How to Make a Tackle in Football : How to Run Down a Tackle from the Backside

How to Make a Tackle in Football : How to Run Down a Tackle from the Backside

Hi this is Sean Hobson for Expert Village.
What we want to talk about are the proper tackling techniques for our linebackers, our
defensive backs and linemen. What we want to focus on in this clip is we’re talking
about when a running back or receiver is running away from you and you’re forced to chase the
play from the backside. The approach that we want to take is, first of all, when this
running back starts to take an outside route we never want our linebackers or our defensive
backs to try to banana out around and come up from behind the running back. What we want
him to do is, we want him to turn at a ninety degree angle and try to hand that guy off,
not chasing him from the backside, but chase him straight down the line and try to meet
him. Also, when he goes to make the tackle on this guy, we want him to come up from behind,
and when he tackles, we want to try to tackle with a chopping motion and try to jar the
ball loose when he makes the tackle. So, we are just going to try to walk through what
it looks like. The running back is going to take off, this guy is going to turn and run
him down from the backside, and when he goes to make the tackle he is going to chop down
trying to make the tackle and jarring the ball lose. And that is the proper procedure
and technique when chasing a guy down from behind.

About the Author: Garret Beatty


  1. u gotta angle it right so u get behind the person instead of in front. if you go in front he jukes you. but if you go behind just by a little bit you can jump on his back

  2. Useless videos. Tackling someone running full speed at you is different to when they just stand still like in these videos.

  3. @Sports2111 , Couple questions, can u catch? do u have a preference between offense and defense? and how fast are you?

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