How to Play Center in Football : Stance for the Center in Football

How to Play Center in Football : Stance for the Center in Football

Hi, this is Sean Hobson, for Expert Village.
What we’re talking about is working with our center. We want to talk about the stance.
The stance is very, very important. We want to have a good, balanced stance so this guy
is as strong as he can possibly be not only to block but to snap the ball. The stance
will look just a little different than your typical three point stance. We’re going to
show you what a typical lineman looks like when he goes down (video demo). First of all
he has a good base under him. We don’t want to get the butt too high and we don’t want
to be leaning too far. You can see he’s leaning out a little so his back is flat. When the
center goes down in his stance he has to look a little different. His shoulders have to
be a little more upright because he has to snap the ball. He has to be back a little
more where he can snap and stand up and be able to block. If he’s leaning out forward
it will be hard for him to snap the ball behind him and feel where he needs to snap it to
the quarterback. If he’s going to be snapping out of the shotgun he will have to tilt back
just a little more so he stays straight and doesn’t throw the ball straight up in the
air. You can see the stance is a little different. But, the main thing is balance, strong, ready
to explode out of his stance.

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  1. Center is by far the hardest position to play in football and maybe all of sports…especially when you get to the college level and Nose tackles just tee off on you as soon as you move the ball…very challenging

  2. @292929johnny stop trolling. Those stances fucking hurt when your doing it for that long. If your in that stance for a while its gonna hurt your legs. why do you think they do plays so quick TROLL?

  3. @292929johnny 1) fix your grammar please
    2) I used to play center, i think i know a little bit more about it than you.
    3) don't bother replying because i don't give a shit about what you have to say and I'm not gonna comment back

  4. information for Expert Village .. a number "50" is a Linebacker number, not a Quarterback number. "44" is a number for a Runningback or Defensive Back not an Offensive Linemen.

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