance. You used some kind of "Karate stance", but your weight is to much on the front foot. If you would not use very silly "forward stances", you would NOT have to really lean so far back. Just do not use stupid stances, which would limit your movement.

  21. Nope! Some bone/s, somewhere, are going to punish me (badly and for a long time), if I try this one, but…it was worth watching, and thanks for that, Ando!

  22. Sorry to embarrass you but my little niece can kick better than you. Who the hell kick like that in martial art world. No one in mma world, martial art, or any street fighter kick like that. No wonder you fail in taekwondo and quit. Mine as well quit making videos of teaching martial art sir

  23. Nice Sensei. You're kicking video is just a bit different than the low Wing Chun bridging kick. Our stance isn't as wide. But that was a classic and basic move that Sijo Bruce Lee, Sibak Ip Man would do and is the basis of our Wing Chun/JKD moves. Also, this way of kicking hides the telegraph. The way you are showing the kick, i remember doing those decades ago as a kid when first learning classical Kung Fu. However, in a fight situation, the footwork is not practical. But nice exercises!

  24. Great 👍, I made the mistake of neglecting this kick. there I will be able to catch up effectively. I prefer front kick for self defense😅

  25. Thanks for the tutorial, sir. Got my bucket; time to go fall! YAAAAAAAAA!!! >I truly learn the most from mistakes / falling. Thanks for helping us have a positive light in our martial arts journey.<

  26. My 1st kickboxing match the dude I was fighting threw a front kick so hard it knocked all the wind out of me and I couldn’t breathe
    Thankfully he didn’t press me cuz he easily could’ve stopped me after that
    So now I’m here to learn how to throw one lol

  27. I was capable of launching people as a (130lbs?) teen, as a middle aged guy (250lbs) I don't have the explosiveness to do more than a push kick. I can follow through fine but the initial snap is definitely lacking. TMI regarding injuries but any suggestions to get it back? I lift and stretch, my range of motion is good but I'm "stiff". Obviously I'm not doing something you are (in regards to flexibility and initiation of the movement). What do you flex, what do you suppress? I need it Barney-style.

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