How to Play Center in Football : Rules to Blocking & Not Holding in Football

How to Play Center in Football : Rules to Blocking & Not Holding in Football

Hi, this is Sean Hobson, for Expert Village.
What we want to talk about is when our centers snap the ball effectively, fire off and get
ready to block, they want to make sure they don’t do anything that will cost their team
any yardage. Predominately, what we’re talking about is holding. We’re going to show you
a couple of different ways the center will get caught holding. If they have a man straight
across from them and the center fires off out of his stance he wants to fit up in the
numbers and not get outside the shoulder pads. (video demo). That’s the proper way to fit
up in the numbers. But if he slides his hands outside and tries to get a hold of the shoulder
pads and tries to manipulate him one way or the other that will be called holding. The
other way the center will get called for holding is if he’s off to the left a little, they
will try to shoot this guy through what’s called the A gap. There’s a gap on either
side of the center called the A gap. A lot of times they’ll line a nose guard up and
shoot him straight through this gap. As he’s going by, sometimes the center will reach
out and grab the shoulder pads and try to hold him up so he doesn’t get to the quarterback.
That’s one of two major ways the center will get called for a holding penalty and cost
your team some yardage.

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  1. Yeah, sadly for me, I was a guard, who had a little snapping experience, but because their were no center for the JV team on the last practice before football season I suddenly became the center, (witch was yesterday) I got hold of everything pretty quickly, it's just during shotgun plays I need some help with. (Don't worry though my dad was a center)

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