How to Intercept the Football : Off Field Cut for Football Interception

How to Intercept the Football : Off Field Cut for Football Interception

Hi, this is Sean Hobson for Expert Village.
What we want to talk about here is when thinking about trying to intercept the pass one thing
that is very important is trying to limit the amount of space that the receiver has
in front of the quarterback. You want to try to cut the field off, as a defender, in order
to shorten the direction that you have to take to the ball. So what we want to show
you right now is kind of couple of ways that I’m talking about [by cutting off the direction
of the player.] If I’m playing against a receiver and he’s running a quick slant pattern, I
start my back pedal and he slants, I want to try to cut off the position between the
quarterback, which is up there, and the him. If I travel behind him he’s still got the
advantage in front of the quarterback, if the ball is coming in this direction. I want
try to to try to get up in here and cheat and cut the field off and be able to get out
here and intercept the pass. Now, if I’m playing against a receiver over here that’s running
an out-route on me, I want to do the same type of thing. I want to run inside of him
and when he run that out pattern I want to try it again. Cut the field between the quarterback
and the receiver. Linebackers- same thing. If you’re in a linebacker position and you’ve
got a tight end coming up you want to try to stay in a position: where that tight end
is here, and the quarterback is here in order to put your self in a better position and
pick that ball off.

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