How to Make a Tackle in Football : How to Wrap Up the Runner in Football

How to Make a Tackle in Football : How to Wrap Up the Runner in Football

Hi this is Sean Hobson for Expert Village.
What we want to talk about right now are the proper mechanics for our linebackers and defensive
backs or linemen making a proper tackle. One of the most important things to making a good
tackle is not the hit. The most important thing is the wrap up after the hit. First
of all, we want to get good technique, we want to stay down low and we want to explode
into the tackle. Once we’ve done that, the next important thing is not to just explode
in and make contact, but the important thing is to wrap up the person you’re tackling in
order to stop them in the place they are in. So we’re going to show you slowly, when a
running back is coming in, we’re going to have our linebacker with low position, he’s
going to get down low and explode. Now, you can see that he’s wrapped up. You can try
to either wrap up at the legs or you can try to wrap up at the waist. But you never want
to come up above the waist and try to wrap up high around the top of the shoulders, that’s
a very tough tackle to make. But the important thing is to bring the tackle down, to wrap
up the tackle and then you can go and finish the tackle up by driving up on through it.

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  1. This video is only helpful if you're lucky enough to be tackling someone standing still. What about someone running full speed?

  2. That guy always forgets to mention a lot of thing. The RB in that clip, with such a tackle as the dude makes, could easily have made a move and not gotten tackled

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  4. Wow Rugby are Fucking English sports thats harder and crank.They have no Mouthgards in Rugby J just say what the fuck

  5. the line backer in this vid is all wrong he will hurt his spinal cord wraping up like that.bend your knees son!!!!!!!!!

  6. @largesatsuma Well if you are a defensive player who has been taught how to properly break down and keep your eyes on the belt of the runner he can do court wheels for all it is worth. His waist will not lie about his direction.

  7. @pyroscoutguy42 a ball carrier hit properly at the legs and wrapped up will have no choice but to go down. Yes team tackling is what everyone should strive for, but one on one tackling will happen in games and the key to winning that battle is wrapping up below the waist and using leg drive. Tie a rope around your knees and try running a touchdown. should be a good video. Sad to see how much ESPN top 10 has made form tackling as rare as a unicorn.

  8. @Ivann730 You do realize this is just for demonstration? it isn't like he jumped out in the middle of a semi finals game to show how to form tackle.

  9. @alfaguarro69 I have played both and you would be wrong. A 205 pound rugby player would get manhandled by todays free safety's much less DE's. Rugby guys are a tough lot, but most hits are done from a very low rate of speed. Football hits the LB or DB has 5-10 yards of momentum and when done in form actually delivers a better impact.

    I do feel for the kids in this thread who claim to play football. They have either never seen Woodson play or ever been hit by a guy who knows what he is doing.

  10. @yougoddamnBITCH yeah tell that to ingram. he ran out of the type of "tackle" you refer to as proper. arm tackles are the reason Cam Newton is such a mega star. Cam is a great athlete, but it really goes to show how bad the poor tackling has gotten.

  11. In the description it says:
    Bio: Sean Hobson?€™s passion is teaching youngsters the fundamentals of all basketball.

    This is football.

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